What’s New and Innovative In Your CUNY Makerspace

A well-known secret within CUNY is its plethora of makerspaces that fuse technology, design and entrepreneurship, where students can create and prototype their ideas. Here at Baruch College, our MakerHub team creates a space for students to  invent or create a physical design or product, be it a simple LEGO creation or something more complex like a […]

WeWork founder Adam Neumann offers Baruch grads a “blueprint for success” at commencement ceremony

Billionaire WeWork founder Adam Neumann stood among the Baruch College graduating class of 2017 at this year’s commencement ceremony, having finally earned his B.B.A. fifteen years after taking his first freshman class at Baruch. In 2010, the Israeli entrepreneur started a real estate business that birthed the concept of shared office space to spur collaboration […]

Repurposing content to grow your business: How to make the most out of the bare minimum

As an entrepreneur, you’re the spokesperson and promoter for your business. That’s a tough role: creating buzz around your company is a long-term, strategic task that never ends. Nurturing a strong online community is crucial to propel your business forward and build your brand. For most companies, especially startups, the struggle usually comes down to […]

There’s a mobile app for that – effective mobile app design is key to growing your business

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for ways to grow and promote your business. Digital is on the rise and that opens a wide door of opportunities for mobile apps. Researchers predict that over 268 billion mobile downloads will generate over $77 billion in revenue, according to a report by media analytics company comScore. How […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: David Steingard, Founder of Laughing Man Coffee on socially responsible business and working with a Hollywood actor

Coffee drinkers tend to be loyalists, but they latch onto particular brands for various reasons – be it ethical standards, pricing, or the ambiance of the outlet itself. Fundamentally, coffee is not a proprietary business, says David Steingard, cofounder and CEO of NYC-based Laughing Man Coffee. Instead, his brand differentiates itself through exceptional customer service […]

Students work with the MakerHub to prototype their ideas at Creative Inquiry Day 2017

Good ideas are wonderful, fickle things, but they’re also intangible. Prototyping bridges that gap. A number of students approached the MakerHub to ask for help with prototyping their ideas for Creative Inquiry Day 2017. Many of them were designing innovative healthcare products – from 3D printed rods for the surgical treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta, a […]

Entrepreneurs visit the Field Center: Yin Lin, co-founder of SheWorx

Yin Lin is a marathon runner and entrepreneur who runs a global collective of female entrepreneurs with a presence in seven countries. SheWorx helps to change the often hostile and competitive investor-entrepreneur relationship by hosting conferences with a friendly, roundtable environment where investors and entrepreneurs can freely interact, rather than the typical setup of investors on one side, […]

This April, CUNY Startups is hosting its second hackathon! Here’s how you can get involved

  They’ve just rebranded as CUNY Startups (formerly the CUNY Center for Student Entrepreneurship) and now they’re about to host the second CUNY hackathon. This three-day, 26-hour sprint brings together students from all 25 CUNY schools and from a range of majors, backgrounds and interests to design and build apps intended to make life easier for CUNY […]

Get involved in Baruch’s premier creativity and design competition

Lagging subways, traffic, overcrowding, pollution – what if you could solve some of NYC’s biggest problems? Now is your chance to design and prototype creative solutions to issues that matter to you.   The MakerHub is launching the Learn| Make| Play Challenge 2017, Baruch’s premier creativity and design competition. We encourage you to explore our […]

How To Get Over Fear and Get Out of Your Own Head

Getting out of my own head is really hard. In moments of idleness I catch myself in deep thought or worry. Sometimes, it’s hard to realize that those worries or fears are what’s stopping me from becoming the CEO of my own life. A few months ago, I was struggling to combat fear of failure […]