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Favorite Workshop (Kerill S)

We’ve attended different enrichment workshops as a class. They were all very fun and were very enjoyable. I must admit, the one that I really liked was where NYU performed on the different issues our generation goes through and the challenges we face. It was very entertaining to watch with all of the music and dancing they incorporated into the performance. The performance is something that we all could relate to in one way or another so I think that was very great. Overall it was extremely funky, colorful, and fun as well as being very humorous. It was very fun to sit with my friend and have a laugh together on the things that we actually do ourselves. It is like seeing oneself from a side view. I personally can relate too many of the different dilemmas that were performed so I found it very eye opening. Seeing how much fun the students were having performing sort of inspired me to perhaps consider doing some kind of theatrical performances in the future. This inspiration was quickly shut down when I remembered that I kind of have a stage fright, as little as it may be. More of such performances should be shown in the future.

Baruch thus far (Kerill S)


This picture sums it all up on how my Baruch College experience has been thus far. As of right now, I love the college life with the exception of the exams. I’m not a good test taker so tests are never fun for me. Overall I’ve met so many new people and made many new friends. I’m very happy to use the many resources that are available to me in school. The past three month past so quick and its making me realize that there is no time to slack off. Life is flying by with enormous speed and there’s nothing I can do about it but go along. I have yet to take my first final which is definitely very nerve wrecking. The professors, at least this first semester, were very helpful academically as well as helping to adjust to how college is. They also helped to insight on what we could expect in the future from our professors. I can say that I am definitely looking forward to take classes that are in regards to my career. That being said, I am not so thrilled in taking those classes such as English, with English being my worst subject. Overall, I think I adjusted to Baruch quite nicely and I am looking forward to the next four years. First 3 month were a success.

Favorite workshop

Favorite workshop was the Baruch voices the first time not the second time. The second time we saw the performance it was really hard to hear the performers over Brandon’s tears so it was pretty tough to pay attention to but I got through it. The first performance was really good though, it was really funny and the different voices the actors/performers put to each and every different monologue just seemed to fit. What little i did hear of the second performance was some really overly dramatic sad stuff while the first one was more light hearted. The museum was a close second it was pretty cool viewing a different culture than my own. You can easily forget  how incredibly diverse this world is when you only see a select few people from a select few places on a daily basis. It really opens your eyes to the world.

Experience so far

The work so far for my first semester in Baruch is how i expected it would be. I do have to work on my time management though i have to write 15 pages of paper by monday and this being late and all. Studying for finals week is going to be tough for me i’ve never really studied before I never had to. My picture is of a clock while being a little melodramatic is pretty much the bane of my existence I’m constantly running behind schedule but aren’t pretty much all college students like this irresponsible unresponsive or just flat out lazy. Im pretty sure eventually I will as they say “grow up” but until then I guess i’ll have to just beg for extensions or for latenesses to be waived


BTW please don’t be offended by me saying freshman seminar was a waste of time. I don’t blame you guys for making me go to a completely pointless class at 9:30 in the morning. I hope i didn’t come off as rude in class today


I chose a picture of a student holding a stack of books, because that is pretty much what college has been so far. I was not really used to the whole studying thing before i got here, but thats mostly what it is now. This first semester has definitely been a lot of work, and not having the greatest teacher definitely does not help that cause. Starting off the semester was slow, not much work at all but as the teachers realized we got comfortable they completely changed the pace. As it was getting closer to midterm the load became insane. There were so many overlapping assignments and everything began to pile up. Thankfully i got through it, with very satisfactory grades. Now its getting closer to final week, and the stress is definitely kicking in. Our english teacher handing out a research paper and another essay due a week later is definitely not helping. I got through it with midterms, so im sure i can do it again, just hoping for the best.


The Baruch Voices workshop was probably the one I’d call my favorite. I really enjoyed it because it came from the actual students that are currently in the same position as me. Listening to what other freshman had to say about their first semester allowed me to relate it to my own. It was also great because not only was it the voice of other freshman, but we got to hear a monologue from our own block. The presenters also made the experience a lot more enjoyable. The way they added the perfect tone to it made the monologues very entertaining to hear.

My experiences (Kalden Tsering)

I tried uploading a picture of a roller coaster in this blog but I still can’t for some weird technical reason. My experience in Baruch college up to now has been a real roller coaster.. In the beginning I kept on asking myself what i really wanted to be. I was stuck between teaching and accounting. Everyday I thought about it because I had to figure it out as soon as possible. Whenever I go outside there were signs that I thought and told me what I should be like little children learning and reading in the subway cars in the R train but then there were the businessmen with their suits. I contemplated about it and in the end I found out what I wanted to be. It was clear to go to accounting in the end. It was better for my family and I just wanted to make a lot of money in the end. my test scores have been roller coaster as well. Sometimes going as high in the 90s then dropping to the failing marks. I know the failing marks were my fault because I just simply didn’t study because of other circumstances and reasons. Now I know how to be always in the top of the roller coaster and don’t drop down. Its so simple just study and use the time wisely. Go to different classes were also a roller coaster, Going to math and english in monday mornings I was always so tired and bored but then came philosophy in the afternoon which always brightened my mood because it was one of my favorite class. Then the rollercoater kept on going higher on tuesdays and thursdays as I had my art class and psychology class that was always interesting and funny,

Favorite Worshop(Kalden Tsering)

My favorite workshop was the Baruch Voices. The Baruch Voices shows us the diversity and the differences and similarities in all Baruch students. Some have come a long way from out of New York just to be here while others live one block away from Baruch. All of the small experiences that each Baruch student had experienced was read in a monologue . The monologue shows the problems and happiness every Baruch student probably have experienced already like making new friends and getting a good score in a Sociology test. The monologues shows these experiences in a witty and funny way. Just sitting with your friends in the monologue was very hilarious as each of us laughed and said what’s he or she talking about or yea i had that problem. In the end we see our problems in the monologue and try to fix it. One of the funniest part of the monologue was when a guy thought they were talking about a girl in his block but then as the monologue winded down he was talking about just sizzling bacon. This made me laugh so hard. Another inspiring one was talking about what we have to do in Baruch to make it in the world and that we must be in top of our competition all the time. Since I am always competitive I agree but not in studying though . This monologue showed me i have to do better in studies as soon as possible as Finals approach. In the end I think the monologues were a great way to express the Baruch student’s feelings and problems.

My adjustment period during my first three months of college took longer than expected. It took me a while to get a hang of using blackboard and keeping up with my baruch email. I haven’t been doing as well as I would have liked either. I find myself always leaving work for the last minute, thus falling behind, nd having no choice but to cram and go through unnecessary stress. One upside is that I have made a lot of friends and feel comfortable with the people I’m surrounded with. I have also adapted well to my new lifestyle. Within the first few weeks I became familiar with which teachers and classes to take seriously and those which don’t have to be prioritized. I think I had too much on my mind in the beginning, now my life is much simpler and not to be corny, but I think I’m finding myself. i definitely have to work on my procrastination!!

baruch voices

My favorite enrichment workshop was the baruch voices. Ever since I first heard the performance at convocation, I was a fan. The actors are really good and I’m always really into the performance. I am inspired by seeing how other freshmen re dealing with I molar issues and I am intrigued with ll the different personalities that are uncovered. One reason why I felt this workshop was personal was because my monologue are submitted for consideration. Unfortunately it was not preformed, but the ones that were, were very good. It was also fun thinking about how the first time we sat in mason hall we were all a little scared about becoming freshmen, and as we return to Mano hall we are all settled in a liking classes for the next semester.