Wow, this semester was really crazy. I came to Baruch so excited and ready to do the best that i could and hope that everything would be as easy as high school. And i was soooo wrong. Like, in the beginning, i thought it was actually easy, but then we started getting tests, quizzes and assignments at a rate that i have never experienced before. I barely had enough time to do anything after school as it was because i commute to Staten Island twice a day. And that also didn’t help. I’ve been so frustrated lately and nervous that I’m not doing good enough. Who doesn’t like doing ‘just good enough’? But is doing the bare minimum going to benefit me? I feel like my best IS the bear minimum and it frustrates me and makes me feel really depressed. School feels like torture sometimes and i just want it to be over with. I hope i’m not doing as bad as i think i am because then i’ll probably feel a lot better. Stress really sucks sometimes 🙁

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