Stand out in everything you do: cultivating an owner’s mindset

What makes you stand out as a professional? An owner’s mindset. In the current hypercompetitive job market, developing an owner’s mindset can give you an edge over the competition.

An owner’s mindset is an attitude and an approach. Instead of viewing yourself as an indistinguishable cog in a complex business machine, you take pride in and ownership of your work. You do something not because you have to or are paid to do it (although that’s how most roles start out) but because you hold yourself accountable to deliver the best results possible. You don’t just aim to accomplish your personal goals and quotas – rather, you look to add value in everything you do. The business depends on you, not the other way around.

Think of yourself not as an employee but as a business owner.

An owner’s mindset is what contributes to your outstanding work ethic and raises your marketability and demand for your professional labor. Companies want to hire candidates with a fully developed owner’s mindset because they are the ones who are dedicated to helping propel the business forward. Individuals with an owner’s mindset take charge and lead by example.

A few key traits distinguish an owner’s mindset.

Constant progress.

You are not complacent. Those with an owner’s mindset are not content with routine. You are constantly improving yourself and helping those around you. You are a go-getter who recognizes that life offers limitless opportunities to create, improve, transform, and grow.

Saying yes.

Instead of coming up with excuses as to why you cannot accomplish something, you keep an open mind and embrace opportunities that come your way. You are smart with your time and realize that you have limited resources but you are always open to opportunities that will challenge you and help you grow.

Without risk there is no reward.

Innovation and breakthroughs drive success. You need to take calculated risks to score big. Playing safe and waiting for others to make the move won’t get you anywhere. You have to learn to be comfortable with taking risks to drive the business forward.

It’s not about ‘what’ but ‘who’.

You must shift your focus from profit-centric to human-centric. Without a great team, you cannot achieve anything. Treat your team as your greatest asset and you will see unprecedented return on your investment.

Lead by example.

You walk the walk and inspire others by exemplifying accountability, perseverance, and vision. Others will gravitate towards you and follow your owner’s mindset, changing the culture and inspiring others to be productive and contribute 100 percent. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Accountability is key.

This is the defining trait of an owner’s mindset. You need to hold yourself accountable to high standards and do the same for others, trusting that they will do their best. Delegate tasks and foster the growth of those around you. Have faith in your choices and the potential of those you choose.


You value your work and everything you do contributes to fulfilling your vision. You do not allow roadblocks to sidetrack you into quitting, nor do you resort to self-pity. You persevere and stick to the path that will lead you to your dreams, weathering everything that comes your way.