Research: The Lawrence N. Field Programs in Entrepreneurship

Research within the Lawrence N. Field Programs in Entrepreneurship is guided by two major principles – advancing knowledge and integrating the best information into our curriculum as well as our practice. We strive to maintain excellence in scholarship focused on entrepreneurial experiences within urban environments, minority populations, and family contexts and through technology enhancements. Our entrepreneurship research has gained national prominence and recognition, like the 2008 Award for Exceptional Contribution to Entrepreneurship Research from the Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Centers.

The Entrepreneurship research faculty boasts three endowed professorships and research expertise ranging from qualitative to empirical.. The faculty is also committed to the further development of action research and its implications for entrepreneurial practice.

The Entrepreneurship research faculty has published significant numbers of books and monographs as well as book chapters that offer important contributions to entrepreneurial research in the areas of finance, business planning, educational methodologies, marketing, home-based businesses, family businesses, enterprise development and social entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship faculty contributes scholarly publications targeted to peer researchers, practitioners, and family business owners published in leading entrepreneurship and other appropriate journals that include the following: Entrepreneurship Research Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Family Business Review, Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, Journal of Business VenturingJournal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, and Journal of Small Business Management, among many others.

To facilitate our research activities, we have allied with the newly formed Entrepreneurship Research Society (ERS), and Baruch Entrepreneurship research faculty hold ERS leadership positions.  Our research program encompasses scholarly leadership via the Co-Editorship of a newly formed international journal the Entrepreneurship Research Journal (ERJ).  The ERJ posits as the new leading and premier research journal within the field of entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurship faculty regularly contributes scholarly articles on invited and competitive bases to the ERJ as well as Guest Editorships on cutting edge topics related to our research expertise.

Among several sponsored research projects, Baruch College faculty work with Babson College as their only U.S. partner in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project. 

Through sponsored research supported by federal, state, and municipal agencies as well as private foundations, the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise has developed and piloted models for infusing entrepreneurship and business content into technology, liberal arts, science, and other content areas across the curriculum. In this effort, the research conducted by Baruch faculty and Field Center outreach form the hub of a national, indeed, global network where students practice entrepreneurship launching firms, managing them, and trading products and services in a global e-commerce system rooted in a virtual economy. This work is further supported through a series of Action Research initiatives that span the entrepreneurship spectrum: Awareness, Simulation, Incubation. These include experiments in crowd sourcing, crowd funding, social business and in providing new learning/teaching models in entrepreneurship education in a growing community of national Action Research projects/experiments.