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Freshman Seminar @ Baruch College

Joining USG

Coming into Baruch, I wanted to get involved right away and meet as many people as possible. I had known the president of USG before I attended here so I decided to see what the Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch was all about. After joining one of their meetings, I was hooked and wanted to get join right away. I started off as a class representative and was offered a seat in the president’s cabinet which I took right away.

It was an awesome experience for me and it has allowed me to have an amazing college experience, because we do a lot more than just work. We go on trips, have Thursday Nights at Baruch which is open to everyone as well as nights out with just us. I strongly encourage that you guys join a club if you find yourself coming to school, going to work and then home. It’s a great way to meet people and have fun in college.


PS: If you would like to join the undergraduate student government, please speak with me.

Global Awareness Paper

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this workshop so I decided to write a paper about it. I though the best thing was to write a movie review on the movie “No Man’s Land.” This is not recent but I felt that it was so great and I should write about it. It is about the war between Serbia and Bosnia and is sad and has some comedic parts. Even though it was filmed before and the setting takes place mostly in a trench, it is still very interesting. I recommend it.


PS: I also saw “Armored” the other night and it was pretty official!

Last Day of Class

Wow! There are so many essays that I have to finish and so many finals that I have to study for. High school was easy compared to all this. I feel very overwhelmed with all the work that we have to do since I have never experienced this before. Hopefully, it’s going to be easier the second semester because we get used to it. I hope everyone does well on all their exams and good luck.

It’s also sad that the Fro class is ending because I wanted to get to know everyone a little better which didn’t really happen for me. I’ll catch you guys around Baruch though. Good luck!


Dunkin Donuts Class

I had a good time during this class. Everything and everyone seemed very laid back. I wanna thank you guys for bringing the donuts because we all enjoyed ourselves. We were playing some good songs and taking care of everything that we needed to do. Unfortunately it ended a little early but it was nice.

Community Service

Community service is very important in our society. I believe it is important to do some sort of community service. Whether its donating canned foods, money, clothes. Volunteering time at a church, commuity center, or even at a school. Every little help counts, and that is why I have volunteered some of my own time to help take care of my elderly neighbors lawn. She is in her 70s and has little family to help her. I mowed her lawn untill Febtober and raked most of her leaves into November. It is very gratifying to help someone who I have known for almost my entire life.

Freshman Seminar

My favorite freshman seminar class was when we observed two videos of Baruch students making presentations. Too often, what is expected of us in a presentation is just printed out on a sheet. Watching videos of presentations gives a much clearer explanation of what is expected of us. The stronger speaker demonstrated what we should strive for when giving a presentation. She was enthusiastic, knew her informayion and presented it clearly. I think watching a video of someone who made a poor presentation was even more important though. Most of us are likely guilty of mumbling our speeches, not giving direct eye contact and not being prepared. By seeing an example of this we can better improve ourselves. The class discussions involving the two presentations allowed any points we may have overlooked to be brought up. Although I haven’t yet had to make a presentation in Baruch, I am sure this class will have me better prepared for it.

The end of FRO

Well I don’t recall how many posts I should have so I’ll make this 7th post about the end of the upcoming Freshman seminar class in approximately 12 hours. Damn it’s late, well I reap what I sow, this is what I get for procrastinating. I guess I’m looking forward to the end of Freshman seminar. It wasn’t so bad since I had to go only once every other weeks. The class 2 weeks ago was awesome, I mean free donuts. Does it get any better? I better wrap this up, or is it rap this up? Well I don’t know if i’m gonna wrap it up for Christmas or maybe i’ll just drop some hot beats. I don’t know what to write. I hope we only need 7 blogs. I guess I better throw in some cool last words: “I never saw France!”

Community Global Awareness

This was the last workshop I needed to complete. I believe I deserve a pat on the back. I will now proceed to pat myself on the back. Apparently I needed a workshop to increase my Awareness for the community. I am now aware that there is a community and I don’t feel any different. Well I do feel different but I don’t want to get into any touchy stuff because I AM A MAN. I wonder if I’m doing these blogs right but I really hope I am since I am a procrastinator. I’m just glad I finished my workshops and made it out in one piece. I feel sorry for the other freshmans who must suffer the same fate.

Stress Management Workshop

This workshop was a bit different. Since stress is an actual problem that I face in my life I thought this would be helpful. Boy was I let down. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that good either. It wasn’t so bad but they didn’t have any free cold pizza or cookies or soda. They told us about something called DEARMAN, which is an acronym by the way. I don’t remember what it means but I have a sheet somewhere in my house that explains it. I did learn that tightening up my muscles and holding them for awhile can help release stress. Not such a bad workshop.

Impression Management

I did this workshop a very long time ago so it will be difficult to write about it. It was hard to pay attention in this workshop since I sat on a table in the back with my good buddy Alex. He wouldn’t stop talking and it’s hard to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I think I used that expression wrong. Half the time I couldn’t tell what was going on but I did learn that impression is important. That was a lie since I already knew that impression was important. But I learned how to impress my employer by dressing up(already knew) and showing up early (which I know but it doesn’t happen).