Dear Fellow Alumni,

We are pleased to inform you that we are launching the Baruch College Entrepreneurship Alumni Club.

The Entrepreneurship Alumni Club is being created to engage and support the community of Entrepreneurship Alumni of Baruch College. The Office of Alumni Relations, faculty members and staff of the Lawrence N. Field Programs in Entrepreneurship and the Department of Management are enthusiastic and supportive of the establishment of the club for Alumni from Baruch’s Entrepreneurship program.

The goal of this new club is to provide Alumni with social, educational and recreational programs in cooperation with the Lawrence N. Field Programs and the Baruch College Management Department. To get a glimpse at our initial activities visit our webpage at  In addition, please read about our current initiatives at the Lawrence N. Field Center on our blog at

To help us better understand what activities and alumni programs would best meet your needs, please take a moment to complete this Survey. We want to know what you think should be done to make the Entrepreneurship Alumni Club a success.  In addition, please indicate if you are interested in being a leader in the Entrepreneurship Alumni Club.

Your responses are essential to the continued growth and development of our group. As we aim to host events and activities of relevance to you in the field of Entrepreneurship, we would like your thoughts and participation in a brief survey. Please take a few moments to complete the survey then mail your replies to the Office of Alumni Relations as indicated on this letterhead. The survey will only take a few moments of your time and is included here. If you prefer you may complete the on-line survey and submit your thoughts electronically.

Baruch College’s Field Programs have been nationally ranked in the top 25 by Entrepreneur Magazine and The Princeton Review in the last 6 out of 7 years for either our graduate or undergraduate entrepreneurship programs.  Please help us continue to make our programs a success.

We look forward to your participation and thank you in advance for your interest in the Entrepreneurship Alumni Club.


Lendynette Pacheco-Jorge ’05 MS ’10

Ulas Neftci MS ’03

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