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Voices was inspiring, sad and heart-warming. The variety of monologues proved to be entertaining. From sad monologues discussing a parental loss or a best friend becoming ill to the cheerful ones discussing a best friend’s adventure into Europe, Voices gave me an emotional roller coaster. It also gave me some insight into the fellow classmates of 2015 – I felt connected to them as I heard about their stories.

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My Introduction

My true birth name is Arshan Sheedh Ashraf. When I came to this country at the age of 2. The American government  switched my name with my father’s name on my birth of certificate. I really dont understand how this happened but the result was the name Gulam Arshan Sheedh. The name that might appear on the registrar sometimes. But I digress, besides my name there is more to me. Such that I believe I’m a being of happiness. I always had an optimistic outlook on life. It would take a lot to make me sad or to hurt me. I will always bounce back like a reed after a hurricane.

One of my main concerns coming into Baruch was whether or not,the rumor of Baruch being anti social true. Well so far into the school year I have met a lot of people. People that I immediately connected to. So Baruch is definitely not anti social in my opinion. Another concern coming into college was mainly a mental problem of my own.  I was worried I wasn’t ready for college. That I would procrastinate and fool around like I did in high school. However since Day one, I knew I was ready. My study habits changed. I know this because I go to the library almost everyday with my study group to get my work done.  My final concern coming into Baruch was that if I was going to have any fun at all in this school. Just like the previous two concerns, this was quickly dispelled. I have been having a really fun experience so far. I have really enjoyed my first month of college.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do I think I am? I know my name is Amador Delerme, and that I’m male. Is that enough? No? Well then.

I’m generally a quiet person, and like to keep to myself. Obviously, that’s not exactly recommended in today’s society, so I try to communicate more when spoken to. Not sure how that has been working out. Anyways, I’m a mix of Chinese and Puerto Rican. People tend to flip out when they hear I’m half-Chinese for some reason, especially when I speak some Cantonese. What I like to do most of the time is watch anime, and read manga. I’m basically what you would call an Otaku. I even keep my own MAL(myanimelist) profile in order to keep track of what I have read/watched. ( is my profile for the curious)

…I think kinda trailed off there, lol. Back on topic.

My top 3 concerns for my freshman year?

First and foremost, getting to know people, and making friends. You really can’t have a good college experience if you don’t have any friends. That also includes your normal daily life, obviously.

Secondly, passing class. I have this habit of leaving things alone until the last minute. Something that I really need to change. Like this blog for example. I think I’m the only one who didn’t complete his first blog yet. I even have an essay paper due tomorrow… Well, enough of that.

Third… Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Do I have to make something up?

Experiences… The most obvious one would be the feeling of independence. In High School, you couldn’t exit the building whenever you felt like, and buy a cup of coffee, or go into the computer lab during breaks to type a blog, could you? There’s no limitations, you’re free to do whatever because hey, you payed for it. There’s also the clubs you could join. A club in particular that I’m interested in is the Japanese Anime Asylum club. You already know why, so I won’t go into detail or I might get side-tracked, again.

How do I think my first year of college will change me? I’ll be more social, hopefully. The clubs will probably be what changes me the most. Back in High School, the cafeteria was where I could talk about anime stuff if I happened to know someone who was interested. Unfortunately, I could only ever find one or two people.  With clubs here in Baruch, things should be different. Getting to know a whole group of people who are interested in the same things, attending conventions, things like that.

I’m bad at conclusions, so I’ll just end this post here.


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