Mandy Chan–Make up assignment for absence Thurs Nov 17

Option #2:
Blog Post
Prompt: Write a mission statement for a college or university your are founding in 2011 New York City. At least 2 paragraphs. Due by Wed. Dec. 7th by 12:50pm.


Revise College exists to improve the lives of students in need of guidance. There is a 5 time fail policy for all classes, and one semester class fee charge. The teacher to student ratio is 1:5 in order to make sure each student will excel academically. Creativity is valued at our school, and all ideas, no matter how odd, can be announced in our morning announcement, uncensored and without need of prior approval. Our school doesn’t have a school handbook because the rules of the school are: There are no rules.

Dormitories are in the same building as the school and all students are required to dorm the first 2 years to encourage socializing. The students are unsupervised because we believe in allowing young adults to make their own decisions: good or bad. They need to live and learn. This is their home away from home, and we hope they will form close friendships and make them a 2nd family.

There are designated seated and enclosed smoking areas directly outside our building.



Mandy E. Chan

Dean of Revise College

December 7, 2011



Final blog post

Dear lc13,

I really enjoyed being a part of this LC this semester. At first I was a little hesitant about being in this program but in the end I really feel as if I benefitted a lot. I enjoyed meeting everyone and was happy to get to know some of you on a more personal basis. I feel like this was was definately a positive way to start and I really will miss this. Thanks for everything!

Last minute.. YEAH!! Blog #3 – Moses Kim

First semester was a lot of work. I think it wasn’t as different as high school but its just tons and tons of work piled up. If it wasn’t for that, I would find my first semester very fun, especially with the LC group that was assigned with me. Baruch college exceeded my expectations with the LC program. When I joined the LC, I remember myself saying, “this is going to be so pointless”. Good thing I was completely wrong. I think I did alright in Baruch first semester. My grades were okay. I met a lot of new people. I would have studied a little harder instead of cramming for all my tests. I don’t really think i changed that much. In the beginning, i was a shy little kid in class but as i grew familiar with my LC classmates, I’ve grown to like school and be active and be myself.

Definitely going to be one of the most memorable moments in college :D<3

thanks Jordan for your efforts and hard work.

Boss Jr Final Blog Post, signing off :(

I remember coming to orientation a bit excited. But at convocation, I was determined to transfer out. I’m not a Baruch person, I told myself.  But I stayed. Now I don’t wanna leave, and it’s all your fault, guys. LC 13 all day, everyday.


It’s a bit hard to let go. Truth is, I love coming to college everyday and seeing your faces every morning. I enjoyed expressing discontent at the previous night’s homework and all the papers we’d have due the next week every day we met. Everything we went through really impacted me more than what you guys would believe. I’m so much more outgoing now than I was when we met!

It is a bit depressing that we won’t see each other as often as we’d like to. But, the bottom line is, this LC became more than what I’d ever expected. I expected boredom, you gave me shellshock. I expected a shitload of work. You gave me hope. I expected chaos and turmoil, you gave me peace. I expected anonymity, you gave me a nickname. I expected friends, but you gave me family.

Love you guys 🙂


SO its finally time that we all split up “official” but we will remain the best of friends no matter where we go <3. I gotta say if i never joined this LC i probably would of ended up worse than i would of, i made so many friends that are going to stick by me through college and maybe even later in life. I don’t know what to say its just some of us wont be having classes with each other anymore 🙁 and some will 🙂 i can only look forward towards my time with them in the future. I enjoy my first experience in Baruch and i hope it goes even better from hear on out! This turned out to be sooooooooo much fun. I dont think i will ever forget my time here. WE ARE LC SWAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Marinov – Last blog post

Well first of all i want to start out by saying that this semester has been the greatest experience  I’ve had! I love all the people in our LC. I think it was destiny that put me with you guys, because I originally picked a different schedule but it had a class that i already got credit for so this LC block was my second option. I DO NOT REGRET IT! It is unimaginable for me to be in a different class with out all of you guys… it’ s a little scary actually. Academically college is  more challenging but that’s mainly because of the work load. Even though in the beginning of this semester I have written that it is not more work than high school, I was dead wrong. My main concern right now is my schedule for next semester as I now have to work around it due to my enormous break in between classes every day. Love all of you guys hope we keep in touch after this semester is over! <3

yadram Ray – final blog post

I can still remember the first day we had school. I was very excited about college and I still am today. I expected the work to be hard but I couldn’t wait to take college on and learn a whole bunch of new things. The work isn’t actually that hard but more of long and requires a lot of extra time outside of the classroom and lots of just memorization, which I’m particularly not too fond of. Expected to learn a lot of new things just about myself also and I did so I’m happy that I came to Baruch and didn’t go anywhere else.

The first semester had its ups and downs for me. I met a lot of new people, learned a lot of new things and took up a new hobby so I’m happy about those things. Had a bad start to the year tho and a lot of things happened so it took me a while to get used to the academic aspect of it all. Finally starting to get used to it and getting into the swing of things so I can really focus more on my work now. I have a big problem with time management so I’ve recently started writing everything down in a planner on my phone and planning my day out down to the hour so that I don’t waste time anymore and prioritize what needs to be. Its a little too late in some of my classes now to turn things around but ill keep trying and Ill definitely be in good shape to do well next semester since I’m getting better at managing my time now.

If I could do anything differently I would probably change my study habits and manage my time better but I don’t regret the way things were because it let me realize and learn some important lessons that I’m not going to forget.

Ive changed quite a lot since I came to Baruch and I expected it but not to this extent. Ive grown much more mature than I already was and I’m focusing more on my life and what I want from it. Learning to prioritize people and things and also to bet rid of all the things that are just wasting time and have no importance to me and what I want out of my life but Ive still go a long way to go and a lot of things to still work through so I’m just taking everything week by week now also so that I don’t over whelm myself.

No self-control: Mandy

First semester is almost over and I’m pretty sure I’m just barely passing all of my classes, with the exception of English2100, which I had to drop because I was too behind on homework and had too many lates and absences on my record. It’s not just Baruch: it’s the city and it’s exactly as I had anticipated. It’s so gray and overwhelming: too many faces, too many people, too many cars, too many lights. I got a little used to it, and used to MTA system now. (I know, I know, I’m such a country bumpkin). I love NYC, but I miss Vermont. When I go home for Christmas, I’ll miss New York so much, when I get back, I’ll hug the dealer hanging out in front of the tobacco store with the crackheads.

My first semester at Baruch was very stressful. School stressed me out. I kept putting things off until I had so much to catch up on I got overwhelmed. Going to Baruch every class, knowing that I’m so behind, felt like I was walking to the guillotine. Going back home to the Ludlow dormitory after classes though, is therapeutic.

If I could turn back time and do it all over, I’d stay on top of my work and not get distracted too easily. I have low-to-nonexistent self-control. As I learned in psychology class, I am an overly impulsive person with a tiny superego to keep me in check.

I’ve changed a lot since I started at Baruch.

Done! Finished! The End! See Jordan? I finished!!!

Javid Khan – End of the Semester

Damn. I can’t really put it into words too much. The experience I’ve had is one that’s so different from high school. From the people to the schoolwork, it’s completely different. One thing I can say for sure is that it was a hell lot of work. I’ve had countless nights where i’ve had to stay up just to barely finish work, everything piles up and its a lot harder than I thought it would be. I blame high school for that, because it was too easy there, and walking into a school like this pretty much screwed me over.

Although, it’s not all bad. At first when I joined the LC and realized that it was an LC block I was like “ooh hell no. It’s gonna be soooo lame”. But actually, after getting to know everyone here and the benefits of the LC, it was probably the best decision I could’ve possibly made. This pretty much made the semester so much easier to handle, mainly because the people there (:

My main concern right now is the next semeseter. I’m hoping that now that I’ve had a taste of college and adjusted to it, I won’t have to struggle through that transition of a light to a heavy workload again, so it’ll be much easier. And hopefully I’ll find another class to fill my schedule, and then I’ll be happy. I”m not stressing too much, but I’ll try, that is until the world ends in the end of next year.

last post in lc SWAG :'( this is bullcrap

Ahh my first semester at Baruch was def an experience. it hasn’t
been what I expected, I expected a lot more work (even though we get enough).  I also thought it would be a little more well “collegy”
but it really reminds me of high school. Maybe cause im in an lc but I don’t mind
its been fun. Academic wise I didn’t do well at all at least not up to my full
potential, it was like a wake up call that I needed. I was used to no work and
a’s in high school well not here but I didn’t do that bad…. I think. Socially I
mean its been good made a lot of friends its all good hope they last a long
time. Oh god I would do a lot differently. Mostly on the school work side, would’ve
gotten help way earlier, taken my shit more seriously and just focused on
school over everything but we learn I hope this turns out as a lesson and my
grades will never be this low. I feel like ive matured a bit with the way I approach
school. I have learned (kinda) too do my work asap (BULLSHIT HAHA) and just ask
for help when I need it, learned my strengths and weaknesses in studying and
learning and just gotta buckle down and get ready for 2nd semester.

Third and last post


We have almost completed our first semester at Baruch. Before school, I didn’t know what college was going to be like. I knew that college work was going  to be more difficult than the work in high school. In the beginning, Baruch seemed very similar to high school, but as we got closer to midterms, I realized that I needed to be more responsible. There was more readings and papers to do in a short time period. I think my first semester went well, even though I do believe that I could have done better. Now I somewhat know what to do with my time and try to mange it well. In my first semester, I could have studied more, especially math, since I’m not doing well right now. Since I started Baruch, I did not change that much, but I do feel more like a college student now. I have learned how to be more responsible and learned how to have good time management. Also I realized that study groups really help!

Isabelle Wityk, 3rd and final blog post ;'(

Baruch has seriously exceeded my expectations. Coming in to the semester I was confused and really upset I was staying home, and going to a commuter school. A lot I underestimated the academics at Baruch. When I got here I was unhappy- and then I met our LC. Immediately things got better. I think that was a huge part of me enjoying my first semester. I made really amazing friends and I never really hate going to school. I’ve had a really good first semester- so good even, I don’t think I’m going to transfer or try to transfer schools

I think my first semester went really well. I know what I need to do and what I can’t do in classes. I need to do my math homework at home which is something I haven’t done, and I need to keep my notes all in one place- otherwise they aren’t helpful to anyone. Otherwise I’ve made good decisions academically and if next semester is anything like this one I would be happy.

I think I would invest in some sort of IPad or tablet so I could have a portable notebook I took to school every day. I need better organization skills at that would’ve helped a lot. Also I should’ve used my planner earlier in the year because when I started doing that it really helped me keep track of assignments.

I have become much more independent. And I know when I need help I have to ask for it because people aren’t just going to help me if they see me struggling like they would in high school. I have also gotten much better at time management, which is something I was terrible at. I’m still not 100 there yet but I get my work done when I needs to be done which is something I couldn’t have said for myself in high school, and I think it’s only going to get better.

Here’s to next semester!

Thank you Jordan and all of LC 13 for making this an amazing experience.


Final Blog Post

Academically, Baruch lived up to my expectations because I knew I would be able to keep up with the work after graduating from my high school. I’m doing well in all of my classes, except Calculus. The only thing I would do differently is drop out of that class because my teacher is just….grrr! Besides that, this semester was perfect. Baruch really exceeded my expectations with the friends I made. Initially, I wasn’t excited for freshmen sem, thinking it was a waste of time. When the first classes started, I realized I was totally wrong. I never expected to meet such great people and become so close in one semester. I actually liked coming to school because it meant hanging out with you guys. If I’m ever in a bad mood, you guys always make me laugh and cheer me up. I’m going to miss this semester because next semester means not having majority of my classes with all of you. I’ve changed for the better because of the friends I’ve made, and I can run on less sleep because now I’m used to working until 3 in the morning on some nights. And that’s without coffee. But anyway, I really hope we are this close for the rest of our college years. Thank you guys so much for making this semester awesome. Jordan, this message goes to you too because I count you as a friend more than a peer mentor, especially after we got tattoos 🙂

Adios First Semester !

Expectation wise, I’d say Baruch surprised me. Mostly because of the people I’ve met here. I came into Baruch worried about making friends since this is  a commuter school, but our LC definitely changed my view on that. I love you guys and we better stay in touch after this semester cause there’s no replacing LC Swag.

Honestly, first semester kicked my ass hard. I was always a straight A student and I didn’t really know how to study so when I was faced with all this reading and the exams I got overwhelmed. The only class I’m worried about is Math but after this semester I definitely learned how to manage my time (kind of), and how to study more efficiently, so I’m definitely going to do better from now on.

If I could do it all over again, I’d try to manage my time better, maybe go to SACC earlier, and just study more. Other than that, first semester was ok.

Since starting Baruch, I don’t feel like I changed too much, but I feel like I’m opening up more and becoming more of a free spirit. I’m learning to be less shy, all thanks to this LC. Honestly idk how I could’ve done first semester without all you crazies 🙂

First College Semester

My first semester of college was not that much different from my high-school experience with the IB program. The workload was the same, although some teaching methods varied I found myself to be consistent through out the whole year. I am thankful for being a part of this LC because they just made the time go by faster and took the edge off from some of those hectic weeks. The LC has just been a great deal of help, I was actually very afraid not having fun at Baruch.  I hope we all keep in touch after this semester.


I initially came to Baruch because culturally I was not used to the idea of moving away for college and it’s is only about $ 5000 a year. In terms of education, I feel that I am learning a lot about topics that interest me, especially in political science and psychology.  Even though I’m planning on majoring in Account I still want to explore other areas.

First Semester At Baruch

Coming to Baruch was one of the best decisions I’ve made in terms of my education. I enjoy the atmosphere and the people here for the most part are great! I enjoy the professors and their sense of humor (except one, that shall remain nameless hehe.) Being in an LC was also a great experience because I quickly made a FUN/CRAZY group of friends and had the BEST peer mentor EVER!

Because I was used to the large amounts of work in high school the assignments weren’t to difficult, but studying for history was a disaster. I struggled in the beginning with history because I wasn’t sure of what he wanted, but as the semester progressed I became more knowledgeable of his expectations.

I know you guys probably get tired of hearing me talk about my teammates, but their like my family away from home ! Despite coming here with a knee brace and having to take the subway in the heat, I am truly thankful for my education and the people that have come along with it!

I’m looking forward to second semester and can’t wait until WINTER BREAK !!!!!


The Final Post.

Baruch College, chosen because I felt it was in prime location, a great education, and an all around good experience.  So far Baruch has proven to be all of these, i have met some of the most amazing people that i will be friends with forever.  Baruch is definitely living up to my expectations in the sense of the location, quality of education and best of all the people and connections i have made.  At first i wanted to join the Fraternity i was pledging for but i fairly quickly realized i didn’t need to participate in traditions that were not worth it to me.  I have come to a realization of myself through this first semester. i have learned more about myself in these past few months than i ever knew.  Towards the end of this semester there is a lot of this protesting going on about the increase in tuition.  The actions of some of these students are shocking to me, so far this semester this is the only part that is bothering me.  There are many students that are not willing to pay a little extra to earn a better education, more technology to classrooms, and better benefits to our teachers.  I find it suprising that students have gone down a path of protest all for $300 a year.

My first semester at Baruch has not gone academically as well as i hoped for.  i am not trying in many of the classes, i feel like as if i am still living in senior year of High School.  We as a group have been goofing off and not always putting our school work first.  If i could do it over, the first semester that is, i would definitely not have wasted so much time into the Fraternity, i would have pushed myself to learn topics that i was not learning because i was not being pushed by the teachers, but thats my fault, i am not in High School anymore, i need to be able to push myself to do my work and get it done in a timely fashion.

I haven’t changed dramatically this semester, but there are a few small changes.  I have come to realize with myself that i need sleep and i cannot give that up.  Without giving up sleep i am going to need learn how to manage my time better and be able to get work done and sleep.  I also have changed by becoming a little more independent than i was when i went to a school where teachers made sure their students were doing all the work required. i have made somewhat of the transition into the college learning style but still have a long way to go.

The BIGGEST change is i have added some of the most amazing people to my group of friends and i hope to stay in contact with them throughout our lives and careers.

Just wanted to show you guys some of the love my HS guys shared…nd we should make a vid like this lol

My Third Sisterhood

Why I am posting this blog so late? Well, besides the fact that I am required to hehe…it’s Thanksgiving and this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you all what I’m thankful for. Aside from my faith, family, true friends, and education, I am thankful for my teammates on the Baruch Women’s Basketball Team. I was asked by Jordan to explain what this experience has meant to me, and so I will elaborate on this.

Being on the team has allowed me to be a freshman all over again, while sharing my level of maturity with my teammates. Our coach ask that we not have “clicks” on the team so that way the chemistry is balanced. I thought this was a great idea because I wanted to get to know everyone and clicks are childish. Besides this, I have formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime, specifically with my roommate Iyana and my teammates Alicea and Toni. Although I’ve only known them for 3 months our bond is UNBREAKABLE ! We party together, we live together, we take random trips around the city together, and sometimes all four of us pile in the same room to watch movies. It’s like we have our own little family.Sunday nights we watch T.V. together and sometimes on Monday depending on the work load.

Because we can sometimes get home sick, we feel that it’s important to have a bond with one another. If I didn’t have my teammates and coaching staff I honestly think that the college transition would of been a challenge. Although I cannot play this year (which is killing me) I can still say that I love Baruch not just for my education, but for the love my teammates have shown me and how the coaches care about each and every one of us.

At 12:00am on Thursday, November 23rd for my bday all of the freshman bought me a cake and sang happy bday to me. This meant a lot to me because I was missing my family earlier in the week and just wanted to go home! Going home was all I looked forward to for my bday, but their surprise bday gift made the day ten times better!

When one of us is sad or crying, it’s like were all sad and crying. When one of us is struggling and can’t seem to get up, the rest of us do our absolute best to pick them up. Never would I have thought that a sport could connect me with so many people in the way that the game of basketball has.I am grateful to God everyday and look forward to being around my “mates.”



Who am I…you’ll see. As I am walking through the aisles at 10am on a Sunday morning, I hear people talking, children screaming, and registers beeping.  A typical day at Sears, never a dull moment, one or two call-outs, cashiers who don’t want to work, normal everyday shit.  Thinking wow the start of yet another stressful day at Sears, makes me wish I was back in bed sleeping all day. While i was dazing off, staring at the computer waiting to see how the numbers were for the day before, thinking about the night before, I hear “manager assistance needed in men’s!” I breathe deeply and head over to the men’s department, hoping its not some lunatic customer complaining this early in the morning. As I’m walking up to the men’s register I begin to hear a women yelling something about not being able to get her refund and I just roll my eyes and calmly say to her “how are you doing? I am Mike, one of the managers, what can I help you with?” she went on ranting about how our return policy sucks and how she deserves a refund.  Even though the item was bought over a year ago, I explain to her our return policy, but since she has a receipt and all the tags on the items, I grant her the refund and hand her the receipt hoping she’d leave the store quickly.  After that I knew it was going to just be one of those days. For the next 9 hours I heard nothing but people paging me, did nothing but run back and forth from register to register, dealing with cheap-ass customers who think their right and deserve huge discounts, employees who think i have nothing better to do then cater to their needs and just wishing i could go home…but then I thought to myself at the end of the day that I would rather be a manger at Sears than be a peasant someplace else. I guess the moral of the story is even though I have to go through all of this whenever I am working I am still the BOSS.


My Monologe-Erick

Sorry for the last post, it slipped my mind.

-Hajime *Bow

Who is my worst enemy?

Is it the one who cannot be beaten or the one I refuse to beat.


I’ve done a bit of travelling and bit of fighting.

What does it all really amount to if “there’s always a bigger fish.”

At first my journey consisted of trying to find all of those bigger fish


I won some, lost some; made friends, enemies, and rivals.

I only felt the pride of victory for a second, but the sting of defeat for much longer,

time taunts me in this way, a cruel mistress.


I’m glad I met all these people because through them I grew and I learned

I learned techniques, strategies and more styles.


I have a sensei, he guides and teaches.

Sensei taught me to stand and move

But it was him and everyone else who strengthen my muscles.


It was everyone along my journey that showed me the “biggest fish”

I see him everyday and he relentlessly attacks my being

Regardless if I’m at my strongest or weakest; he doesn’t care


I see him in the mirror

I see me

Now is he the one who cannot be beaten or the one I refuse to beat


My excuses, my laziness, my pain, my doubt, and fear gives him strengthen.

They shackle my mind, body and spirit.

How can I beat him, he knows me better than any opponent I have ever fought.


Our battle is not short nor is it one where a clear victor can be seen.

Our battle is perpetual, lifelong and ever changing.

I stop myself from doing anything I want to do.

I am my worst enemy but will continue my struggle to win and train myself.


Alone, I am strong and knowledgeable.

With everyone, I am invincible and wise.

It is strange Alone I best use my strength but it only through contact that it grows.

Thank You, All for helping.

~My Monologue~

Who am I? So many people have been asking me that question. Humm… Its good question I don’t really know who I am. Well I’m obviously Ravi Kadia not the best name out there but it’ll work. I live in Hicksville I don’t really like it though it’s a quiet boring town not much to do…. On my free time I enjoy watching TV, hanging with friends and spending time on the computer. Actually now that I think about it I spend a lot of time on the computer playing video games. I went to Hicksville High School I really hate the place but I like the people in it. Now that I moved on to college I can’t do a lot of the things that I was able to do in High School now most of my time is spent studying and reading the three thousand page anthropology articles that we have to read or writing papers, I absolutely despise writing never liked it. It sucks now because I don’t have as much free time as I did in High school but I guess college is technically more fun plus I have Friday off for now so I guess its better. Oh back to the point who am I? Well I just turned 18 a little while ago but I don’t really like birthdays for some reason. I usually express my opinion depending on the subject of the matter. Now that I think about it I like to laugh…. I laugh a lot keeps me happy throughout the day. I have made a lot of friends this year and life is a lot different than what it used to be but I think it’ll turn out for the better. Well back to the old question of who am I? And now I know the answer. I’m Ravi Kadia.


I love food. give me anything to eat and i will eat for breakfast and ice cream for dinner, sounds like heaven to me. I wish i lived in candyland, gumdrops before bed and gummy bears whenever i pleased. sometimes i wonder what it would feel like to be willy wonka, i would kill for that. a gum chewed meal whenever i wanted, a dip in my chocolate waterfall, hell i could even eat the bed i slept on. imagine waking up to a buffet of cereal, cinnamon toast crunch, frosted flakes and oh we cant forget fruitty pebbles. each bite would so milky and fresh, so blissful. what if i owned a fast food chain or a mom and pop like katz deli, im having a foodgasm just thinking about it, the first bite into a nice pastrami on white. by the time i would finish i would be in a food coma, what a good way to pass out.

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