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create your own brand

On november 19th i attended my career exploration workshop. it was the create your personal brand workshop located in room 1-107 at 12:30. they tought me many intereseting things that i didnt know how to do before like writing my own resume or how companies work. i found it alittle boring that the speakers tended to repeat themselves over and over again talking about networking and how starting a conversation with one person can make the difference. i will definantly use this information in the future.

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Intership & Goal Setting

This Workshop was meant to encourage freshmen to get interships early and learn information about getting interships. It also helped with learning ways to get ahead of the competition to get internships.  It also gave us special info on the Big 4 accounting firms and top marketing firms. It taught us how to survive a job interview.

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Student Services Fair

This workshop is one that introduces freshman to all the services that Baruch offers. We were required to listen a short presentation from 10 representatives from their offices. They were very helpful and also made me feel comfortable going to their offices if I need anything.

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Ethics workshop

 I attended the ethics workshop and it was about Baruch’s polcies on honesty and how to behave morally correct while attending Baruch college. I was told about the schools policy on plagiarism and the reprecussions. You might lose your scholarships and might be dismissed from the school. If you pay for college then it is in your best interest to follow the rules.

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Diversity job and internship fair

Hello my name is Evan Gambino, i attended the job and internship fair on 11/19/09.  the fair was held in the multi-purpose room on the first floor of the VC building.  It was one of the more useful workshops provided me with interesting facts and ideas about presenting myself to the business word and how i am my own name brand. The booklet given along with the presentation provided countless valuable information ranging from dressing at an interview to the 30 second elevator speech. The elevator speech was one that i found most useful as i would have never prepared myself for a such a scenario. What would i say if i ran into my boss or someone immensely important and only had a short time to sell myself without seeming like im actually doing so and maintain a friendly easy going guy persona. If the workshop didnt take almost 2 hours it would have been fabulous.

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Student Services

Hello my name is Evan Gambino, i attended the student services workshop on 10/13/09.  I didn’t really find this workshop to be enriching only because the information there was stuff that I could have easily gotten off the website. I mean, it was good in that if there was something I didn’t fully understand I could have asked my question.  However, overall, it wasn’t as effective as it could have been, especially because there were so many kids there that just wanted to get 10 punches on their cards and leave, myself included.  There were so many people there and it was kind of hard to get around but eventually I did.  I did, however, learn that Baruch has a daycare, not that it applies to me, and that was interesting.

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Fresh start workshop

Hello my name is Evan Gambino, I attended the Freshman start workshop on 9/17/09.  The “Fresh Start” workshop was in room 5-215. This workshop was part of the category of student life.  During the time that i spent in the workshop, i was provided with a better understanding of the academic advisement building here at Baruch, and i was notified that i am obligated to declare a minor. As students, i think  we are fortunate enough to have an academic advisement building with faculty that are very helpful. I chose this workshop because it seemed to be important and beneficial to me. the faculty was patient and understanding, whether it was answering questions or repeating what they previously mentioned to those not paying attention.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone. i think it helped me, and i know who to go to with academic questions at this pont

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Gallery Tour

Hello my name is Evan Gambino,  I attended the Art gallery tour workshop on 10/13/09.  The paintings at this art gallery were really something because it could be interpreted in many different ways, as with any piece of art, but these were different because the meaning isn’t what first meets the eye.  These were paintings from all around the world, showing the gallery’s cultural diversity.  I can see the relevance of this workshop which is a good thing because unlike some of the other workshops, like the student services fair, the art gallery was actually interesting and not pointless; it was something I really didn’t mind attending.  My favorite part of this workshop was how straight to the point it was, meaning it was very short.  So short, in fact, that I would definitely consider going back just for my own enrichment.

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Club Fair

Hello my name is Evan Gambino, I attended the club fair workshop on 9/24/09.  The main gym was where the Club Fair was held. At the fair I was able to browse the many clubs that Baruch has to offer. I was actually very surprised at how many clubs and activities Baruch has. I looked into several of the cultural clubs like the Asian Club, as well as the swim team and others. Coming to this club fair really inspired me to join a few clubs next semester. Before leaving the gym I saw the hip hop club perform which was pretty cool.

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Ethics workshop

Hello my name is Evan Gambino, I attended the ethics workshop on 9/17/09 @ room 3-165.  Most of the discussions were about how to be morally correct in school, such as not using plagiarism. The teachers really stressed plagiarism and the consequences of it.  You can get kicked out of college, lose your scholarships, etc. It is a matter not to be taken lightly.  The workshop definitely is a good warning to stay away from cheating your way through college, you pay for this education and should take it seriously as it is your own money you are wasting if your not.

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