Recapturing the Sparks of Your Creative Confidence

Have you ever uttered the words, “Oh I can’t do that — I’m not creative enough”? Have you ever had an idea knock around your head, the words about to roll off your tongue, but you stop yourself out of fear of not being creative enough? Or maybe fear of not making sense, of uncertainty, or fear of […]

What is a good pitch? – Lessons Learned from TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014

Author:  Christoph Winkler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship, Baruch College and Associate Director of the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise, @VEntreship It was my first TechCrunch Disrupt at Manhattan Center, thanks to our SmartPitch partners at IBM Global Entrepreneur, where I presented our approach to entrepreneurship education during IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Week in February earlier […]

Six Tips on Finding and Keeping Mentors

Author Elisa Balabram, Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College Over the years mentors have made a huge difference in my life. From supporting me through a career transition, to offering me advice on which options were best for me at the moment, to actually helping me achieve my goals. Here are six strategies I recommend you […]

Business Tips for Venturing Abroad

Author: Rizwann Younas, Field Fellow, Field Center   As the world has become more connected, and the opportunities to conduct business abroad have become greater, more entrepreneurs are taking their skills and ideas to new and exciting places. Undoubtedly, the ease of setting up shop abroad has become easier.  However, this should not be confused […]

Resources for NYC Entrepreneurial Foodies

Attention all aspiring food entrepreneurs! Now is a fantastic and exciting time to launch and grow a food business in NYC. Due to growing consumer interest in local and artisan-quality foods, the five boroughs are seeing a surge of activity around food manufacturing and distribution. According to a Pratt Center study on the specialty food […]

Elisa’s Social Media Best Practice Tips

  Many people wonder, in this age of social media, if there best practices for the utilization of this relatively new marketing tool.  I am constantly asked how to use social media to inspire followers and encourage audience engagement.  I have my own set of rules I abide by and would like to now share […]

Does An Entrepreneur Have a Right to Compete With a Former Employer?

Entrepreneurs who contemplate starting a business in their current field of expertise often ask about the extent to which they can use knowledge, skills, client lists, and actual written materials from their current and previous positions. The basic answer is that employees owe their employers a duty of loyalty while still employed. Once that employment […]

Equity Investments for Small Businesses: A Primer

By Kshitij J. Zaveri   Mention the words “Equity Investors” to any entrepreneur and they will start shifting uncomfortably in their seats. After all, equity investors are perceived as predators that will give you the money, no doubt, but will end up taking over the business and showing you the door at some point in […]

Spend Money on Marketing

By Alek Marfisi To preface this entire discussion, let’s absorb the following logical facts: Spending money on marketing increases sales. (The inverse) Not spending money on marketing results in fewer sales than if a business was to spend money on marketing. Here at the Field Center, we are in the business of reviewing business plans, […]

Select U.S. Cities Offer Insight Into Innovation in America

By Michael Tong Today, the thought of a locale synonymous with innovation and research likely produces familiar names in Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas, New York City, or Washington D.C., as commonly associated growth factors traditionally include a specialized industry (e.g. technology), access to capital investment, and world-class research universities. However, by examining the Inc. 500 […]