AT&T and Baruch College Fast Pitch Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

The final round of the Fast Pitch competition will be held in the William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus Conference Center. Visit to register and see nine leading-edge companies pitch their concepts to our panel of judges from the technology and investment community.

In past AT&T Fast Pitch competitions, companies have submitted concepts in the following sectors:

We encourage teams to explore these as well as new categories of ventures for this competition.

Pitch Categories:

* We are partnering with AT&T’s Aspire program, which is spearheading initiatives to solve the high school dropout crisis through new innovation and technology. Our goal is to create a technology which will equip students to graduate high school ready for college or to successfully enter the workforce.


  • $2,000 will be awarded in each category
  • An additional $2,000 prize will be awarded to a student pitch



Event Location and Time:

Message from AT&T:

Get inspired!! Rethink the possibilities using AT&T’s developer program. The AT&T developer program includes access to vast range of APIs that give you access to AT&T’s powerful network resources. Maybe you have an app that could benefit from integrating with our APIs… Or maybe you just simply need inspiration to kick start a great idea for your submission to the fast pitch event… Either way we are sure you will find mind stimulating things you can leverage.

Simply go to to sign up and enter promo code*: APINYC12
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We are happy to extend these powerful tools to you and your team. Wishing You Great Luck and Success!! Your friends at AT&T!!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AT&T and Baruch College Fast Pitch Competition?
The AT&T and Baruch College Fast Pitch Competition is a business competition where teams have the chance to compete in one of three tracks: wealth, education and health, and enjoyment.

The competition has three rounds:

  • 1st round, the executive summary, teams submit their answers to key questions about their business through Gust. The deadline for submitting in this round is March 23rd by 11:59 PM.
  • Teams that make it past the first round must then submit a two minute video through Gust detailing:
    • Their business concept
    • Market demand for their product / service
    • Important aspect of business you wish to share with judges
  • Finalists selected after the second round must prepare a five-minute presentation to judges from Baruch College, AT&T and the investment community.

Who is eligible for the AT&T and Baruch College Fast Pitch Competition?
Anyone that is starting or has started a business in the New York Metropolitan Area is eligible to participate.

Who is eligible for each of the competition tracks?
Companies may submit to the wealth, education and health, and enjoyment tracks at-will; however, applying to a track that is disassociated with your business model will reduce your chance of winning the competition.

To be considered a student team, at least one member must be a student (current student class schedules will be verified) who must be the sole team member delivering the final presentation.

Can I submit more than one pitch to the Fast Pitch competition?
Yes, a team can submit more than one business concept; however, only one concept per team will be approved for the final fast pitch.

What are the deadlines associated with this competition?
The first round submission, requires users to apply through Gust and answer basic questions about their concept and team, is due Friday, March 23rd by 11:59 PM. Applications will not be accepted after that time.

  • Contestants will be contacted within a week after the first deadline, whether or not they make it to the second round.

For the second round, the 2-minute video pitch must be uploaded to Gust by Monday, April 16th by 11:59 PM.

What information needs to be completed on my Gust entrepreneur application?
Teams need to complete all of the information under the headings “Company Information” and “Business Summary”. Teams DO NOT need to complete information under the heading “Financial Information”. If your team is competing as a student team, it must include the copy of at least one student’s current course schedule under the “Additional Documents” section.

How many people comprise a team?
At least one person, though it is likely that more than one will be needed to provide the variety of skills and talents needed and to carry out the work involved.

Do all team members need to be Baruch students?
No. Teams can consist of either enrolled students from other universities or independent entrepreneurs and start-up companies in addition to Baruch students.

How do I know if my team qualifies for Round Two?
The team leader/contact person will be notified of the Round One results by email. Eligible teams proceed to Round Two.

How do I know if my team qualifies for Round Three?
The team leader/contact person will be notified of the Round Two results by email. Qualifying teams proceed to Round Three.

How do I find out who wins?
The final round of the competition will be a public event, in which the teams will give their final presentation and the winner for each track will be determined. The winners of each track will be announced at the end of the final event.

Where can I get additional information about the competition?
Information is posted right here on our website.  Check this site frequently, as information changes.

Updates will also be posted on Facebook at

Who will be judging the final round of the competition?
Judges for the final round will consist of members of AT&T, Baruch College, and the investment community.