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My first semester at Baruch college was everything i expected and more. Everyone was right when they said college was hard work. At the beginning of the semester i felt overwhelmed with the amount of work that had to be done. However, as the days went by i was able to get the hang of things.  The picture represents the really cool group of friends i have made this semester. I am so glad that i have met such awesome people and got to share this experience with them.  I hope to stay close with them for the rest of my college experience.

I got this picture from :http://abstractionofwords.wordpress.com/2010/04/30/saying-goodbye/

My favorite enrichment workshop was the academic advisement workshop. I really enjoyed this workshop because it helped me with my registration process. Thanks to this workshop i have a better understanding as to what i have to do for the next 3 years of my college experience. It was an interesting and helpful workshop that helped all those who were there.

I actually really enjoyed going to the Rueben museum. I love ancient stuff, I love museums and everything there fascinated me. Especially the goddess with all those arms holding different weapons. I seriously loved it! I would actually go back on my own because it was that good. I disliked how it was quick and we really didn’t get that much into detail.

My favorite workshop was Baruch Voices because it was nice hearing what other people are going through as we are all in the same place right now. I enjoyed the different takes people had on college, what they were looking forward to, and how they feel about it all. The actors did a great job too and I feel like they really drew the audience in with the way they recited the monologues.

The first three months of college have been a a learning experience for me. I have met great people and have learned things I never knew I would learn. I can’t wait to experience more and meet more people throughout my college career. Below I inserted a picture of some amazing people I have met.

Freshman year so dear has been an amazing experience. I’m so lucky to have met Imen Fania and Tina. They’re the most amazing people in the world! I have honestly had so many laughs with them and we just all ideal chemistry to be friends. I’ve also hanging out with Sean, Michael, Tiffany, Maritza and sometimes David. We all shan’t out on breaks and share laughs together, mostly about Tina and our math professor.


My favorite workshop will have to be the trip to the Rubin Museum. Although I wasn’t very interested in the content of the museum, it was more fun and productive than sitting in an auditorium with hundreds of other kids that didn’t want to be there either listening to people recite other’s work. The museum, at least, was somewhat educational and opened a few more perspectives for me on Himalayan art.

This picture pretty much sums up the first three months of my life at Baruch. Too many times I wanted to give up on the immense work I have stacked up because of procrastination. But in the end, I always end up finishing the work last minute leaving me wondering why I do this to myself over and over again. On another note, my experience at Baruch has been pleasant overall. The facility is nice, clean and modern and the staff are all very helpful. The students are also all willing to learn and focused on education which is a good influence.

My favorite Enrichment workshop that I attended was the registration workshop. It was  very helpful  with picking our classes. It outlined all the possible classes we could take next semester and even next year. It gave me a good idea of what exactly I should be taking  next semester. Our academic adviser Mr. Rodriguez was very helpful with everything and I really enjoyed it. It was one of the most helpful workshop and I think everyone in the class took something out of it. It changed my personal perspective by showing the classes I needed to take for my major. This really put me in the mindset for my future and actually inspired me to research different classes that would help me with my major.


My first three months, what can I say. I met a few friends that I have become close with. College has been like everyone said it would be. Hard and a lot work. Papers and allnighters all that good stuff. This first semester has prepared me for what is to come in the next three and a half years. It has really got me in that mindset for college and I’m thankful for that. I’m happy with the friends that I’ve made and I hope to stay friends with them for the rest of college. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was scheduling for next semester because we got last choice. I look forward to the rest of college and wish everyone the best,

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