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Mandatory Post 1

Who do you think you are? This is probably the most cliche question I have ever come across; however, it is one that I enjoy writing about. I think everyone is unique and in that sense, so am I. To best summarize who I am in character is to relate myself to a child, I want the best in life with the least amount of work. I would like to nonchalantly walk throughout the streets of New York without a care in my mind and try and pleasure myself with the most trivial of things; except I attend college. College. The best and worst of our post-teen experiences compacted in a mere four years, it not only gives us valuable experiences but challenges us to extremes we have never encountered before.

There are a plethora of concerns that I have, even in my first month of college, most of which are social or academic. I believe that everyone’s first concern in college is to meet people that they can relate to; friends. Since Baruch is mostly a commuter school, I rely on the friends back at hometown in New Jersey. Of course having friends in Baruch isn’t bad but on a Saturday night I’m not going to be driving two hours into New York for a night out with my friends. Out of all the concerns I have, making friends are the least of my worries, I believe I have good social and communication skills. Academics and procrastination seem to go hand in hand when it comes to me. Laziness is a bane of which I must rid of; however, I can’t. I guess it’s just how I am, I was more of a fun person than a studying person ever since I was born. Of course, ever since I’ve started my journey called college I have yet to procrastinate; procrastination is a concern that I do worry about but there are things that are more important. The greatest and the most important concern I have pertaining to college is fun. Such a simple facet of life fun is but most certainly the trickiest to obtain. With all the dense coursework and exams coming soon there will be little room for fun; however, I am determined to make room in my career in college for some entertainment on the side.

High school was such a pivotal moment in my life and has been the greatest years of my life. They say your high school years are the years you cherish the most, I come to agree with that statement as I do long for my high school experiences and friends again. It’s too early to say that Baruch won’t offer the same ambiance as my high school but just in case there’s always the option of transferring out. I believe once I delve more into the adventures of college I’ll be more pleased with college life.  The first of anything is the most fundamental and changing experience one can encounter. I’ll experience things that I have never thought of and experience different aspects about me during my first year of college; I see my freshman year as a year of discovery of self.

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Mandatory Post 1

The question; “Who do you think you are?” is so cliche. Whenever you start a new chapter in your life that involves interacting with/for new people this question always seems to get raised. But, just like everybody I have to share with you who I truly believe I am. My name’s Abbas Muhammad Abdul Karim Awan Nadeem, born in Flushing Hospital on August 9th 1993 to Pakistani parents. I have fairly long hair, hazel eyes, I’m five foot el

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M a n d a t o r y D:

(Mandatory is an icky word.)

My name is Elizabeth. It’s hard to say who I even just think I am.

I am the youngest of eight children. I think I’m a person who can be a bit to too hard on herself at times but funny enough,  I’m fairly lazy, and a chronic procrastinator, when in comes to school work. That’s something that will definitely have to change about me. I’m not an incredibly shy person. I usually manage to speak up in a class but I’m someone who values peace and quiet ( which makes the library one of my favorite places here at Baruch). I think I’m a pretty funny person. I try to keep things light but I can go into deep thought about so many things, my mind never stops racing.  I’m an artist, I love both music and physical art. I’m the daughter of a king! God is an enormous part of my life and my relationship with Him is constantly a work in progress. I try to think that I’m a nice person most of the time. I know I can be jokingly mean sometimes but I’ll never get mad if someone tells me they were actually hurt.I think I’m a gentle giant. :)

College has given me such a weird feeling. It’s like stepping on a warm wet rug. ( that’s a terrible analogy). It’s a bit uncomfortable because I feel like I’m still a kid but my life is moving forward into adulthood. I’m not too afraid of growing up but my first days of college made me realize I have to start making some decisions about my life which is always scary. I’m honestly debating whether to stay here at Baruch. There’s nothing wrong with my classes, the teachers are nice and I am learning a lot so far, but right now the school doesn’t seem like the right fit for me. I’m going to continue on with this semester and see where it takes me, because I’ve only been here for a few weeks I haven’t experienced everything. Nor do I really know what I want to do. I will ( and already am) having problems organizing my workload. Some classes have online homework and I always forget about those assignments because I’m so used to having a hard copy in front of me.

On that note, that’s one of the biggest differences between college and high school. The difficulty and workload between the two aren’t really far apart so far, maybe a bit more reading but that’s pretty much it. The big difference academically is the use of technology. Blogs, and online homework were pretty much non existent in high school so I’m used to just having handouts and that trips me up. Just this morning I realized I had an online math assignment that I hadn’t done; I had totally forgot it. This school is far bigger than my high school which had about 500 students, total. I went to a large middle school so it’s not like I can’t manage but I miss being able to meet people more easily.The commute is cut by about half an hour from my old school, which was in the Bronx, so that’s a nice change.

My first year of college will definitely change me because I have to start thinking about so many things. I don’t want to wait until the last second to pick a major but I want to really figure out what I want to do before I just jump into something. I really have to do my research. Having later morning classes has already made me appreciate sleep in a whole new way. I know this first year will change me a bit because I already am changing. Hopefully it’s all for the better. :)

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Who do you think you are…?

I don’t know how I would answer the question of who I think I am… I mean, I know I’m Ben Ashkenazi and I know I live in New York, but what does this question really ask? Does it imply that people think they are someone they are not? or does it imply that people don’t know who they are? I don’t like being asked the question, “who do you think you are?” and take offense to it, often times.

Freshman year at Baruch should be just fine, I’m happy with all of my teachers and don’t expect to have any problems throughout the year at all… Of course I am a little nervous for tests, midterms, final exams, and all of these examinations, but I’m sure ill do just fine.

One thing that is definitely an obvious difference between the “Baruch college experience” and my high school experience is that my high school was five minutes away from my house, Baruch is about an hour and a half commute from my house and that actually affects the whole idea of the “experience”, with the LIRR and the subway every morning and afternoon.

I don’t think the first year in college will change me much because I was always a persistent kid and never really procrastinated in high school; procrastination is usually the thing that hurts students most in college, and they come out with learning that it is not the way to go.  I hope this first year will be easy going and quick.

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Mandatory Post 1

Who do I think I am? I am a bee. Wait, did I seriously just use a metaphor to answer that question? Alright, let me explain: I am a tiny bee that is insignificant on its own, but with the teamwork and communication with the rest of the bees in the world, I can probably make honey. Well, not exactly honey, but something similar. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I, myself, am nothing special. Sure, I can do lots of things, but in the end I’m just a human. Not that being human is not great, but its when we work together as a giant united community that we shine the best and accomplish goals…Similar to bees working together to make honey! Now as a tiny bee that has made it’s first steps into college, I have a few concerns. My main concern is NOT procrastinating. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but in my last year of high school I had a serious case of Senioritus. One of the most severe symptoms of this horrid disease is procrastination. This year in College, I hope for a new start and ridding my habit of procrastination for good. But considering that I am writing this blog post the morning of the day it is due, I don’t know if I will be able to stick to my goal. Another concern of mine is trying to put all the college resources I have available to use. I’m trying to force myself to use the free weight training room that is available, although I cant seem to do that either. Another one of my great concerns is distraction. I’m sort of hoping not to make too many friends at this college so I am not distracted from focusing on my assignments and readings. But like everything else, I’ll probably fail at that too. Looking back at high school and now at college, I can tell there are quite a few things that will make my Baruch College experience different from my high school experience. For one, there is a LOT more freedom. I love being able to leave my school whenever with no questions asked. Also, I am pretty happy Baruch is NOT shaped liked a prison. One of the greatest things about my college experience that I look forward to almost everyday can be summarized in one word: Bubbletea. Yes, I said it. All my friends in high school kept insisting I tried bubbletea, and now there is one right outside Baruch. I am completely hooked, addicted, and obsessed. My desire for bubbletea makes me look forward to going to school everyday.  That being said, I am not too sure if college will change me that much. If anything, it will improve my ability to longboard/skateboard because I like practicing a little bit of longboarding inbetween classes on the sidewalk (although I really am horrible at it). Overall, I guess I would just be a little bit more independant than I was before.

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Last minute blog Post

i hope every1 has an idea of who i am as i try to leave a favorable impression on anyone i meet I’m 19 spent last year in Israel, grew up in Long island, ny, my greatest concern is not getting tired of the same routine day in and day out in baruch, its been pretty good so far, I hope i meet everyone and we all chill together

sitting here in bed at 2 in the morning realizing that i forgot to enter my blog post which is due in about 12 hours. Still find myself pacracinating the work in this class as i have been coin with a couple other classes as well, trying to break a hard habit that just seems very difficult at this point. I guess ill finish off by saying i hope every1 had a fun weekend where ever it took place for any1, it was maryland college for me personally, crazy place so many ppl all our ages just having the time of their lives the whole weekend straight got me thinking about if I’m missing out on a college campus life, wtvr, hope i didn’t bore too many people see every1 B GOOD PEACE  – Joseph Borgen


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Mandatory Post 1

My name is Brandon Rubinshtein. I am a student. That is how I identify myself. I find myself walking into a classroom and being scared not knowing anyone. what’s the first thing I feel? Anxiety. I don’t know what to expect. Is it going to be more work? Less work? Will I make new friends? The only people I can talk to right one are the few who came with me from high school in Brooklyn.

My number one concern would be that I won’t be able to keep up with the work. I’m used to slacking off in high school, and not taking it too seriously. Now I find myself overwhelmed by the work and the reality that if I don’t start taking my work seriously, I’m going to screw myself over.

Second, I am worried that I will remain undecided. I know we don’t have to decide our majors for a long time, bu I still have this fear that when it comes time to decide my career path, I wont know what to do.

Lastly, I am scared I won’t live up to expectations. Whether they be belonging to my parents, professors, or friends.

The one thing I find to be different from high school is the commute. That takes some getting used to. I used to be able to walk out of bed and into school. Not this year. Now it’s two trains and a bus. This commute is brutal.

I hope that at the culmination of may first year at Baruch, I will be able to see what my path in life will be. I will hopefully be more decisive about who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. I hope that college will help me mature.

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Mandatory Post 1

I am a son, a brother, a friend, a confidant, a listener, an advice giver, and a good friend. As a freshman, I find myself continuously questioning everything going on around me. I’m in this new and unfamiliar environment with new people.
My main concern right now is to try to fit in and make new friends. When you’re in a new place, you need to find people who are going to be with you and help you through this new and exciting time in your life. My second biggest concern would be doing well this semester. I have to make sure that I don’t slack off and really take my first semester seriously. My third concern is getting used to the workload. I would consider myself quite the procrastinator when it comes to school work, so I realize that I have to buckle down and tell myself that I WILL take this seriously.
The biggest change that I have to get used to in college is the freedom. No longer will I be chased after to go to class, or penalized for coming late to school. I realize that now, it’s all up to me. I decide how successful I will be in my college endeavours. Nobody is going to remind me to be serious about school. The responsibility is all mine. Thats going to take some getting used to.
I believe that my first year at Baruch will allow me to grow and develop into an adult. Until now i’ve been dependent upon my parents to show me the correct path. College will help me learn how to fend for myself and how to determine what’s right for me. I hope that my first year in Baruch will aid me in achieving my goals.

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Mandatory Post

My name is Jonathan Kranzler. You may hear people calling me Yoni since that is my hebrew name. I grew up in North Jersey and went to a Jewish private high school. This past summer I moved to the city with a few friends. I have a twenty minute walk to and from Baruch everyday. Last year I spent a year abroad in Israel studying the land and culture. Therefore, I am a year older than the average freshman. I’m a pretty chilled out guy that likes going out and having a fun time with my friends. I was the captain of my high school wrestling team and am currently an assistant coach for a high school team uptown. I plan on majoring in accounting or finance.

I don’t have too many academic concerns going into college. Work is work. I have seen tests, essays, and papers before. I’m used to memorizing information for a test.The only concern is that since Baruch is a commuter school its not as easy to meet new people. In a university residence hall everyone lives on campus and hangs around there. Most people i’ve met live at home and commute everyday. There’s no way I could live at home and I have a lot of respect for anyone who does. I’d still like more social events at night for Baruch students.

I think the main difference will be meeting people from other backgrounds and races. Living in a fairly affluent suburban community, I haven’t been exposed to range of students Baruch offers. I think this presents a great opportunity and learning experience. Looking forward to a great college experience.

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Mandatory Post 1

Who do I think I am? Well, for one, I’m Lew. If anyone would ask a friend of mine who I was, they’d most likely say “He’s Lew” because explaining someone’s personality or traits doesn’t give them the credit they deserve; you can explain someone all you want, but at the end of the day, they’re just Joe. Chris. Michelle… But anyways, I think I’m someone who believes he can, with the help of g-d, go far in life, as long as I use all my efforts for the right causes and stick up for what I truly believe in, and not just what others believe in. I’m one who values family more than anything, then friends, of course. Religion to me is not just “a religion”; it’s my life. But that’s personal. I’m either a republican or democrat, you can’t know that either (why not? I’m not sure, it’s just something they say not to share, I disagree but I’ll listen to what “they” say, for once.) To know who I really am, walk over and say hi, my name’s ___, and you are?
Concern #1: I will not stay here for longer than 4, check that, THREE years. It’s a great place, but a means to an end. If I stay longer, it means I couldn’t handle the pressure, and I’m someone that can place myself in pressure situations, just so I can prove that I can handle it, because that’s who I am. Concern #2? If I had more than that one concern, I’d have more than three concerns. So let’s leave it with that one (or is it two?) concern(s).
Baruch is different, no doubt about it. High School was great, and college will be too, but its a lot tougher here; for one, homework? That’s something I haven’t seen much of since elementary, but I’ll get used to it, in due time. Coming from a private high school, this is a different experience, with many different types of people I’m now getting used to seeing daily. It’s interesting.
My first year at college should change me into a more sophisticated individual, with an idea of what the “real world” is like, and how to work on a constant basis.

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