3D Design and 3D Printing


3D digital design is the drawing of virtual objects using modeling software. These are more than a flat sketch as they have depth and volume. Such 3D models can be used for a variety of purposes, including making actual, tangible objects.

3D printing is one method to create real objects from digital models. It is a type of additive manufacturing. To create a 3D print from a digital model, the 3D design is digitally sliced into layers, which are sent to the printer. In the printer, the layers are constructed one at a time, each layer on top of the previous, to produce a physical object.

Who is this technology for?

3D design and 3D printing are accessible to anyone! You can design your own ideas and create your own objects. If you want to be an entrepreneur you may test a prototype, if you are an artist you could make a custom visualization. It is up to you to decide what you want to make. 

how do i get started?

There are a lot of steps to successful 3D printing, starting with creating a good 3D model. To get you started, we’ve created a set of lessons for you to follow at your own pace. Use these lessons to learn how to build a 3D model, how to digitally visualize and share how your model, the basics of 3D printing, tips for altering your model to make sure your design will print properly, and an introduction to what happens when your design goes to print. Additional resources are provided for types of 3D printers, overviews of software you can get for your own prints, and much more.

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