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For me, this year has been much like the picture describes, clockwork.  Day in and day out, this lower freshman year has been somewhat like high school.  Days are generally very repetitive, where I tend to stare at the clock waiting for some classes to be over.  The day is somewhat similar to high school in some regards, but the main difference is how the teachers operate.  This is still something that I haven’t completely gotten used as I think many of us can understand from music class.

One of the many things that I have enjoyed during this semester was the breaks in between classes; they remove the cramming of classes into a tight schedule.  One of main things that I do during the breaks is playing ball in the gym.  I generally have a routine for the week and it had basically remained similar throughout the semester, much like clockwork.

Unfortunately, another thing that has carried over from high school is procrastination.  I generally wait for the last second, if not just the last day to finish my work.  This has been going on for the longest time and still occurs right now.  This trend happened throughout the semester, where I lose sleep and end up rushing the job.

Just like clockwork.

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