Here are 5 cool Kickstarter pitches to inspire your business idea


Casting around for a business idea or already fine-tuning your investor pitch? We looked to Kickstarter for inspiration, where hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the art, technology, music, publishing and film industries vie for crowdfunding. Each user’s profile page serves as their pitch, except that instead of presenting to investors, they must capture the attention of the average Joe like you and I using only text, photos and video. Here are five inspiring Kickstarter product pitches to take note of.

“Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life.” – Kickstarter

1. Yeehaw Wand: Easily Create Any Object Out of Thin Air

The team behind the Yeehaw Wand wanted to make 3D modelling easier for the non-techie. Their goal was to make something accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to create their own designs at home using a phone or tablet. With that in mind, they combined augmented reality and 3D modeling to help users bring their ideas to life with the wave of a wand.

Someone like me with no experience in 3D modelling, programming or design can create in 3D with the Yeehaw Wand and even send it to print using any 3D printer. I was amazed at how accessible this product is. If you’re the type who always has ideas running through their head, you can now make them a reality.

With less than a month of its Kickstarter campaign left, the Yeehaw Wand has exceeded its goal of $25,000, and aims to finish production and distribution by February 2018.

Read more about their project here.

2. Lolistraw by Loliware

With over 500 million straws being used everyday in the US, Loliware has created the world’s first environmentally-friendly straw called the Lolistraw. Made from seaweed, it’s 100 percent plastic-free, non-GMO, marine-degradable, and hyper-compostable! When discarded, it allegedly goes from straw to soil in just 60 days. Founders Leigh Ann and Chelsea are industrial designers who collaborated with food scientists, a process engineer, operations advisors, and sustainability experts to bring their vision to life.

If Loliware achieves its goal of forever replacing plastic straws used at coffee shops and restaurants, it would take us one step closer to preserving our planet Earth. The Lolistraw even comes in various flavors such as rose, mango, and vanilla!

Read more about Lolistraw here.

3. Superscreen: Supercharge Your Phone with a 10.1” HD Display

The Superscreen – sounds like a new superhero, right? Yes and no. Its superpowers include giving you all the benefits of a tablet while using your smartphone so you don’t have to shell out cash for an actual tablet. With a 10.1” display, the Superscreen is here to save your eyes. All you need to do is download the free app on your phone to connect your smartphone to the Superscreen.

While it’s not exactly a live superhero, the Superscreen did do something extraordinary in its Kickstarter campaign. The project met its goal of $50,000 on the first day and continued to raise $1 million dollars over the following week. As of now, the Superscreen has over 18,000 backers, raising over $2.5 million dollars! I chose to feature this Kickstarter project based on its fundraising efforts alone and its immense popularity within the community. Tablets can be expensive but the Superscreen is affordable and boasts all the capabilities of a tablet.

Founder Brent Morgan is a serial entrepreneur holding 49 US and international patents, with extensive product design experience in both electrical and mechanical engineering.

Read more about his project here.

4. Codey Rocky: Your New Coding Champion

Meet the robot that teaches children the basics of coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). Children learn how to program animated characters like the Codey Panda by inputting commands. The easy-to-use robotics hardware and graphical programming gives users the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of coding and explore their creativity.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s important to teach children subjects other than reading, math, or science. Many elementary and middle schools don’t offer classes in STEM education, so this coding companion helps children learn at home. Users start with a basic drag-and-drop interface but can also advance into Python programming, a widely used, high-level programming language. With this gadget, a child at the age of 6 can learn to do what a professional coder does.

Learn more about Codey Rocky here.

5. Snore Circle: Smart Anti-Snoring Eye Mask

The Snore Circle is an eye mask designed to quell snoring so that chronic snorers (and their partners!) can sleep quietly and comfortably. It uses advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to identify snoring sounds and give out vibrations at 36 levels for physical intervention. There’s even a free app you can use in conjunction with the mask to view your snoring data and sleep data!

Compared to other competitors in the market, I think the Snore Circle sets itself apart by giving a comfortable experience. There are existing ear pieces on the market that function as snore-stoppers but sleeping with an earpiece on is less comfortable than an eye mask. If you snore or know someone who does, the Snore Circle might just be the solution to sleepless nights.

Read more about the Snore Circle here.