Many people wonder, in this age of social media, if there best practices for the utilization of this relatively new marketing tool.  I am constantly asked how to use social media to inspire followers and encourage audience engagement.  I have my own set of rules I abide by and would like to now share them with you.

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Please note:  Every time I say friends, it could be a business contact, a Twitter follower, or a Facebook “friend”.

  1. Have a Higher Purpose: Don’t write content or share information for likes. Write it and share it because it means something to you and it will mean something to your friends.
  2. Be Authentic: Show up as yourself, social media is a great opportunity to expand and become more of who you are. Hiding won’t give you the same growing opportunity, or a higher number of followers, as showing up does.
  3. Timing is everything. If your posts didn’t get any likes or retweets (RTs), yes, there is a possibility that nobody cared for it, but most likely nobody saw it.  Post it again!
  4. Ask for help: Yes, you can ask people to share your event or article on their walls. If they say yes and do it, please like it, thank them, and show them some appreciation.
  5. Show gratitude: If someone posts a testimonial about you on their wall and they tag you, say thank you on the post, like the post, share the post.  When your Tweets are re-tweeted, please say thank you, favorite the tweet, and respond in appreciation.
  6. Include Images: Whenever possible, add/post an image that speaks to your audience.
  7. It’s not personal! Finally, don’t take it personally. The number of likes or RTs you get does not represent how many people like you, accept you, or even love you. The number of responses has more to do with how you made people feel than with how people feel about you.


Here is a quote from Seth Godin on this topic:

Instead of measuring, for example, how many people click on a link, we can measure how something you wrote or created delighted or challenged people… You can see the changes in emotion, or dignity improved or light shed.”

Written by: Elisa Balabram

Elisa Balabram, is an author, life and business coach, and an adjunct lecturer at Baruch College teaching Family Business Management.


Reprinted with permission by the author. Copyright 2013