Students scheme over solutions to urban transportation at our last Maker Day of the semester

We decided to throw students a curveball at our last MakerDay of the Fall semester. We challenged them to come up with innovative solutions to urban transportation using nothing but Legos, origami paper, Cubelets and littleBits circuit boards. They would then divide up into teams and pitch their idea in just 60 seconds to our judging panel in order to win a cash prize. Which crazy idea won first place? Keep scrolling to find out!


Our MakerHub intern, Mohamed Hassan, demonstrates how to use our Makerbot 3D printer.


Students then split up into five teams to strategize their pitch and build a prototype of their product as an all-new urban transportation solution.


While the students worked on their projects, our 3D printer was busy churning out an “Oscar” that would be awarded to the winning team.


Ah, the endless potentiality of Lego bricks…


The teams get to work on their ideas and build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to showcase to the judges.


One team is hard at work on a crane. Another is building an “upside-down, car-sized house.”


One team proposed a multi-car conveyor belt for getting cars out of traffic gridlocks.


The students integrate littleBits circuit components with their Lego contraptions.


Questionable structure: our team at the Field Center built a paper house held together with PlayDoh

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The judging panel weighs their options…


The judges pose with the winning team


The team who had built the crane received an “honorable mention”