CUNY IVE Engages 1,400 Students in UK MarketMaker Competition


Our partners at the CUNY Institute of Virtual Enterprise support student entrepreneurship internationally as well. Read below for details:

UK MM 2103 Winner Pic

CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE) expands its global reach by partnering with the Gazelle Colleges Group a consortium of 20 colleges in the United Kingdom and its third annual Market Maker Competition. This year’s competition engaged a record 1,400 students on the IVE marketplace where students created a total of 369 e-commerce sites and traded their products and services using their virtual credit cards.

The final event, which was held on November 18 at London’s prestigious Institute of Directors (IoD), featured the top 20 teams. The aspiring student entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to a panel of judges and participated in a high energy trade fair that yielded an impressive 1000 transactions and almost $1,000,000 in sales.

The success of this year’s competition was applauded by Business Minister Michael Fallon who emphasized that “it is important to nurture the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs. Their business ideas, drive and ambition are vital to the future strength of our economy. This competition has helped give students valuable experience and confidence about what they can achieve.”

CUNY IVE was represented by our Associate Director Christoph Winkler who addressed the students by inviting them to participate in our upcoming SmartPitch Challenge, which will kick-off in late January, 2014. We congratulate first place winner Chameleon Nails from Cardiff and Vale College who won a trip to New York to attend in CUNY IVE’s SmartPitch Finals in June 2014.