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Blog Post #3


My first few months into Baruch have been alright. Ive always hated schoolwork, so I didn’t really expect to enjoy college. I thought I could breeze my way through Baruch like I have always done with school, but guess what caught me off guard? A lot of work to do, a lot of things to remember. I walked into class the other day, right into a test because I forgot we had one. I think I know what my grade for that test is looking like. And as we speak I have 2 essays do, which I really haven’t made any progress on. So I think ill be spending my saturday trying to finish up this homework. So yeah, Baruch hasn’t been the greatest thing ever, but its not that bad. I met a few cool people, but not really interested in doing much more because I just wanna keep up with my schoolwork and fix my gpa next semester after the horrible things I’ve done to it now.

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