Field Fellow Friday: Gernely Almonte gets promoted to Marketing Assistant position

At the Field Center, we always like to give our interns access to bigger and better opportunities. Meet Field Fellow Gernely Almonte, who just got promoted from the front desk to a Marketing Assistant position.
What is your major? Advertising and Marketing Communications at Fashion Institute of Technology
What do you do now? I work closely with the administrative director and community coordinator to promote Field Center events co-working, mentor networking, workshops and recruitment opportunities. I also create content (video and photography) and execute social media campaigns, while also designing marketing collateral for print and web, including brochures, print ads, direct mail pieces, logos, etc. Blogging and coverage of entrepreneurship and technology events is also part of what I do, which in my opinion is the best part because you get to interact with people outside of the office and learn about the business industry.
Why is this promotion meaningful to you? It is meaningful to me because I can use the skills and the experience that I’m gaining here to my advantage in the future. I see it as getting one step closer to where I want to be career-wise.
Fun fact about you? I draw and sketch fashion illustrations in my spare time. I had a phase where I wanted to become a fashion designer when I was younger so I started sketching designs and I never stopped since.