Matthew Gottesman – Reflection on Baruch

My expectations of Baruch were somewhat high when I first came in- Some people calling it the star of the CUNY system, and people in my neighborhood calling me things like a “genius” for entering Baruch. The opinion holds little weight seeing as how a low percent of my neighborhood is college educated, but I digress – My own personal opinion was that Baruch was a good place to be, with strong programs and interesting people. From the day I stepped in a bold, complex assortment of personalities and goals were to be found at every corner. Professors were highly accredited with books and websites dedicated to their fields, impressing me and motivating me to perform better. My uncle is employed here and he had told me of how Baruch has a great environment for education, and at a great cost.

Looking at Baruch in retrospect and to the future, for the money that one pays, it is the highest value in NYC for a non-dorming college experience, one that I am grateful and excited for.

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