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small talk… BIG DEAL

This career exploration workshop was really interesting as they thought us the do’s and dont’s of social events. If your at a mixer the trick is to put your cup on top of the plate and have a bit of food while walking around leaving the plate in you left hand so that you are free to shake hands with the other hand. There are other tricks like not ordering certain foods during dinner parties, what to do during an interview and such. It was a lot of fun…. ūüôā

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Mercedes Matter…

The art gallery tour was very short as we walked around the gallery and learned about Matter. Her work was really interesting as she triansformed the same painting in different ways. I’m not much into painting but I could see the inspiration in her painting. Matter has been painting since a child and she was very interested in painting still life in different points of view.

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Mercedes … Art Gallery

This art gallery was beautiful. Although it had a repetitive theme in almost all the paintings that we saw. It was all about food and tables. I would of enjoyed it more if it was  diverse as Baruch is,  instead it was the works of one woman. I was also in a rush so maybe that triggered these feelings about the workshop.  Overall the organization was terrible, there were too many students and not enough room.

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Islam in the World

This workshop was organized by the Islamic clubs, the men and women in Islam. They had a guest speaker who spoke of what Islam represent in the world and what Muslims ought to do.¬† He explained that Islam was the beginning of many things in the world, mathematics for instance, and calendars, and¬† spacial researches. He even recalled of attending a space museum(I am not too sure) where the host told him that most of the assumptions they make are based on Islamic assumptions. Then he ask the question ” If calendars are based on Islamic calenders how come the Islamic holidays are not as recognized as the others.” By that he meant that people should get a day off on Islamic holidays as well. My friend actually pulled me into this workshop and I enjoyed hearing a different point of view.

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Workshop fail.

On Thursday Nov. 5th, there was supposed to be a workshop in Mason Hall. A group of us went there and no one was there. We sat there for about 30 minutes and no one showerd up. Im not sure if we were in the wrong place or if we had the wrong time but something got messed up along the way.

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Punching Holes

Earlier in the year, there was a¬† workshop in the multi-purpose room.¬†The students were required to¬†go around to 10 different set-ups to ask the representative about the group they were apart of.¬† After you found out information for the groups, you could get your card punched and after 10 you could go. I went to a mixture of groups including the table for transfer students, the athletics table, the table for students with disablities and others. I realized that many other students had similar questions that I had and this was comforting and annoying at the same time. Comforting because sometimes I think my question doesn’t make sense or relate to anything but hearing it from another person made me feel better and annoying because¬†if my question was asked and answered then I was left with nothing to say. I took home a bunch¬†of papers that day with all kinds of information along with keychains and stickers.

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Mercedes Matter….

Last week I attended an art gallery with a couple of classmates. It was considered to be a workshop so I decided to go because anything pertaining to art is always cool. The gallery was in another Baruch building down the block from the NVC. In groups of 25, we were shown a number of paintings that all had a similar concept. The art was abstract and you could only really see the images in the painting if you stood a coule of feet away. The wait to actually see the gallery was longer than the “show” itself but¬†then again things¬†always¬†occur that way. This wasn’t so bad because the security guard was pretty hilarious.¬†¬†This workshop went very smoothly and didn’t feel like anything that was “required” but instead, felt more like a high school field trip.

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Freshman Reception

I’m sure that there were good intentions for the freshman reception, however¬†those intentions failed to come through. According to some of the people in charge, only about 200 freshman were expected to show up. This was not the case. Due to over-announcing,¬† a couple hundred more freshman showed up.¬† Both escalators for entry to the 5th floor were blocked.¬† We poured into a room where were supposed to recieve information and a manila folder with papers of different concerns but by the time most of us got there, the folders were gone¬†and so were the cookies! Everyone was eager to get¬† their agenda signed so they could leave but Ms. Cataletto started to leave the room and everyone followed.¬†Then a woman came in and gave Robert permission to sign agendas for proof of attendance.¬†Everyone started to bombarded Robert. The whole thing was actually very funny. During the next seminar, we got the¬†papers that we were supposed to recieve so¬†we didn’t really miss anything much.

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10/29 Career Planning

The workshop on¬†October 29th called Basic Interviewing Techniques was a very informative one. It was held in the multi-purpose room, where¬†students recieved a packet with guidelines to follow and questions to¬†answer. Advice was given on how to dress for an interview, proper posture, and how we should conduct ourselves. We were also informed of the do’s and dont’s for a resume’. There was an activity in which we had to partner up with someone and pretend as if we were actually on an interview. Although I felt that the session¬†was a little drawn out, I would attend another one if it was held because I found the information to be useful and relevant.

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Internet Workshop

This workshop was extremely informative. I learned of alot of useful webstites for when Im researching.

Besides Google, there are alot more ways¬†to research. Still, I learned even within Google there are many helpful links and wasy to approach research.¬†Such as¬†“Google Advanced Search” “Google Scholar” “Google Directory”

Here are some sites I’d like to share: Web Directory,specialize in Link Building and Internet Marketing,human edited Internet Directory Internet Public Library. They have¬†the¬†“Ask a Librarian” feature. ives information about the validity of websites, and from that you can decide whether to trust it or not. Also provides Phone numbers, Adresses, dates and other supporting info.  helps you format your sources Good for Biographies


I hope you all find these sites useful. I know I did.

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