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mgt9965MGT 9965 Boards, Governance, and Leadership within Entrepreneurial and Family Firms

Sessions: Tu, Th from 5:50-7:05pm

This course is highly recommended for all Management majors. It offers insights into good governance for all types of organizations – including nonprofits and for-profit firms – from entrepreneurial to large public companies. It will help graduate students be better qualified for boards, provide insights on how to become a board member and share approaches on how to effectively work with boards. Governance – from compliance to innovation – has taken on increased importance in the 21st century and is taught by a former CEO who has served on 5 for-profit and 6 nonprofit boards. This is a required course choice within the Entrepreneurship MBA major or MS degree as well as an entrepreneurship elective and a general elective for all Zicklin MBA students and MS students from any area. Simulated Board Meetings will also be enacted in class.

Students give highly positive grades to this course in part due to the excellent guest speakers including CEOs, Chairmen and Chief Legal Officers of well-known companies. Prerequisite: None

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mgt4969MGT 4969 Social Entrepreneurship: Launch a social project and expand your network 

Sessions: Tu, Th 5:50- 7:05  pm

Do you want to launch a successful social project and expand your network? Sign up for this course where we will get your ideas as a social entrepreneur off the ground. Leave with a toolbox of business skills, relationships and other resources necessary for building your social entrepreneur and funding network.

Social entrepreneurship involves taking the mindset, processes, tools and techniques of business entrepreneurship and applying them to the achievement of a social and/or environmental mission through the creation of a for-profit, nonprofit, or hybrid enterprise! Topics include social business models, impact investing, government and foundation funding, social metrics, storytelling and ideation.

This course can be used as an elective within the BBA in the Management/Entrepreneurship major; and is cross-listed with the School of Public Affairs. It also may be used as a general elective for any other undergraduate student at Baruch College who fulfills the prerequisite of MGT 3960 (formerly MGT 3860) or 3960H; or receives the permission of the Department of Management.

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mgt4968MGT4968 Critical Conversations for Entrepreneurs: Selling and negotiating

Sessions: TBD

No entrepreneur makes it to the top alone. Steve Jobs had Woz, Bill Gates had Paul Alan and Zuckerberg needed an army to get to a $1billion brand.

Our ability to be successful entrepreneurs is grounded firmly in our communication skills. Successful entrepreneurs must be able to sell their ideas, products, and services, and they must be able to negotiate with clients, customers, co-workers, and funding sources. The purpose of this course is to develop one’s skill set in entrepreneurial communication through an understanding of skills and strategies in selling and negotiation. The course begins by outlining the basic elements within an entrepreneur’s communication skill set. We then delve into the psychology of selling in order to answer why people say yes and to learn how communication skills are the building blocks for successful business relationships. The course then focuses on developing specific skills, beginning with persuasion and influence, and then moving on to writing a successful pitch, mastering the elevator pitch, developing a business presentation, and negotiating a successful deal.

Prerequisite: MGT 3120

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Professor Emanuel is the best Baruch has to offer. If you really want to learn, and retain the information he is a must. His teaching methods should be emulated by others. Highly recommend this professor, you will not be disappointed! – 05/24/2016

One of the best profs I have ever had! He makes you think, he challenges you, he argues with you, he pushes you, he gets you out of your comfort zone and it will be all for your benefit because if you do your work you will be rewarded with a good grade and 1000s of new insights. – 10/18/2015

9971MGT 4969 Gender Differences Among Entrepreneurial Leaders (Hybrid course)

Sessions: Meets in person on Wednesdays from 5:50-7:05pm

This course introduces students to the history of women as business leaders and entrepreneurs, and assists students in understanding:
•The different types of women entrepreneurs that exist
•Traditional gender stereotypes and their potential impact on the experience of entrepreneurs
•And developing personal skills and creating a personal action plan for leadership and/or an entrepreneurial career

You will learn the effect of gender on the experiences of male versus female entrepreneurs and investigates the history of women as entrepreneurs in the USA. Students will develop an understanding of leadership skills and effective tools by which to further their own professional careers and businesses.

Pre- or co-requisite: MGT 9960 (formerly 9860) or departmental permission. This course is one of the required course choices within the Entrepreneurship MBA major or MS degree as well as an entrepreneurship elective and a general elective for all Zicklin MBA students and MS students from any area. Men welcome!

For more information: Email Professor Elisa Balabram at