Senior Entrepreneurship Initiative

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The Field Center initiative to provide an online resource for senior entrepreneurs stems from the research performed by our faculty which focused on examining entrepreneurship trends and issues among the populations over the age of 50.   We understand there is a considerable need in the market to serve senior entrepreneurs and the Center has the ability to meet this demand with customized content and free consulting services.  This online resource provides a gateway to the decision process, opportunities and challenges for senior entrepreneurs.

For your convenience, we organized the site into the following sections: “Field Center and the Senior Entrepreneur”, “Why Become a Senior Entrepreneur Now,” “Tips on How to Start in Business,” and “Senior Success Stories.”

To learn more about the Lawrence N. Field Center’s unique contribution to later life entrepreneurs browse the “Field Center and the Senior Entrepreneur” section.

“Why Become a Senior Entrepreneur” maps out the motivations for becoming an entrepreneur at this stage. It is supported by academic research relating to age groups, job and life satisfaction, existing alternatives and utilization of skills and professional networks. Reading through this content will help make the decision whether entrepreneurship is right for you.

“Tips on How to Be in Business” should be viewed after completing the Venture Assessment tool at the end of this page. Upon completion, you should have a sufficient level of certainty on whether this is the correct path for you.  “Tips on How to Be in Business” provides a guide to fill your ‘toolbox’ with the necessary skills on “how’ to start a business. Find tips on test driving a new career before committing, time management, finance, and the types of business you may want to consider and how to ultimately measure your success.

“Senior Success Stories” presents inspiring animated videos stories from successful senior entrepreneurs ranging from entertainment, food services to home business. Each story highlights a particular essential aspect of business.

Let’s begin your journey with the Venture Assessment Tool.

Venture Assessment Tool

Is entrepreneurship in you?

After you look through motivations concerning later life entrepreneurship, cap it off by completing the following questionnaire.

This Venture Assessment Tool, VAT—is designed to:

  • Help you choose the right business for your age and circumstances;
  • Establish your personal business goals;
  • Evaluate your business ideas; and
  • Create a plan for establishing your own business.

We suggest that you give a few minutes of quality time to use this tool, and then ponder your responses. Your answers may surprise you, and, hopefully, answer any lingering questions you have concerning entrepreneurial careers.

Click the following link for the VAT questionnaire (PDF