Oct 16

Rubin Museum- Vanessa Gomez

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My visit to the museum taught me a lot about Western China religion. It was interesting to learn about the Bodhisattva and Buddhas because I had no idea there were any levels of Buddha  I noticed that the sculptures were vastly decorated (well the Bodhisattvas) while the Buddhas were completely jewelry free. I did find many of the sculptures a bit freaky and scary because of the way they make their faces, almost demon-like. The Tibetan shrine room was a bit creepy to me but it was cool to see how someone’s prayer room in China might look like. None of it had any personal meaning to me because I can’t relate at all to the Buddhas, but it was definitely fun learning how others possibly live their lives (their religion).I really liked the design of the museum. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Rubin museum and might be going back to see other exhibits.



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