Last Post ='(

Sucks that we only got one more freshman seminar class. This class isn’t really like a class, it’s more like a get together and chat thing. It’s fun and all except for the parts when Karen asks us the question of the week, and we have to think. We should have a party and maybe even take some pics. O=
So. I like Baruch. My experience so far in Baruch has been pretty good. All this free time to just hang out and classes that aren’t too hard. The thing i have about Baruch is that it’s a “vertical campus.” If by vertical campus they mean it’s a¬†vertical¬†building, then all other colleges also have vertical campuses. o.o” “Vertical Campus” seems like just an excuse to cover up the fact that they don’t really have a campus which kinda sucks. Other than that my experience at Baruch has been pretty fun, just meeting new people and chilling during club hours.

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