The MakerHub team featured in Humans of Baruch to highlight emerging maker culture on campus!

We were so excited when Humans of Baruch reached out to us to do interviews with key members of the MakerHub team – including students, faculty and staff – to discuss the burgeoning “maker culture” here on campus. As we work to bring 3D printing, Arduino circuitry, technology, and design thinking to more classrooms, we find that students here, no matter their major, really want to learn how to be creative and meet with other tech and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

When multifunctional design gets interesting: In Fall 2015, Xin Lin entered our Design & Make Competition when she designed and manufactured a 3D printed brass knuckle that doubles as an iPhone holder – and, get this, a stun gun! She’s been a fixture at our weekly workshops ever since and we can’t wait to see what other wild, wacky, and innovative things she’ll create at our makerspace.

A budding innovator: Bryan Britt is an aspiring product designer and bowling aficionado who spends his time at the Field Center showing students how to use our makerspace technology. Last year, he designed and 3D printed a fully functioning remote-controlled car.

Merging art, design and technology: Zoe Sheehan-Saldana is a visual artist and lecturer here at Baruch. She won the Harpo Foundation Direct Grant earlier this year for her artwork. She now leads the MakerHub team and is known for being laidback and offering lots of great, unexpected advice.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Make your own! Kerianne O’Dwyer wanted to make a music box with the songs she grew up listening to, but the storebought ones she found played the same few songs. So, like a true maker (and entrepreneur), she took matters into her own hands and made her own by working with our MakerHub team.