The Field Center provides co-curricular programming opportunities for students, staff, and faculty interested in engaging further with the entrepreneurial community.

Blackstone LaunchPad

Baruch College and The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship are proud members of the Blackstone LaunchPad network.

Blackstone LaunchPad provides funding, events, networking and many other resources to help Baruch students build their entrepreneurial skills.

Offerings from Blackstone LaunchPad:

  • Ideas Competition
  • Internships with City Fellowship
  • Pitch Prep Course
  • Side Hustle
  • Pitch Competition & Spring Conference
  • MGT 4993 – Special Topics Course

CEO Club

The Baruch chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a student-organized and run club supporting all entrepreneurial thinking Baruch students. The club offers opportunities for networking within peers and industry, social and learning opportunities, and as a chapter association of the larger CEO network, members have access to unique resources, events, competitions, and much more.

Membership is ongoing.

A Baruch-grown, student-led clothing brand, founded by CEO members.

Entrepreneurship Ambassadors Program

Undergraduate and graduate students work alongside faculty and staff in various initiatives and projects to learn about the ways entrepreneurs are supported. Entrepreneurship Ambassadors receive hands-on experiences by emerging in an environment which provides a multitude of services for the entrepreneurial community. Participate up to 15 hours per week, must be matriculated in the entrepreneurship degree program, maintain at least a 2.7 gpa, and is expected to write a summary of their experience at the end of the semester to qualify for a stipend.

Criteria to Apply
Current grad or undergrad Entrepreneurship degree major.

Minimum 2.7 GPA

Participate 15 hours per week for one semester
◦ Minimum 5 page experience summary midway and at the end of the semester along with mentor assessment.
Must register for one of the following internship classes to receive internship credit: Bus 3001, Bus 3002 or BUS 3003  (1 credit)  or MGT 5110 (3 credits)

Check Startup Tree for more info. 

Essence of Entrepreneurship

a Mural design competition for Baruch students capturing the "essence of entrepreneurship" in art form

The “Essence of Entrepreneurship” mural design competition is a yearly art competition for the creative and innovative students of Baruch College to submit their mural designs for the Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship. The purpose of the mural is to foster the ongoing spirit of creativity and capture the essence of entrepreneurship in art form.

The winning mural will display in the Field Center for one year, until the next competition which runs every Spring.

Finalists will be determined by the faculty and staff of the Field Center for Entrepreneurship with feedback from Baruch College students voting online on the submissions.

Winners and Prizes:
One winning submission will be selected. $1,000 prize will be awarded to an individual student submission or $2,000 for a team of students. The team prize increases to $2,500 if the team includes students from multiple Baruch schools. The prize award is supported by The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship.

Submissions accepted in Spring semesters. Check Startup Tree..

The Entrepreneurial Test Kitchen

Connect Baruch College students and potential costumers to your business through thoughtful, market-feedback services.

The Entrepreneurial Test Kitchen can assist you in making data-driven decisions through a variety of testing strategies. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you connect to your target market.  

Entrepreneurial Lunch & Learn

Network with like-minded peers during an engaging and interactive session featuring inspiring and authentic entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, lessons, and expertise.

Network with like-minded peers during an engaging and interactive session featuring inspiring and authentic entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, lessons, and expertise. 

All workshops hosted online and begin at 12:30pm EST.

Hult Prize

An Entrepreneurship competition to solve the world's problems through social entreprenuership

Get involved

The OnCampus program serves as the first phase of the annual US $1,000,000 Hult Prize competition. Student volunteers, known as Campus Directors, organize training programs and community events at their universities focused on this year’s Hult Prize Call to Action.

The goal of every OnCampus program is to select one winning team, who will represent their university in the Regional Summits. 

Find more info here

Interested in participanting? 

Email to get involved.


PitchPREP is designed to help you prepare to participate in a global pitch competition, specifically the Blackstone LaunchPad Annual Pitch Competition. You will join a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurial thinking students to work in teams to develop a business idea and create a pitch presentation. PitchPREP facilitators will guide the development process with resources and tools to help you understand your strengths as an individual and within a team and work with you weekly to revise and evolve your teams presentation.

PitchPREP Will Help You Prepare To

◦  develop and pitch your idea

◦  harness your strengths & skills
◦  work with a team◦  participate in a global pitch competition!

At the end of the program, all students successfully submitting a pitch to the Blackstone LaunchPad Annual Pitch Competition will receive a Blockchain Certified Certificate of Completion from the PitchPREP program.

Program runs in the fall semester and open to all CUNY students. 

Check Startup Tree for the next application. 

The Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society

The Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society recognizes Academic Excellence in Entrepreneurship across America, and takes in consideration evidence of strong entrepreneurial spirit, honor, and integrity. The mission of the Sigma Nu Tau Honor Society is to promote, recognize, honor, and reward academic excellence in entrepreneurship and to encourage and recognize the practice of principled entrepreneurship. The Field Center sponsors qualified new inductees each year to receive a lifetime membership to the honor society. New inductees also receive the Sigma Nu Tau honor cord to wear during graduation, signifying your induction status.

To Qualify you must:

Be a student pursuing a major in Entrepreneurship

Have completed over half of the credit hours required for the Entrepreneurship degree

Maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or better


Please contact Baruch’s Sigma Nu Tau Faculty Advisors
for more information and to discuss your qualifications.
Romi Kher

Team Innovation Space

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship understands the high-demand for collaboration spaces across campus. The Field Center offers two unique rooms, Think-Tanks, for student-team use only. Each room is outfitted with a display screen and whiteboard.
Think-Tank Available Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 9am-4pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 9am-6:30pm

·  Rooms are to be used for teams of no less than 3, and no more than 6 persons per room.

·  At least one participant must be a Baruch College student.

·  All participant names and email addresses are expected at the time of the reservation request.

·  All participant ID cards are to be provided to the Field Center staff upon arrival and returned upon room inspection.

· Absolutely no food or drink allowed.

· Reservations are subject to cancellation without any prior notice.

Reservations are required

Email with the following information:

· Phone number, date(s) & times requested, names and emails of participants, purpose of meeting (ie. project work, coworking, etc).

· Wait for an email confirmation.

· Bring your own laptop and cables for HDMI connection.

*Reservation approvals are at the discretion of the Field Center staff and not guaranteed.

Employment at the Field Center for Entrepreneurship

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship offers employment in the Center for a variety of Field Fellowship positions supporting the activities and services of the Center.

No open positions at this time. Please check back.

Wellness Wednesdays

The entrepreneurial journey can be a taxing experience taking a toll on the physical, mental, and emotional health. The Field Center for Entrepreneurship encourages the Baruch College entrepreneurial community to participate in a guided “entrepreneurial reset”, supporting your overall health and wellness through light body movements and mindfulness practices

The sign-in sheet will be open to the first 20 participants
(staff, student, faculty).

All participants should dress comfortably in athletic clothing (joggers, sweats, shorts, t-shirts etc.)
Please bring your own exercise mat!

for inquiries please email