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Sep 10

My friends are some of the most important people in my life especially my best friend. This picture was taken at Electric Zoo this summer, we love to go to concerts and bars and clubs together just to dance and have a good time. Lots of my friends are older than me and some of them are the same age as me but I don’t ever really notice the age difference.

I love to bake, it is one of the things that I do that I am really good at. Baking cupcakes is probably my favourite thing to bake because I love frosting them. In the picture you can see that they are all frosted a little differently, I took a picture of my favourites, it helps me see that nothing can be perfect no matter how hard you try to make it perfect.


 I have been a swimmer since I was 2, competitively since I was 6 and I have never been afraid of the water or anything in it. I especially love the beach and swimming in the ocean. I saw a shark and some seals while at the beach in Cape Cod this summer which was pretty exciting so it was nice that they put up signs just so that people could be on the look out.

 I love running on the beach and this picture is of one of the beaches that my brother and I ran on a lot this summer. We would run to see the seals out on the sandbank and sit and watch them and then run back to bike home.

 This picture is of my brother and my family’s old pony Walter. My brother and I loved Walter we would spend hours together in the field by my family’s house in England where we spent our summers so we grew up as both city and country kids.

This picture is of my brother and I in front of a vineyard in Spain while staying with our Au Pair. I think we were picking blueberry actually. We have always been fairly close, there were a few years where we weren’t close at all because we didn’t spend much time together but now we are close again. Growing up we played together a lot and we looked alike and we still do. I don’t really remember this trip but this picture is one of my favourites.

This is a picture that I took while I was in Cape Cod this summer when I went whale watching. I love how free the whales were and I think it would be great to be them without any expectations to live up to or people to impress.

This picture is of the Manhattan bridge standing in DUMBO. I am a city kid and even though I travel a lot I always end up back in New York City. I love standing in DUMBO and looking at the bridge because it reminds me of how beautiful the city is and how much i take it for granted.






Sep 09

Nicole Sandoval – Describe Yourself

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My musical taste is all over the place.

1.Streetlights – Kanye West :

This song marks the beginning of my interest in being insightful. I began to analyze myself and life in general because of this song. “Things aren’t always set in stone,” I live by this because you never know what is going to happen in your life. I tend not to stress things when they happen to me because for all I know things can and will sort themselves out. “Seems like streetlights glowing / happen to be just like moments/passing / in front of me,” there is so much truth to this. How often do you find life just passing you by? While you live in the future, these moments are passing you by.

Nobody- Jukebox the Ghost :

“I’ve never known why/ its a crime/ to say your not fine,” I am pretty emotional and I don’t let it bother me. I’d rather feel love, nervousness, pain, etc than not feel anything at all. The ending turns very upbeat and puts me in a good mood.

2.Missed Calls- Mac Miller :

“She tell me, “You an asshole, superficial douche bag / Wishing that you knew that, you could have these shoes back / Of all of this perfume back, necklaces and jewels back /All the shit you buy me/She said, “I want you back,” I like to fall in love. Occasionally with douche bags. I used to hate Mac Miller but this song grew on me.

3. Loft Music : The Weekend :

“I think you lost morals, girl/ But it’s okay/ Cause you don’t need em where we’re going /In that two floor loft in the middle of city,” I want to live in a loft and this is what I would play. Although this is supposed to “describe” me, I am the opposite of this song. The women in the song is content with being with someone because of what they have, and that’s not okay with me. I do relate to this song because it reminds me of moments where I’ve experienced a lapse in judgment.

4. Own Eyes : D-Why :

“Cold blood running through my veins/ I swore that I would never change/ but love is just a silly game/and I think I’m tired of playing,” sometimes I get tired of love. I realize my mistakes, and the mistakes of others. But I refuse to give up on love. People say “fuck love”, but love never did anything to them. Its people that don’t appreciate it for what it is. I think love isn’t harder to find as you get older, but people just give up on trying to find it.

5. Apologize : Kanye West :

This songs leaves me speechless, listen for yourselves and formulate your own opinions.

6. Only Ones Who Know : Artic Monkeys :

“And even if somehow they could have shown you/ the place you wanted /Well I’m sure you could have made it that bit better on your own,” I like to do things on my own. I am happy when I work when I work towards reaching my potential, but happier when I allow myself to be helped.

7. St. Augustine : Band of Horses:
“I know you tried/ i know you’re cursed/ I know your best was still your worst, ” I don’t resent people in my life. Sometimes people aren’t in the same place as you are, and that’s why certain things they do seem to not make sense. Its not their fault, it just is what it is.

8. Love Lost: The Temper Trap :
“Our love was lost/ But now we’ve found it/ And if you flash your heart/I won’t deny it/I promise,” my favorite part is the ” I promise”. I feel promises aren’t what they used to be. I love the video for this song, the children running to me signifies the genuine innocence found in true love and the minds of young children.

9. “The Scientist” (Coldplay cover): Mike Posner:

“Take me back to the start” As you can tell, many of my songs are about love. Sometimes you want to just want to go back to the beginning, when things where simpler. That defeats the purpose of love. If you aren’t willing to endure all that loves comes with, why should you be able to bask in its warmth?

10. Love Me Not: J. Cole :

“If I could gift wrap the globe/ I’d give you the world” Another relationship song, that shows the life of a couple that has been together for a long time. Growing with your partner is one of the hardest things to do, yet loves keeps you together despite your shortcomings.



Sep 09

I listen to old music, I know 🙂 ~ No particular order

Move Along by The All-American Rejects –

When you’re feeling down, move along. Even when your hope is gone, move along. This song is so inspirational. Whenever I’m down, happy, any feeling, I listen to this song anyway because it excites me. It makes me cheerful always! It’s upbeat, which makes me upbeat too. I just love the message because many times I’ve felt like giving up, but then I remember I have to keep moving along. Life doesn’t stop here, move along!

Dare You To Move by Switchfoot –

I love this video and this song! The video fits perfectly with the song. “I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor.” I challenge myself to rise above when I feel like everything’s against me. There’s always going to be those that try to push you to the ground, you just have to keep moving, and lift yourself up no matter what.

Meant To Live by Switchfoot –

Another great song by Switchfoot, because I love them! This song reminds me that I’m meant to live for so much more than what the world thinks I should live for. I’m meant to do great things. I’m meant to help others, meant to bring some change into the world, and this song reminds me on a daily basis of that.

Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park –

I use to have my moments where I felt like my life was over. I felt like giving up. I felt lost. I felt pain. This song helped me with my pain (somewhat) because I could relate to it. I always wanted to feel like I belong, and now I know where I belong! 🙂

Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera –

My mother and my father had a rocky relationship. Christina’s song reminds me of my mother’s relationship with my father. My mother, just like Christina’s mother, left my father so that we could have a better future. I thank my mother every day for making that smart decision.

Predictable by Good Charlotte –

I read somewhere that this song was written by Benji about his relationship with his father. It reminds me of my relationship with my father. When I was younger, he would always make promises that he did not keep, and it use to affect me negatively. To me, he was very predictable, as I knew that he would always let me down.

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban –

I’m Christian and I use this song as a worship song. This song is amazing, besides the lyrics, I love the instruments used in the song. With God, I always feel like I can rise up whenever I’m down. Nowadays, it’s a rare moment for me to feel down! Of course, no one can be free of problems, but all the problems I have seem miniscule compared to how I feel when I praise God and when I pray to Him. This song is beautiful and describes how I feel about Him perfectly!

Be My Escape by Relient K –

This is another song that reminds me of my relationship with God. Many times I’ve tried to do things on my own. I know that I can’t do things without Him. Many times I’ve felt locked up, and He was my only escape.

What You Waiting For? By Gwen Stefani –

What are you waiting for? That’s exactly what this song is about. All my life, I’ve hesitated to do many things. I have lost many opportunities, all because I didn’t take the chance. Not anymore, I’m not waiting anymore. No more excuses. I have to do what I have to do without hesitation. Gwen Stefani is amazing and this song is catchy yet it does make me think, what the heck am I waiting for? I have the world in the palm of my hand!

Savin’ Me by Nickelback –

This song reminds me of when I felt trapped. When I felt like I was all alone and I couldn’t escape from my problems. Like this song says, I felt like I was at the ledge of the 18th story. Sometimes I wanted to reach out to people, and have someone “save me”. Those feelings are long gone but I will always love this song because in my roughest moments, I could relate to it!

Lost Without You by Robin Thicke –

This song explains my relationship with my boyfriend. We have a connection so strong that no one can break. We only have eyes for each other. I don’t know what I would do without him. He helps keep me sane. In the roughest of moments, he’s there for me. We’re soul mates, we are one. To me, he’s perfect. To him, I’m perfect (so not the case!). What can I say? I love that man! 🙂

Sep 08

There are more than 10 songs that describe myself but here are 10 that I probably listen to on a daily basis.

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5 –
Other than this song being catchy and simply beautiful, this song is always a reminder to me that you deserve the best. I was once the “she” in the song that was with the wrong person and didn’t realize that there was some one else out there the whole time. All though I am not with the person that saved me from that caused me problems “with myself”, it made me learn more about myself and that I should always look around.

Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi –
Although I do not really relate to this song, it is inspirational and I can not help but sing my lungs out when I hear this. Some quotes that I really enjoy from here is ” it doesn’t really matter if we make it or not” and ” Oh, we’ve gotta hold on ready or not you live for the fight when that’s all that you’ve got”. It basically reminds me to keep fighting for what I want and to never give up.

Imagine – John Lennon –                                                                                                                      This song nearly brings me to tears every time I listen to it. John Lennon has always has always been a huge inspiration of mine and it is so hard for me to know that he is no longer around to give the world more wise and inspirational thoughts. To me, this man is a musical and lyrical genius and he will always be cherished.

Hey Jude – The Beatles –                                                                                                                           Written by another lyrical genius, a man who’s voice is heard on half my iPod, Paul McCartney wrote this song for John Lennon’s son Julian. The Beatles are my favorite band undoubtedly, and this song never gets old. I find it very interesting that Paul wrote this song for John Lennon’s son. Paul was apparently a huge father figure in Julian’s life and this song was written for him to cheer him up during the hard tie he was having with his parents splitting up.

Bye Bye Bye – N’sync –                                                                                                                                 N’sync is definitely not as deep as the previous artists I have listed but they can really bring a girl back to when everything was simple. Every time I listen to this song, I look back and remember putting on “shows” for my grandparents and performing this song with a fake microphone and going all out. This song brings me back to when I had not a care in the world and I was free to do anything that came to min and eat ice cream several times a day and not worry about my figure.

Feeling Good – Michael Buble –                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This man’s voice just makes me melt at his feet just by him speaking, let alone singing. This song does not only have amazing vocals, but it has an amazing instrumental section with a lot o heavy brass which brings me back to when I played in a huge symphonic band.

Good Riddance – Green Day –                                                                                                                      Graduating High School last year, this was basically the theme and tone of the year. I remember tearing up, listening to this song in the back of my friend’s car the night before she had to go away for college. This song will forever remain close to my heart.

Lose Yourself – Eminem –                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Half of my iPOD is consumed with Eminem music. I chose lose yourself as one out of many Eminem songs because not only is it one that everyone knows, but it conveys a message that I like to go by. This song tells us to just let go, and to live our lives and not care what society has to say for it.

Someone Like You – Adele -                                                                                                                Man does this woman have a voice. If I am ever feeling down, all I need is some chocolate and Adele serenading to get me back up. at the age of 22, her voice is already so strong and talented. I relate to a lot of what Adele sings about and I can’t help but sing along to all of her songs like an idiot.

Reverie – Claude Debussy –                                                                                                                 This is probably one of the only songs without any words that can put tears to my eyes. The sweet and soft sounds of the piano can just serenade me into such a serene mood. There is nothing wrong with this song and it is a personal lullaby for myself.


Sep 05

The format is “song” – “artist” – “URL”

Give me a Sign – Breaking Benjamin –

            Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band that I began listening to because of a friend.  I was never really interested in rock only because it was never properly introduced to me.  The song “Give me a Sign” has been my favorite song and ringtone for a few years.  I listen to it when I’m feeling down and it usually brightens my mood.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz –

            I like this song because around the time when I first started dating my girlfriend, I used to sing this to her all the time.  When I called her at night I used to sing her to sleep and this would usually do the trick. It’s also a very nice relaxing song.

Butterfly – Gyptian –

The reason I like this song is simple, it was the first song my girlfriend showed to me and it was her way of telling me how she felt about me at first.

Forever – Chris Brown –

This is a really nice song that actually got me in to listening to Chris Brown.  I guess you can say this was my gateway song into R&B.

Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber –

I’ve been a Justin Bieber fan since day one when I heard one time. He has a lot of talent and I couldn’t deny him of that and neither could usher, Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake.

 Tim Westwood Freestyle – Big Sean –


It’s not really a song but when I first heard it I immediately liked Big Sean.  In my opinion he’s the best rapper out at the moment and so is everyone in good music.  Sometimes he recycles lyrics as in he raps about the same things over and over but it is still good to listen to.


            There’s no one song from Drake that I like over the overs.  I think Drake is a lyrical genius and I was a fan before he made it big in America.  He always releases new and interesting music and manages to be original at the same time.

Through the Wire – Kanye West –

This is Kanye’s first song and after hearing it I knew he would be an amazing artist.  He is also a fresh rapper and I anticipate any song he comes out with.  My favorite album of his would have to be his most recent which is “Watch the Throne” which he released with rapper Jay-Z whom I also like

Lose Yourself – Eminem –

I think everyone from my generation knew this song and Eminem.  As a kid, he was inspirational to me but I don’t really know why, I just wanted to be like him.  I loved the movie 8-mile even though it wasn’t entirely true.  Eminem’s style was unique to me and I believed that you couldn’t find it anywhere else in the world.  He was also one of the only rappers to not have beef or maintain a certain stereotypical “rapper lifestyle” so he set the standard and was a good example (until relapse).

Tyler the Creator

            Google it.  ‘Nuff said

Sep 01

Create a 2 minute video, an 8 image slideshow or a 10 song playlist that represents who you are. Embed your creation in a blog post and describe in 500 words why it speaks to who you are.  Be creative!!! Have fun with it!!!

Some ideas to use:

  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Grooveshark



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