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The Entrepreneurship Research Society (ERS) brings together a community of scholars for entrepreneurship research across all disciplines. Comprising those who teach, practice or research entrepreneurship, ERS’ “big-tent community” allows researchers to network, find research partnerships, and foster interdisciplinary thinking.

By exploring entrepreneurship from a variety of facets – ranging from psychology, sociology, human ecology, economics, to agricultural business and more – ERS avoids exclusivity and is open to those who are not themselves entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Membership

Members of ERS gain access to opportunities to publish their research and and network with editors of the Entrepreneurship Research Journal. ERJ seeks to encourage scholarly exchange between researchers who focus on entrepreneurs and their impact on managerial and public policy. Published by De Gruyter, a scholarly publishing house with an expanding international presence, ERJ offers a platform for your work to be marketed in every major academic market in the world. Previous marketing campaigns have reached over 28,000 people.

Inaugural 2015 ERS Conference

In October 2015, the Entrepreneurship Research Society held its inaugural conference, in which scholars presented research papers, networked with fellow academics and took in panel discussions from industry experts.

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ERSThe Entrepreneurship Research Journal (ERJ) is the official journal of the ERS. The ERJ posits as the new leading and premier research journal within the field of entrepreneurship. Proud to Publish the ERJ, De Gruyter is an international publishing house with more than two-hundred and sixty years of experience partnering with exceptional scholars. Combining this strong tradition with modern innovation, De Gruyter and the ERJ provide authors international presence and modern publishing technologies that ensure their research reaches engaged readers globally.

ERS Founding Board

Ramona Zachary, President

Thomas Lyons, Senior Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer

Jill Kickul, Senior Vice-President, Membership and Development

Howard Aldrich, ERS Director

David Audretsch, ERS Director

Mark Casson, ERS Director

William Gartner, ERS Director

Robert Strom, ERS Director

Ning Wang, ERS Director

Shaker Zahra, ERS Director