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FLYING into the station

Brian Ye Blog # 1

I like the pieces in my playlist and I believe that they describe me very well especially the fact that none of them have any lyrics because I’m very quiet most of the time. Despite not having any lyrics, I believe that they are very powerful and are very meaningful in how the unspoken words can invoke so many emotions. I think these pieces also show my indecisive personality as if I was lost for words by the different moods that these pieces evoke.

Blog Post 1

1. I’ve gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas

2. Vater Unser by E Nomine

3. Mitternacht by E Nomine

4.My Own Little World by Celldweller

5. Billionaire by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

6. Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble

7.Boombox by The Lonely Island ft. Julian Casablancas

8. Руки Вверх – 18 мне уже (Russian Song; means i am already 18)

9.The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

10. Respect My Conglomerate by Busta Rhymes ft. Lil Wayne, and Jada

Th first song describes is taken at face value. When i hang out with friends or plan to hang out with them, i get a good feeling.
The second and third are a little more about the video than the song. They describe me as being sort of nocturnal and obviously show my interest in rock/techno music.
The fourth and fifth Song describe how i always have my own way of looking at the world and how it usually involves me fantasizing about riches. It seems superficial, but if you knew me well, you would swear that I’m in my own world half the time.
The sixth and eighth song describe my relationship status. I haven’t really met someone that i truly like yet and I’m 18 already. I feel like I’m falling behind a bit.
The seventh and tenth song are pretty superficial, because they both have to do with music. the seventh shows that i consider music to be quite powerful and the tenth just shows some of my music tastes. plus, there wasn’t any rap in the playlist, so i wanted to add it.
the ninth song describes me in a nutshell, almost. I am quite lazy and often have days like the song describes. However, i do work when necessary, so I’m not all bad.

Thompson…. John Thompson :P

Johns Playlist

So I picked a couple songs and put them into a playlist. They are mainly from the same artists but I love em so why not right? I have this huge belief that any piece of writing or music sounds 3x better when spoken or sung by someone with a British accent. That’s probably why the kooks are one of my favorites. They have a way of putting most feelings into a single song that is really nice on the ears.

Ok, so enough ranting. Who am I? Well, I’d like to think that I am a cultivation of all the things that have happened to me. I’ve met so many new people and discovered a great deal of how life really is. Both how cruel it can be and how you can make it work. I’ve been through my fair amount of problems, between all of my family issues and problems that have arisen because of them, but I feel like all the bad things that have happened to me were for my benefit. Even the things that really hurt or damaged me were the best to learn from. I have problems trusting people so thats why your not getting much details but I feel like a huge part of who I am are the mistakes I’ve made.

I probably don’t put out this vibe but I like to think of myself as a very relaxed person. I can always accept people for their beliefs and ideas even though they might contradict mine. Of course I have a problem whenever someone tries to convince me that my way is wrong and that theirs is right. I’m easy to meet and easy to befriend but have trouble with allowing people to fully know me. It ‘s easier that way. I was once asked to finish the following sentence “If you really knew me….” My answer was pretty cynical and childish “you’d rethink wanting to know me.” I feel like I have a new answer “If you really knew me then you know a lot more than I do” I know that I have much more to discover about myself. Me and my personality have been good friends for a while but I still have a lot that I have yet to discover about him. So hi I’m John Thompson, 17 year old male, thats about all there is to me. At least that’s all I know. 😛

Joe Shikhman – Music Playlist

Here I’ve put together ten songs, some of which I’ve always loved and have accompanied me my entire childhood (like Hotel California, the quintessential road trip song to me), or some new ones that remind me of particular people (like Home or M79), or some that I can relate to because they remind me of some life-changing experiences and periods I’ve had in my life (like Novacane or Violet Hill). In the end though, my music taste is very varied, and I can usually find something to enjoy, relate to, or at least understand and appreciate in almost any sort of music or subject or style. One thing I’ve noticed about myself in terms of music is that for me songs very often easily attach to certain people, places, or experiences, and I have a very associative memory and reaction to music. Sometimes, songs that I taste-wise should really have nothing against I can’t stand the sound of because of some unpleasant memory that I’ve associated it with, and sometimes songs that are really nothing special stick in my mind because they came along in a package with something really pleasant.

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Fun, France, and Food- Who am I? -Deesha Tikamdas
This is one of the hardest tasks I have ever had. I think that I would rather answer questions on the critical reading section of the SAT than answer this one. Who am I? I answered “I don’t know” to this question the last time someone asked me, but I will give it another chance right now with this eight image slideshow. So here it goes. I am a girl who loves to travel. I dream to travel the entire world one day. Some places that I have visited include the Taj Mahal and the London Eye. Ever since I was exposed to the French language and culture, I have dreamed of living in an apartment in Paris that has the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Although I do not live in Paris, I was able to visit the beautiful city. I love being exposed to new cultures, and introducing others to mine. I am an Indian girl who needs to eat spicy food every day. One of my favorite Indian snacks is called “samosa chaat,” which consists of potatoes enclosed by a shell make out of dough, covered with gravy. I also have a sweet tooth, which explains my love for Nutella crepes with bananas. I need to have coffee or tea at least twice a day, iced to be exact. The baristas at Starbucks can never get my name right while taking my order, writing out names such as Dita, Deena, and Dija. I love to visit Central Park and look at how it changes throughout the year. The picture that I took during my most recent trip to Central Park is my favorite picture of nature. The trees form a beautiful arch made to walk under and appreciate the beauty of nature in New York City. I love going to the city at night and looking at all of the bright lights. I guess now I can say who I am: an adventurous girl who loves life and has a dream that she hopes will soon come true.

Sara Lustberg Music Playlist

My playlist consists of ten songs which all come together to best describe me as a person. My taste in music is very broad and always has been since I was little. I was brought up in an environment where my parents always had 60s oldies playing at home or on the radio. Because of that I really came to appreciating the talent and joy those simple pop songs bring to me. Beyond those classic pop songs, I love certain female singers that can often be classified as feminists. These women first and foremost represent and portray the struggles incurred by young women in America, particularly New York City; throughout their songs. Part of my playlist includes several romantic love songs that I listen to on a regular basis, which can best define my emotional vulnerability. I have also posted songs related to Judaism and my strong devotion to my faith. These major topics and motifs all come together to form a huge part if not all of who I am as a person. I believe I will always continue to evolve and change throughout my life but my personal beliefs and feelings have always been evidently conveyed through the music I choose to listen to; which is why I chose to create a playlist to help best define myself.

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Jacqueline Nguyen ‘s Blog Post 1


I don’t know how to make video and I am definitely not a music person, so I decide to make slideshow instead. So, Who I Am ?

From the slideshow, I can list out that:

  • I live in New York City.
  • I am from Vietnam.
  • I don’t like tanning on the beach.
  • I have two best friends, one of them is living with me.
  • I love my family.
  • I’m Buddhist.
  • I love Macarons.

I’m from Vietnam and I currently live in New York City. I go to Baruch College. I choose these images as tools to describe who I am because I feel that these images reflect all the important things in my life. Firstly, I love my family. My family has been there for me since the day i was born. I receive love and support from them. Therefore, my family is the part of who I am, so they definitely are in the slideshow.

Along with my family are my friends. You know how people often say that we can’t choose our family but we can choose our friends? I have two best friends and I have known them for 7 years. I have had friends who come and go, but my two best friends have always stood by my side no matter what. I can’t say that sharing secrets makes us closer, but understanding each other makes our friendship stronger. They are a part of who I am today.

I’m Buddhist. I actually don’t know why I this important to me. Why am I buddhist ? I actually don’t know. I have prayed to Buddha for as long as I can remember. I remember how I used to go to the temples when I was little. I prayed and asked for certain things that I want in life, like intelligence, grades, health,etc. The ideas of praying seem to be peculiar and unexplainable at this time.However,  sometimes, I don’t know why, I still pray for luck whenever I get nervous before I start doing something. Buddhism is important to me.

Another big thing about me is that I love Food. I love desserts, especially French Pastry. I love macarons most in all of the pastries. I don’t know why do I love it. I guess that there are certain things that you like, but you can’t even explain why. Probably because of the memories ? Or simply just the taste of macarons. Whatever it is, I just love it !

These are the things that are parts of my life. They perhaps reflect a little about who I am. I feel that it usually takes time to understand a person, not just from reading about it.

World Off, Music On. (Maricar Vazquez)

They say that a person’s playlist can tell you a lot about their character. When looking at my playlist, one of the first things that you might notice is that they are from a variety of genres. To me, music is a universal language. It does not matter if it’s rap, country, reggae, rock, or classical, because in all these forms, music is expressing what cannot be expressed with words. I also really like the lyrics of all my songs on this playlist because at one point in my life, they described everything I was feeling. I am a hopeless romantic so the lyrics of each song mean a lot to me. I love songs that have upbeat music where you just end up finding yourself dancing and singing along. Sometimes, I just picture myself driving down an empty highway with the wind in my hair while these songs play in the background. Music has always been in my life, I love to play music, listen to music, and find new music. There is not a day that goes by without me listening to music. Every morning, I turn on Pandora and listen to music while I get ready for class. It seems that the songs that play help boost my mood even when I am not having such a good day. For me, music is inspirational, beautiful, and unifying. I guess that’s who I am. I am a person who loves to explore different boundaries, whether it is in music, culture, or new adventures. I am mysterious, because music has so many different meanings and each person gets a different message from each song. I am undefined, I can be anything I want if I choose to do so just like how music can be anything it wants. I think that I am like that, a person who just wants to be free to be whatever she wants to be.

Jeffrey Cheng – Post 1

This is a playlist that consists of a few of the songs I often listen to. Most people probably know every song on the playlist because they’re all popular songs played on the radio. The contents of each song do not describe me but the fact that each of them sound good and has a good beat does. I like to listen to whatever that sounds good. When I’m at a store, in a car, or walking through the streets and I hear a song that sounds nice, I listen for a few words to remember so I can go on Google when I get home to find it. I think being a person who just listens to music for its beat and not caring much about its content makes me a carefree person. I always try to stay laid back from everything. I like to take shortcuts but only if it isn’t too problematic. I try to avoid arguments and problems. If I had a choice between getting something I want in a short time with hard work or in a longer time with little work, I’d probably choose to do less work, of course depending on what it is. I guess that makes me lazy too. However, I’m someone who always gets my work done on time. Whether my work is good or complete garbage, as long as I get it done I’m satisfied. These are not the best traits to have and I should probably fix that but I’ve been managing my life this way so far. I hope they don’t come back to bite me in the future!

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