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the last..

Hello my fellow FRO mates! This is Kelly, im pretty sure many of you guys know me by now.(well im hoping you guys do! First of all, I just want to say that im really glad you guys were in my FRO class. It was really nice meeting all of you guys. And I would like to thank Karina and Paul for being the best peer mentors! You guys really helped me and guided me through out my first semester in Baruch!

It feels like just yesterday when my first semester in baruch started.. but its already coming to an end. On my first day of baruch I remember entered through those doors and it was very crowded. It felt very much like my high school. So my first thoughts that came into my mind was this is just gonna be like high school. So therefore I went to my classes without expecting anything. But it was highly different from what I expected. I remember first day of my classes all my professors ended classes just after a few moments after starting. I obviously like that a lot so I thought to myself ‘damn I can get used to this. College is easy I can get through it’. But oh boy was I wrong…

As my days went by I realized college wasn’t like high school. College was something to be taken serious of. I realized it required a good time management skills and to keep organized and in track of everything you do. Although in the beginning it was difficult to handle. I started to get used to it and it just got easier. And to be honest our FRO sessions did really help me out a lot.

And ive never ever in my life spent so much time in the library. And so much money on coffee. Studying in the library for 6 hours straight actually let me learn more about self. Also about that freshman 15 I think I have that.. trying all these new food places in Baruch was AMAZING. I sound like a really big fatass right now but its because I am LOL I guess this is one of the perks of going to college in the city^^ eating.

Another thing I realized was college=stress. To be honest I think ive never stressed so much over school before. Maybe since my highschool years were super duper easy. But every test and every paper I would have to write or study for. My brain felt like it was gonna break into pieces.. and its still like that and will be like that till the end of finals… but im starting to manage how to handle my stress. And you guys should also because its not good when your stress builds up!

With finals week coming up, I don’t know how im gonna manage to do all my work but I really hope I can. Im quite bit nervous and anxious and annoyed I have ton load of work to do in a span of one week but Im hoping I can get through this. And I wish you guys the best of luck as well! And hope you guys don’t get sick! It’s the worst possible time! Eat healthy & stay safe guys. It was really nice to meet all of you guys! And hope we don’t become strangers! Lets all say hi to each other tehe^^ have a wonderful break everyone!

and sorry my blog is like all over the place…

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Blog post #3

What I learned this semester:

1. That I am more obsessive compulsive than I thought. One thing that seriously bothers me about Baruch is the amount of germ-breeding that goes down. Like seriously, if you walk into the bathroom, because the doors cant just be pushed, they need to be actually opened- germ hotspot #1 on the doorknob. Then you do your thing, go wash your hands- but you have to press to get the soap out super hard (germ hotspot #2), once you rub the soap on your hands, you have to hold button one hand at a time for the water to come out (#4), which essentially means that you are getting MORE GERMS on your hands . Then there are no paper towels, so you gotta press the button on the lame hand-dryer (germ hotspot #5), by the time you’re done the handwashing procedure, your hands are more dirty than clean. Oh wait, then you gotta turn that doorknob again. It’s so gross. I never thought that germs would bother me in a million years, but yes at Baruch I realized it does. Someone has got to do something about it.

2. I learnt lots of cool new vocabulary words. Like nueroplasticity.  Which was pretty helpful when some random guy came over to me the other day and started talking about it, and then left the conversation all emotional cuz “finally someone understood him”

3. I also learned that coffee can be the solution to almost everything. Until too much of it has your doctor telling you that you’re never allowed to have it again. True story- experiencing major withdrawal symtoms in the present. And Starbucks is now raking in about $15- $20 less a week now.

4. I became more culturally aware- being that this was my first time in school with so many different people with such different backgrounds ever in my life. It really played out to be so interesting, especially meeting other students who are from places like Honduras or Malaysia.

5. That the final stretch is always the hardest- the whole first 2/3 of the semester were totally fine, with maybe a bit of stress every now and then. But now at the end, with finals and all, Ive been tempted to drop everything more than once. If not for my dad constantly telling me that I can make it, I probably would have just dropped my classes and ran.

6. How to include citations in an essay – I had never done this before ever. I probably wrote more papers in this one semester than Ive ever written in my entire high school career, no joke. And unfortunately, many were written in the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, I got pretty good grades on most of them.

7. That theres no way Im gonna be a business major- and that’s okay. Ive always wanted to go into marketing, but since it’s counted as a business major and a Zicklin major, there would be a heck of a lot of math involved. After not doing so well on math this semester, Ive realized that maybe its just not for me. I dont want to spend multiple other semesters studying math when Im not even going into a field where I would need it. So I switched. And I know that kinda without being in Zicklin there is no point in being at Baruch, it was still very redeeming to go to the Bursar’s office and switch to a business communications major instead. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

7. If you’re interested in making it “up there” in the corporate world, it’s a tall and shaky ladder you gotta climb to make it there. For many people,the image of suits and heels, attache cases and corporate parties are what makes the world of business so appealing, never mind the fat paychecks that come with it.I realized that while that may be awesome and spectacular, that’s not fulfilling, its not giving, and its complete and total self indulgence. Im starting to think that maybe its OKAY to actually be a teacher, something I never thought I would say. Imagine the meaning in doing that. There is so much of it. You can literally change the lives of children, adults, teenagers- its a truly beautiful thing. or maybe to run a non-profit, be a mental health counselor. Im finally learning to embrace my passions all along, even if they won’t necessarily lead me to the life of my dreams, at least it will lead me to a life of fulfillment.

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Last blog

Hey, everyone I am Yuan. Finally this is last blog I have. I feel very tire at this semester. Papers are killing me, I have so much papers to do. But I am so lazy, I don’t even start.Finally, this semester is end. At this semester i learned a lot of things, and I changed a lot. But one thing that I would never change which is paper.I remember that orientation day. I forgot which day that is.. But it doesn’t matter. I remember this class with same people. We played game,whoever something. I kind of scared about this game. Cause I don’t like to play language game and I scare the last person stand in room is me. For real it happened… Last person was me. Shit. Why is that Bullshit things always happen. I felt nervous when everybody was looking at me. Thankfully, Paul said this game is over, I don’t need say anything. And thank for you lead us travel the school. Also we went through Madison park. That feels better.
“college”. My parents told me “if you want to get better life, you have to go college.” Yeah, now I am college student. I was planing to attend to Queens College. Why? QC is near my house, I just need to walk about 10 minutes. But my parents wants me to attend better college, so I choose the Baruch College. As parents know, Baruch is in Manhattan, so they think Baruch is good college.
Time passed real quick. Its August 28, the first day of school. I start a new life. A new school, I feel so nervous, It’s new life that i never had before. At first class I met my high school classmates. Mengyu Li, well at least I have one person that I know, thats not so bad. I saw her block, we have same class. Whatever, class is not so hard.
However I realize one thing. All my new friends are female. That is so amazing. Why? When I was in high school. I don’t know many girls. Now everything changed.. Like Mengling Yang and Ying Wang. Cause we have some classes. So we can help each other sometimes.Also, Andy, He has same class with me, but he is quiet, same as me. He is my first male friend in Baruch. We play the same game: League of legends.
Now I want to talk about my classes. All my courses are not so bad. I have great professor. First i want talk English, that was not so bad. I went the first class, and class was canceled, but I didn’t see my email. So I waited almost 5 hours for next class. Professor is great but I hate paper, so that makes me hate English also. But I had no choice, I couldn’t drop English class. This class is kind of fun, but I am lazy, i don’t like to read book, and write paper. So I didn’t get good grade. However, I love Theatre this class so much. You know why? It’s big class.When professor turn off the lights, ti’s very good place to sleep. But that made me fail the first test and i didn’t learn anything. So I did not sleep at class anymore. POL is great class, All I have to do is two blogs and one final. That was easy, and professor is very great, he gave high grade. Only instructor that I hate is math professor. I didn’t learn many things from his class. He always explain wrong answers, after he wrote all the steps, he was like “Oh! I got wrong, change something to something.” Wow, wth, that was like bs.
LOL, its always same. I always post one last hour, just 5 or lower minutes left. Anyway thank for this class. thank for food at last class. that was so nice. And hope DEC. 21 2012 is not real. Good luck everyone.

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“Why you’ve mastered procrastination and now you need to master hard work”- Bruce Lee

Procrastination is easy, but very hard to do right. Many can just slack off on work until the last minute, make up excuses to buy more time and give in something crappy at the last possible moment. These people (and you know who you are) give procrastination a bad name. They are the reason for endless warnings about missing due dates, not waiting until the last minute, doing work early and of course, the losing points on your paper.
You know the speech,

“If you missed the due date, which is due in class not via email you will lose points on your essay. You will lose a letter grade per class day it is absent; I’ll give you a week to redo it and the highest you can get is a 90. which means if you give in something that is worth 100 points you’ll only get 90 as a penalty to your grade. ” – every college professor ever combined

Now the skilled procrastinators, those are the ones who have nothing to worry about. They are in control in a sense. If you are like me you know that the difference between in A and B is truly unworthy of the stress and obsession that your peers devote to it. You know you have an idea and there’s no need to rush it, right? Right.

Grades and credits do not equal knowledge, in fact they contradict it. I know for a fact that many papers I have gotten “A” ,”100’s”, “Check pluses and “Check plus pluses” (are you starting to see my point?) were not my best work, honestly. I can remember times that I was laughing to myself how bad these papers were at least in my eyes. I knew I could have gone deeper. The thoughts and ideas were already there, I just
didn’t have the time to write it all in 45 minutes so I gave a summary of my second best ideas. And at the same time I knew that more of my papers and work were beyond the 100’s and check marks they received. I knew that giving them in. At that point why does it matter if you have a B when your teachers feel compelled to tell you they would have gave you an A? Is that all you have to say? What about the research I could do? What about books and writers who have written on the topic before me? I can’t be that original, you can’t be that unoriginal. An A+ is an insult, and B is at least a laugh. Even being more honest, I still see a grade I know is inflated to acknowledge the fact that the grade doesn’t match that intellect or rather, I’m immeasurable. Instead of a deducted grade and a compliment, I would have appreciated some actual response. Something to push me or anybody who clearly has their own thoughts on their mind to dig deeper, keep thinking. So you can see how it’s easy to fall into the same trap of procrastination as the posers I mentioned above.

But now it’s college. and I have a shit-ton of work to get done. In fact , I’m doing this blog post in order to forgo other back work. That’s a mini tip about procrastination, you can procrastinate by doing other work go figure. the beauty of it is you can just bang out nonsense work while you procrastinate and then you don’t have to worry about completing nonsense work like this blog. Or if you’re lucky you stumble onto something deep and thought-provoking.

But as I said, I have a ton of work. In fact, I’ve had a ton of work this whole week and it has just piled up. A few essays here, late midterms there, intern work that isn’t necessarily due but I would like to get done(using as procrastination tool), I might even have some blog posts to complete, and I have to apply for jobs because the one I have now isn’t “steady” so to speak. And very true. I also gotta work on updating my resume and make a cover letter so I can get in on another awesome internship that will most likely involved a lot more writing and general parts of my time and a boss who according to something written in 2007 will probably fire me on the spot for this bullshit. But of course, no money.

But I’m digressing. I HAVE WORK. And to be honest, none of this is work I can’t do; it’s not even anything I find daunting. I believe my longest essay is 6 pages, I’ve been paid to churn out 4 page essays between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 10:00 A.M, keep in mind I used to get up at 5:30 to go to school. (Still do.). And the only reason I haven’t completed it yet is because I basically ended up doing enough research for a small book. That’s just where I’m at or what I expected college to be or at least what I aspire to become in college. Not a small book writer, but a straight knowledge-intelligence flexer. I have a glorified critical lens essay and another to redo, another essay that I have to edit into my final, and the six pager which my professor encouraged me to take down to 4 so that I could narrow my topic. I also have to send a works cited page to another professor and another essay I just realized I have to compile. Looking at it now it doesn’t seem so bad; I have a good idea of where i’m going to go on each of these essays (being modest)  and there’s at least a decent amount of back work already done.
But that’s the problem and it leads me into my new problematic.
None of these essays with the exception of the essay I have to narrow down particularly inspire me to work hard. My procrastination has become more like the poser simply because I feel that the work I’m getting might as well be 13th grade.

When I procrastinate, I put back immediate work on something because I want to refine the idea or rather an idea I have already been working at. Normally the best papers are just incidents for me to put an idea on paper, but the paper alone rarely inspires a spark in me.

I remember during a meditation session, I started thinking about procrastination, my history in particular. I remember coming to the realization that I procrastinate partially because of I enjoy the risk of failure. In other words, I know I’m going to do well so I need to figure out new ways to test myself. Trying to get a paper done by 5th period that’s due 5th period, doing a speech with no preparation, the list goes on. I enjoy that, it makes me work very hard for a short term.

But as I thought on this truth about myself,  I meditated and considered a solution to my particular problem of procrastination  and it came to me. I procrastinate because I enjoy the risk of failure but hard work has a greater risk of failure. Hard work like pursuing your own idea, taking on the most ambitious projects; things that you would not “procrastinate” on but rather work you are constantly considering and developing.

When assigned projects or work I’m truly concerned about, that is when I have managed to shine the brightest. I may have procrastinated in the sense that I did it somewhat late, but all of the time beforehand was time spent observing, thinking, refining an idea.

But how do I translate that realization into  a sucessful college career?
I’m not gonna give 13th grade work so much credit. It’s not going to get too much of my thought process, I’m going to give in completed work that is my best but not my greatest.  In the mean time, I’m gonna apply to CUNY’s unique and interdisciplinary studies program. You are require to take non intro class in your own area of concentration across the CUNY system. Basically, it’s a self-designed major along with a self-designed life.

I can’t help but feel like that is the next step towards mastering hard work.
I’m not going to let the 13th grade weigh me down. Also, I’m gonna make some tea and have a donut since that’s my reward for completing an assignment. But I might push myself to get something else done while I’m on a roll.

ANND’S THAT’S MY FIRST SEMESTER AT BARUCH. Damn, I just wrote a lot in one time.


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Last blog for FRO :( xD

  Hi guys!!  So excited this is the last blog for Fro, I feel a little bit sad but happy because it means I will pass my first class in college. I have heard that it’s hard to pass classes in college. Now I believe it is true, it is so hard to get an A or B in some of classes.So for the next semester, I spent a lot of time to go to “Rate my professor” and check all professors whom from the courses that i will take.  I want to find some good professors then I can get easy A or give us classes very well and professional, however, i still need to work as hard as i can.
OK! I would say Fro is my favorite class, it is not only easy but also our Peer mentor Karina N. M. Williams is really a wonderful mentor, she tries her best to help us out, she is really helpful! From this class, i think i learned how to get used to college life, how to face the problems that i will face in college, how to register classes and more. For Paul, he is a good professor too. He courages us a lot, he told us his story and experience in college as none english speaker. It help me a lot. Thank you Paul! Hope to see you again in Baruch!
It has been almost 4 months, I am getting to know Baruch more now, Ying,mengyu, yuan and me always bring our homemade lunch to school on Tuesday and Thursday. But it is soooo hard to find seats. Everytime we get off from class, it is around 12:40pm, there are few seats left. It takes forever to settle down. lol  And we enjoy our lunch, i love that time, the most wonderful tim, the most relax time, we like to put away papers and work. Fortunatelly, we will have lunch together the next semester.

  For the school, I pretty like this school, I think the atmosphere is wonderful here, the design is mordern too. But the library, it is so hard to book a study room. Everynight 12am the day before, my friend is waiting for the study room open. But she still can’t reserve a good study room sometimes. I think Bauch library should open more study rooms for us. The cafe is also a little bit dirty, i think people should clean the table before they leave. The bathroom is ok in Baruch, it is clean and not smelly. Overoll, Baruch is really a good school for study.

For study, i think the most unforgettable time is when we register courses, we describe that is a fighting among all school students. Since we were almost the last one to register, a lot of courses were gone before, me and my friends had to change our schadule again and agian. Either the time is conflict or good professors were not available any more 🙁 We were worry about that we couldn’t get in to the same classes. Eventually, we change and change, we are all in same courses now. I think the rule is not fair, seniors can choose their class early. we can not choose the class that we want to have for the next sermester. students who are in seek program also have the benifit to get good class. also, seek programs teacher is more clous to their students. he or she will invite students for dinner or event that he or she hosted.

i make a lot of friends from baruch. i get to know them in every class. they are friendly and kind to me. some of us have become really clous friend in this sermester. we have talk about each others dream, what we want in life, what their parents do for living, and what do we think about usa. i found out that people in usa have their own social circal. for example, Chinese people have China town. they have their chinese newspaper, chinese TV, radio,chinses publish, chinses music concert, and ect. this is like a small China. In USA, there are so many different race. they bring every cultures to USA. it is so diverse.

i have my plain to my next sermester too. i want to joint a club. i heared there is a club call UCLA. its a good club. I also i plain out my study schedule. I don want to be lazy, and wast my time. i will use my time wisly and smart. anyways, i hope everyone have a wonderful time in collage. i wish you all the best, and have the luck for your final for this sermester.

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Last Blog For Fro

Hi, Everyone. I am Ying. This is my last blog for freshman seminar class. I feel a little bit sad. At first time. I was not so happy to have this class because it took me extra hour on Monday. As the time goes by, I feel that I like this class. This class helped me a lot as I am a freshman. They helped us to make sure we registered the classes.

In this school, I meet many friends. They are so cute and we always together because we have same classes. We all spend free time in library. Sometimes we are going to have lunch. We talk about careers and futures. We create a Wechart group and share interesting and important things together. Such us, when does the blog due, when do we have test, how many essays do we have, where can we find the material for political science, where are you going to do in this weekend and etc. Those are small things but I feel like we are real friends. Because of them, I am not lonely in freshman year. One day, we talked about our futures. Menling said that Mengyu and her boyfriend will open a fast food restaurant. On their opening day, Mengling, Mengling’s boyfriend, Yuan and I would come. Then Mengyu would introduce us. Menging is going to be a somewhere unknown comedy model and Yuan is going to be a sales manager of fake bags. We were laughing when we created this kind of future.

Library is one of my favorite places in Baruch. Library gives me a study feeling. It shows us that I am in a study place. I like Baruch’s library, but not all. First, the studying room is difficult to reserve, especially on Tuesday. Sometimes I was overnight to reserve it. When the clock turned to 12:00 am, I was going to reserve it. I was so tired to that, but I had to do. Second, the computer is limit. When I went to borrow a computer, they also said sorry we did not have it. As a result, I only could borrow a mini laptop. The speed was incredible slow. Except those two, library is a nice place for studying.

Cafeteria always gives a feeling that it is so busy. We usually could not find enough sits. The line for microwave oven is so long. Sometimes we gave up, and then went to subway or Chinese restaurant. The cafeteria is dirty during lunch hour.

Classes in Baruch is good, I like it. It is clean and only 20-30 student in one classroom. I like this semester’s teachers. They are nice and helpful, but work is too much, such as presentations. Especially in final time. I have about 26 pages paper to write. Now I am spending my time in library to write essays.  I think all colleges are same because my friend they are in different colleges but still having same feeling as me. In college, I drink many cups of coffee because I always get up early and sleep late. Without coffee I will sleep during the classes’ time. Coffee is my support.

We knew the time of registering is so difficult, but we did not know it was that horrible. It was like we were fighting for the classes. About a half hour ago, I checked all classes that I wanted to register. I thought it was perfect. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed when I registered. All my classes in my schedule were gone. Mengling and I were about crazy and finally, we spent one hour to register our classes. We do not stop; we always check available classes and change our schedule again and again. Until, we think it is OK. Now I know why Paul told us to have at least 4-5 schedules.

During this semester, my life is different from before. Now, I do not have enough time to shopping, watching TV, etc. All things around me are essays, tests and readings. I feel like everything is continuing come in and never stop. When I finished an essay, next I had to prepare presentation… Finally, I conclude that college life is “colorful” and “wonderful”.

In Baruch I learn a lot, I improve my writing and know in college no one would care about your study except yourself. We have to become independent. I think we are going to grow up during college study. I will know to study in society. I am so happy to learn it.

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Last but not least

This is gonna to be the last time I will be asked to post a blog there.  Other than excitement and happiness, I feel a bit of sad because it’s again the end of a semester. As I had mentioned before, I hate the feeling of leaving. Even I didn’t make any such good friends this term, I enjoyed the time we spent together especially those who have same schedule as me.

People often ask me what I think of college life. It’s really hard to explain. I have to be honesty that Baruch was not my first choice of college. I wanted to go far to explore the life I had never tried before. I used to think that if I stay in NYC, my college life will be just same as my high school. However, it didn’t happen.   Since I worked during weekends, I constantly felt overwhelmed by tans of readings and essays given by different professors. My friends would never believe I actually finishing my essays in the midnights and I also print out hundreds of pages reading to get myself sleepless. I didn’t behave like a good students throughout my life, college is a chance for me to change. I still cut some classes as I did in high school and sometimes I still going bed without finishing my assignments.  However, I’m trying my best to take responsibilities for my action, and think maturely about my own future. I came to realized that it’s really the time; I should be grown up instead of fooling around like kids.

All my professors are pretty strict this semester. My favorite class turns out to be FRO. Compare to the rest class, FRO is easy and fun. It only meets once a week but had helped me out a lot in many ways. Paul and Karina are best peer mentors I could dream of. After a long day of working so hard in classes, we take a relaxing break chatting and laughing. We grouped up and talking about everything from food around camps to ridiculous professors and classmates. My freshmen experience was much better than I thought because many problems were solved by Paul and Karina. They are sweet and always considered a lot for us. Seriously, without their help, I probably messed up my next year schedule totally. I didn’t know register for classes in Baruch is really like shopping while Black Friday Super Sale! Only in couple minutes, 40 sits will all be taken! It’s so helpful that they told us about the situation forehead, so I was fully prepared. Thank you so much for all your efforts, and donut for the last class. I will miss u so much!!!

I don’t seem like reaching 700 words this time. So stress about the coming Paper Week. I guess that it I’m going to say. Best wish to you all.

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The last blog!!!

          Hi guys again, it is Mengyu. How excited, we only have two weeks for end this semester, and this is our last blog on this semester. I think everyone knew me, because I posted two blog that talk about myself, and form two blogs; I learned a lot of things at Baruch College. For this semester, I will feel a little tired, because I do not have enough time to sleep. I think enough sleep is very important for me, maybe I am a lazy girl. At first thing is the school is too far from my house, and I do not have enough time to sleep. I live in flushing, queens. Every day I have to take bus then transfer to No.7 train about 1 hour to go to school. That mains I have to get up early, but I really hate to get up early, especially in the winter. My parents want me to go to Queens College, but I do not want to transfer, because the Queens College does not have major attract me. Baruch College has the good business program, which is why I want to come there.

          The second thing is the professors give us a lot of homework and papers to do. Some nights I will get a lot of work to do, and I still don’t enough time to sleep. And many nights I have to do my homework until 2 A.M. College for me means busy, busy and very busy. Fortunately, this semester will be end of after two weeks.

           However, this semester also made me happy; the college life was not so bad, except homework. And the class FRO is my favorite class; this class helps me a lot to do better in college. At club hour, Mengling, ying, yuan and I will go to the study room at the library. All of our classes are same, and we can help each other. I think it is very helpful for our grade. And many times, we are all together, like we are eat lunch together, sometimes we are shopping together, and we are study together. The library as people said, it is wonderful, but there are not sits during 1:00pm to 3:00pm and the study rooms are also hard to reserve during this time. My friends made my college life more interesting. I have one more excited thing about my college, it is I can get discounts depend on my college ID. For example, a few days ago, Mengling, ying, yuan and I go to the MOMA museum of art. We show out our Baruch ID, and then we get free tickets, this is discount that I have not previously enjoyed. The other things, we also can get free tickets for theater performances. How great it is.

           We have to say that the college life is difference from high school, there are many challenges. I heard college is very easy before, and have a lot of free time. But when I entered the Baruch College, I know that the college is not easy, we have a lot of papers to write, and a lot of articles to read. Maybe this is my biggest challenge in the college. And I have other challenge in school, which is time management. Even though I go to school for a short amount of time, I never have any time left over to do my own stuff. When I have Saturday’s off, I waste it waking up late and spending the day watching TV or playing computer. Time is so precious and I just can’t cherish it. I know that is not good for me, but I still can change that right now. For college, I never give up; I still try my best, I think I can overcome it. And I believe that “Your attitude determines your life” so the worst situation is the best motivation. Finally, I hope I can learn more knowledge from the Baruch College.

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Last Blog Post

Hey everyone! Unfortunately, this will be my last blog post on this blog. So sad. However, because we have been forced to write a blog containing 750-800 words, I will make sure this one is worth it. But before I start I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in FRO 1000 EMA. I love you Karina and Paul! You were awesome teachers and peer mentors. Thanks for making this class a wonder class to relax in after a long day of classes. You have definitely taught me a lot that I will carry on for the rest of my college career. Also, thank you for always wanting the best for me and encouraging me to join TEAM Baruch. To my fellow classmates, it has been a great semester studying with you all. I hope that we have more classes together in the future. It was an honor to everyone’s different stories and a little bit of your background. You all have taught me that not everyone is at the same platform. Everyone is at a different stage in life with different strengths and weaknesses. We all must start at where we are and work upward from there. This has been useful to me because I am often comparing myself to hotshots and soaring for the skies. Everyone’s unique stories reminded me that I am need to learn to walk before I can run. Lastly, I hope you all succeed in your upcoming years at Baruch College. It is a great college and I wish nothing but success, prosperity and happiness for all of you. If anyone of you ever feel discourage or just want to talk, I am always here! Take care and enjoy my last blog post.

When I started my college experience on August 27, 2012 at Baruch College, I started off as a determined woman who figured that she could get by Baruch with flying colors. I was hoping that my determination alone would help me to succeed and get me a 4.0 GPA. I figured if I kept to myself and my work I would be successful. I also thought that I would end up having a perfect balance. It turns out that I was completely wrong about all of that. I am not getting by Baruch with flying colors. I am having to put so much effort in only to receive a grade of A- to B. This is something I am not used to. In Forest Hills High School, I never have to work hard. If I studied for 20 minutes, I would get 100s on all my work. In particular, for my English class no matter how hard I try or wrote a good paper (according to the writing center) I always get Bs. Frankly, I am fed up of this. I am definitely getting less sleep than before. I think it is time to get used to this. I am also not liking commuting during rush hours. I always get sandwiched between people on trains and stand for 35 minutes straight. From that I have learned a vital lesson which is ALWAYS PACK LIGHT! Which is why I am going to sell my MacBook Pro and then buy a MacBook Air, so I could stop worrying about my back breaking. Another important lesson I’ve learned is that college is only a smaller version of the real world. Until now we always knew how to solve our problems the easy way and get away with shortcuts. But nu uh, that stuff does not work here. If you use shortcuts, it will eventually all be caught up to you and hurt you in the end.

I think I have grown little by little each day at Baruch. I always learn something new even if it is not educational or if it is small. I think I have been hit more with reality and I have accepted that not everything will come easy. I really do need to work harder than before. Also, I need to realized to have a balance in my life. I cannot only be focused on my grades and not lag in other aspects of my life. For example, for the past few months I have not really hung out with friends or even spoke to them properly. Unfortunately, I believe they are also going through the same problem as I am. Even though I am experiencing a bit difficulty adjusting to my college life, I am hopeful that I will eventually overcome them.

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Blog Post #3


My first few months into Baruch have been alright. Ive always hated schoolwork, so I didn’t really expect to enjoy college. I thought I could breeze my way through Baruch like I have always done with school, but guess what caught me off guard? A lot of work to do, a lot of things to remember. I walked into class the other day, right into a test because I forgot we had one. I think I know what my grade for that test is looking like. And as we speak I have 2 essays do, which I really haven’t made any progress on. So I think ill be spending my saturday trying to finish up this homework. So yeah, Baruch hasn’t been the greatest thing ever, but its not that bad. I met a few cool people, but not really interested in doing much more because I just wanna keep up with my schoolwork and fix my gpa next semester after the horrible things I’ve done to it now.

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