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The Field Center seeks to help people live more meaningful lives by teaching them how to see and take advantage of opportunities where others do not. To this end, Field Center Faculty have developed a suite of curricular programs designed to facilitate their innate creativity, empathy, innovativeness, insight, and resourcefulness as well as the courage to act upon their ideas.

Entrepreneurship refers to the ability to see and the willingness to pursue opportunity in the face of uncertainty. Thus, the major and minor in Entrepreneurship have been redesigned to help students learn how to respond to challenges – whether in the context of a new venture, established company, non-profit organization, or government agency – by creating and implementing novel, value-creating solutions to them. By developing an entrepreneurial mindset,” students can become not only better business owner-managers, but better scientists, analysts, writers, programmers, artists, public servants, managers, etc. as well.

Social innovations are new ideas that solve pressing, unmet social and/or environmental needs. Thus, the minor in social innovation is designed to expose students to the nature and causes of today’s social and environmental problems and challenge them to develop a “theory of change” in response to them, thereby generating beneficial outcomes for all affected stakeholders.Because the novelty of social innovations is dependent upon arbitraging ideas and knowledge from across sectoral and disciplinary boundaries, this program requires that students take one course from each of Baruch’s three colleges.

Masters-level courses focus on various parts of the entrepreneurial process for those interested in the startup and corporate environments. All courses count as core or elective courses in the Baruch MBA program.

Doctoral-level courses support the PhD program in Management and the PhD programs in various STEM fields, including biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, earth and environmental sciences, and engineering.

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