first blog

I was born in New York City and lived in Long branch, NJ for my entire childhood and most of my life. I have two brothers that i am really close with, they are like my best friends and i trust them with everything. I also have a younger sister. Growing up i always loved to play sports. Mainly i played baseball and football but also played basketball and tennis. When i was about 15 i had nothing to do in the summer so i decided to learn to surf. From the second i took my first wave i was hooked. Surfing has grown to be a huge part of my life. It defines what i do in my free time, where i travel to, what type of clothing i wear,and how i speak. Without surfing i wouldn’t be who i am today. I also love to ski and take a few trips out west every winter.

Coming into Baruch i really only had one concern. I was very concerned about the work load and thought i would have no free time in my schedule. It turned out that this semester was actually pretty easy and i had tons of free time to do whatever i wanted.

I think college is different from high school in a lot of diiferent ways. First off, all the work and motivation to do well is on you. The professors in college don’t care if you do well and they will fail you fast if you don’t show up to class. Another difference in college is the diversity of people in your classes. In baruch there seems to be people from all ends of the earth packed into that room. Lastly, coming in to college i had to adjust to living on my own in the city rather than being at home with my parents during high school. Overall college has made me more mature and independent.