How to make your startup pitch “sizzle”

  If only winning a pitch was as easy as snapping your fingers and passing the investors a pen to sign the deal. A winning pitch is what gets that contract, and a stellar presentation is what makes that pitch sizzle. The “sizzle presentation” is your chance to captivate your audience. It is an immersive […]

Grow your business: Harness the power of animated content

At a loss for creative ways to promote your startup? Try animated content. Motion creates engagement. Videos and animated graphics are the most effective way to tell a story. They are concise, engaging, and memorable: perfect for capturing people’s waning attention spans. Animated content is the future. YouTube is the second-largest search engine. Videos represent […]

Does Your Brand Have a Future?

Every startup is out to accomplish something different. But how do you create a brand identity around that goal? A brand is an intangible asset that defines your business. It is a combination of your business’ identity, logo, online presence, charitable work, social responsibility, environmental policy, human capital and much more. A brand is your […]

Stand out in everything you do: cultivating an owner’s mindset

What makes you stand out as a professional? An owner’s mindset. In the current hypercompetitive job market, developing an owner’s mindset can give you an edge over the competition. An owner’s mindset is an attitude and an approach. Instead of viewing yourself as an indistinguishable cog in a complex business machine, you take pride in […]

Repurposing content to grow your business: How to make the most out of the bare minimum

As an entrepreneur, you’re the spokesperson and promoter for your business. That’s a tough role: creating buzz around your company is a long-term, strategic task that never ends. Nurturing a strong online community is crucial to propel your business forward and build your brand. For most companies, especially startups, the struggle usually comes down to […]

There’s a mobile app for that – effective mobile app design is key to growing your business

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for ways to grow and promote your business. Digital is on the rise and that opens a wide door of opportunities for mobile apps. Researchers predict that over 268 billion mobile downloads will generate over $77 billion in revenue, according to a report by media analytics company comScore. How […]