I’m full Japanese born in NY, raised in several countries; most people just assume I’m a Japanese American from the tropical land of Hawaii. As of my family, I have a mom who cooks amazing food and beats me in tennis, an obtuse dad that obeys what mom says no matter what, and a crazy loving sister that likes to control everything I say, own and act. Many of my friends tell me that I’m not the typical Japanese girl; they say I’m funny, joke around a lot, do crazy outrageous things as if there’s no tomorrow, a good listener, entertain people, and challenge myself. I am probably pretty self-conscious because the Japanese culture, which I was brought up in, was based one standard and most of the Japanese people followed it. So if you don’t look or behave similar to others, you are a total misfit. It was honestly very hard for me to fit in not only in Japan but wherever community I was in. Anyways, if the world was to end tomorrow, which is the question I like to think about all the time, I will go to a warm deserted island with someone I care about a lot. If not, I’ll fight against the sharks in the Atlantic Ocean. What I love to do is go to the beach near my house in Japan and watch the waves, sunrise, sunset and feel that you are living the moment.

 I really think my mood swings due to the weather. As I was born in October, I love the season of fall the most; crispy autumn breeze tingling your face and brushing your hair, wearing a light scarf with some earthy colored layers, not too humid and sticky hot like in the summer but not freezing cold, the leaves changing its colors to reddish yellow. Fall is the best season to eat warm apple pie with vanilla ice-cream mmmm….


What is it like to be dead? Will your soul still be there? What is the purpose of living your whole life if you’re gonna be dead anyways? Live a short life with drama or a long life with lots of memories? Whenever I think about what will happen in my later life, I just get creeped out and can’t think about anything anymore. But the more I think about what will happen after I die, the more things start not to make sense to me in the current life I am living in; why are we living? Why are we trying to compete with each other to have a better life than them? (but the sarcastic part to this is that I ask this kind of question to myself and hoping to major in finance at Baruch and eventually work wallstreet getting somewhat annoyed by the wall street hippies.) Why are we trying to be the best in everything when you’re gonna end up dead anyways? But the more I think, the more I get miserable not being able to find a solid reason that I can agree on so I just think like this; Live the life you love. Love the life you live.  Life is only once; do what ever you got to do. Don’t be scared, just do it. Makes loads of mistakes; whatever you do, at the end it’ll be your history.

People want what they don’t have. Keep on desiring. Because you won’t get it until you actually stand up and make an action.

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