The College Entrepreneurial Organization: The Entrepreneurship Club for Students

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What is CEO?

The College Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) is a close-knit entrepreneurial network that cultivates Baruch College students in their entrepreneurial ventures, ideas and pursuits.

Our Vision

To inspire a community of passionate leaders who share a vision of improving the world one venture at a time.

How will you benefit from joining CEO?
Members gain access to a pool of resources, including:
  • Mentors, guest speakers, alumni, industry experts,
  • Co-working sessions, workshops, leadership-building opportunities
  • Partnerships with organizations within and outside of Baruch
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions with top-level executives
Sample events include:
  • Back-to-school Time Management Workshop with Trello (Feb 1, 2018)
  • Mitzi Perdue book showcase of Tough Man, Tender Chicken (Feb 22, 2018)
  • Learn how to code with Jessica Fields from NYC Regional Innovation Node
  • How to Come Up With an Idea
  • How to Start a Company With No Money Using the Lean Method
  • How to Pitch to an Investor From an Investor’s Perspective
How to get involved

Club activities resume in Spring 2018. In the meantime, CEO is recruiting for the following E-board positions:

  • Communications leader
  1. Keeps a record of all members and events of the organization
  2. Keeps and distributes meeting minutes
  3. Notifies all members of meetings
  4. Prepares organization’s calendar of events
  5. Reports to Chief Communications officer
  6. Maintains complete and up-to- date copies of the club’s bylaws and other CEO documents
  7. Maintains a roster of officers and other board members with current address, including email and telephone information
  • Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer)
  1. Keeps all financial records of the organization
  2. Prepares the annual budget to be submitted to the appropriate Student Government
  3. Prepares all budget requests for funds
  4. Allocates funds to appropriate accounts
  5. Advises members on financial matters (i.e. vendors, ticket selling procedures)
  6. Ensures that adequate budget and financial controls are maintained
  7. Prepares and submits financial statements to the president, executive committee and board of directors on a regular basis, i.e. all board meetings or at minimum quarterly
  8. Pays all club bills on time
  9. Maintains and supervises club bank accounts
  • Chief Social Officer (Events Chair)
  1. Collaborates with other members of the executive committee to create and execute events for the club community
  2. Ensures the fiscal viability of all events
  3. Creates fun and exciting social mixers, networking events, and celebrations
  4. Maintains a list of events and statistics throughout the year
  5. Submits attendance list to the Chief Communications Officer Team for any event
  6. Works closely with club secretary, communications chair and marketing officer to promote upcoming events
  7. Alerts E- Board of upcoming events with details so the event may be placed on the College’s central calendar
  • Social Responsibility Officer (Community Service/Fundraising)
  1. Collaborates with other members of the executive committee to create and execute fundraising events for the club community
  2. Collaborates with President and Vice President to find external partners to create and execute community service events for the club
  • Chief Marketing Officer (Preferably proficient in graphic design)
  1. Responsible for all marketing efforts
  2. Updates and develops all social media accounts
  3. Responsible for marketing all events, workshops, and meetings
  4. Responsible for implementing a marketing strategy to enroll new members and encourage engagement with CEO
  5. Designs logo and graphics
  6. Works with E-board to make all flyers, posters, banners, t shirts, and other marketing materials
  • Chief Technology Officer (Must be able to build a website)
  1. Finds ways to use technology to improve organization’s operations (e.g., communications, outreach, processes,);
  2. Develops and maintains club website and all social media sites
  3. Works closely with CMO and CSO to implement initiatives, events and announcements on website, social media etc.
  4. Must be proficient in building websites and coding, with an understanding of innovative technology

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to: