Sep 17

hello my beautiful class :]

i LOVED your blogs. i officially have read them all, commented on some, and think you are all so interesting. you really inspired me to use both pictures and songs in mine. here it is!


Daughters- John Mayer

this song relates to me in a different way than i have read in our classes blog. my father and i do not have a good relationship and we never have. my parents had a crazy abusive relationship and my dad was taken out of my house when i was 13, spent some time in prison and lived with my grandparents for months while going to therapy. i will never let my husband treat my children the way that my father treated me and my family. i will always and forever look forward to my amazing boyfriend being the father of my children to love them and play with them and care for them under every and all circumstances. i have a little hole in my heart for a father and i wish to never do that to my daughter.


Dangerously In Love- Beyonce

MY BOYFRIEND <3 i know i talk about him 24-7. this completely describes my relationship to him. i am so dangerously in love with him, i cannot go a day without him by my side. waking up next to him everyday is the greatest gift i could have ever have.


Crazy Beautiful Life- Ke$ha

this song describes my friends and I so well. we are all from long island and LOVE going out in the city. we had the craziest time when we all lived here but unfortunately im the only one left now! :[   …still everytime i hear this i cant help but think about them.

Some Nights – Fun

this song really only means a lot to me because i used to belt it out with my boyfriend in the car this summer EVERYDAY. it reminds me of the great time we got to spend living together and having a lazy summer!

Boom Boom Shake- Flo Rida

okay so this one is not my typical song of choice haha but it brings back AMAZING memories of varsity cheerleading in high school because this song was incorporated into our senior year routine which took us to Nationals in Disney

so here is my boyfriend and our doggy!!! I was on skype with them while i was in spain this summer studying abroad. i think that this picture shows that we can be worlds apart and will still always come home to one another

my sisters <3333 they are the world to me. if i didnt have them my life would legit be in the gutter. they are such an amazing influence and are my best friends. they can take me from my lowest low to brand new heights. I LOVE YOU CATHERINE AND GRACE

this is my old team, MACARTHUR GENERALS, throwing up a quick stunt at nationals <3 i miss cheerleading so much it was such a HUGE part of my life that to give it up in college was a major decision for me. see if you can find me!





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  1. 1 Vanessa Gomez
    4:06 pm - 10-12-2012

    I don’t know the other songs(I know, I’ve been living in a hole lol), but I love Daughters and Dangerously In Love! I think it’s really cool you were a cheerleader and went to Spain.
    Ok bye =D