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Internship & Goal setting :P

Once again, Hola dear bloggers!

The Career Exploration workshop I attended to was the Internship and Goal setting. It took place on November 10th. in the vertical campus 3rd floor.

I personally found this workshop to be the most helpful because setting goals and working towards them are  very important. Also, as a student at Baruch, I have the opportunity to utilize the STARR career development center’s resources. The workshop explained what kind of resources are really out there to help us land our ideal internships. What are the employers looking for and what kind of networks we can use to get an intership other than the STARR career development center.

I would like to use this knowledge in the near future to land the ideal internship I’ve been longing for 🙂

Cheers~ <3

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Student Life

zHello fellow bloggers, hope your day is going as fine as belgium chocolate <3

The enrichment workshop I went to for the student life was the Club fair.

First of all, the club fair was VERY packed. The line for everything was so long and unorganized but one of my friends happened to be helping out the goldenkey honors society so I was able to get into the gym without having to wait.

There were all kinds of clubs including all the sororities, anime club, cultural clubs, and even ballroom dance club. The president of the ballroom dance club performed at the event and it was super sexy and beautiful. The whole place was boiling with excitement.

I really wanted to join clubs but there were too many to choose plus I had so many things on my plate already so I am planning to join clubs this coming semester when I am a little bit more comfortable with what I’ve got.

It was very interesting to see the videos taken at the club fair later on on the Baruch television located right above the main enterence to the Verical Campus because I was there doing the limbo as well lol

Good day 😛

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Arts at Baruch

Hello again my dear fellow bloggers 😀

It is a very cloudy day outside and I am feeling very depressed…

But I have to blog so lets get going 🙂

The Arts at Baruch workshop that I went to is the “Nature of Landscape” and it took place on October 6th, 2009 in the building located at the 22nd street

As I walked into the building with two of my friends, a short lady with blonde bob gave us a mini tour in the mini gallery.

One thing I realized was that I’ve seen those artworks in the Vertical Campus which was pretty cool.

One artwork that really caught my attention was an artwork that depicted desert using naked butts.

Although it looked like they were all female butts, if you observe them closely, they are actually mix of male and female butts which is very interesting

It was also kind of funny that me and my friends were the only ones participating 🙂

Overall, it was a good experience

see u again bloggers 🙂

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Personal Enrichment Workshop

Hello again dear fellow bloggers 🙂

The personal enrichment workshop that I went to was the “Stress Rrelief workshop”

It took place on November 10th, 2009 in the Vertical Campus.

The workshop was very much similar to professor Sitt’s lecture class when he gave us a raisin and asked us to experience it with all of our sensory organs.

I forgot the professor’s name who was giving the lecture but when his coworker walked into the room everyone bursted into laughter because they looked so alike they could have passed for siblings.

The main point of the lecture was to stop what we are doing for a moment when we feel stressed and try to sense what is going on around us in a peaceful manner. Stress is caused when a person thinks that the situation is stressful. However, if one can change that around and learn to meditate and get rid of those nasty feelings, the frequency and the intensity of the stress will be greatly reduced.

It felt like a review of Sitt’s class since I already knew about the things the facilitator was talking about.

But it was fun since I got a free piece of raisin 🙂

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Community Global awareness :)


First of all, hello my dear fellow bloggers

I realize that I should have been blogging long time ago but since I did not, I will be blogging about my enrichment workshops right now =]

The Community Global awareness workshop that I went to was the Freshman Reception.

It took place on September 17th, 2009.

I was told that we will be provided with refreshments and a small group meeting.

As I was waiting to get into the tiny room with hundred other freshmans, I was able to meet new people and have small conversations with them although the place was very crowded and it was quite difficult to even turn around.

Overall, the “reception” ended up providing me with nothing but a signature on my attendance passport.

My friend had to mention about the folder he got from the reception in order for me to even notice that they were giving out such thing.

The event was poorly organized but I managed to get my first signature and it only lasted for ten minutes regardless of  me waiting in the hallway for about half an hour.

Lovely <3

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Donating Blood

Donating blood is definitely not what most people make it to be. They say its so painful and dreadful, and frankly I completely disagree with them. I went to donate blood, and it was such a simple and painless task. First I had to fill out paperwork asking me about my health history and then I got my iron tested. I was a little annoyed with the long wait. This was the first time I was donating blood so when I saw the size of the needed I was a little nervous. But once the needle was in everything went by good. I wasnt feeling dizzy at all afterwards and had some snacks. I guess donating blood gave me a good feeling because by giving blood I know I’m helping out someone else. And for those who are “terrified” of needles, its not bad at all, so get over it!

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Freshmen Reception

I personally think that the Freshmen Reception was really helpful in providing me with an overall idea of how I should complete the core curriculum requirements and it helped me clear out some questions I had regarding certain classes. The advisor gave me a quick guide through the degree requirements I will have to complete for the degree I will like to pursue and advised me to focus on completing the courses needed to get accepted into the Zicklin School of Business first and then worry about the rest. She also advised be to try to balance hard courses with easy courses  in order to take things smoothly and to try to attain a good GPA. Overall, the reception was very convenient and beneficial despite the fact that it was very overcrowded and as a consequence the advisor had to speed up through the information in order to help others.

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Stress relief ( personal enrichment)

The personal enrichment workshop I went to taught us how to manage and cope with stress along with stressful situations.  The instructors first had everyone examine a raisin using all five of our senses. At first this seemed weird but this exercise was suppose to increase our attention and mindfulness through meditation.  We then talked about different situations that would be stressful to college students.  Towards the end of the workshop, the instructor really grabbed my attention with his method to addressing stressful situations.  They used the acronym DEARMAN which allows us to figure out a problem and how to go about fixing the problem without getting stressed.  The instructors left with a great lasting impression because at the end of the workshop we meditated while the instructor hit a bell.  This meditation released all the stress an tension from all our muscles.  I left that workshop feeling relaxed.  I recommend this workshop to everyone even if they are not a freshman.

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Blood Drive

Today I attended the Blood Drive and it wasnt as I expected. It didn’t start out that bad. I signing sheets, had my finger cut for blood,and was asked questions, and waited for my turn. It was my turn and sat down to get my blood taken. It started getting bad from that moment. The finger from my finger was smeared all over my application and the nurse didnt seem happy. I started to get nervous. I also just finished arguing with one of my friends over my phone, so my face wasnt as normal as it usually is. 2 minutes into the process, the guy sees m face and says “Your looking a bit pale, were going to put you down.” he lifted the cot thing, so my feet could be up in the air allowing the blood to go into my head. It was so embarrasing because I was the only one in that position and it was pretty uncomfortable.

It took forever and left me a bit dizzy. As i got up to leave, the guy asked me if I was fine and I told him yes, and stumbled to the ground that minute. They had to escort me out. The whole process took an hour. I donated my blood, embarrased my self and I got was a t-shirt and juice. -_- never again

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Career Planning

I attended the Career Planning about interviewing.  I enjoyed this workshop very much because I felt I got a lot of helpful information about interviewing.  In this workshop we learned about the things we should do or shouldnt do in an interview.  Most were things I had already heard, but it was good to attend this workshop because the tips I already knew were just reinforced.  This workshop is one that I think everyone should attend, not only freshmen because it provides very good and helpful info.

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