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Nov 24


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Although I don’t remember what I wrote on my paper here is my blog.

– Things that make me happy? Random things make me happy like cookies, candy, nail polish, babies, puppies, fruits, smiles and music. What do I hate? I hate pigeons, rather any type of bird. I hate loud people, water, androids, and twitter. Where do I see myself in a few years? Well hopefully with a lot of money and happiness. Who knows what the future holds, maybe i’ll be a millionaire, maybe i’ll still be living with my parents. I only want to be happy in the future doing something that I will enjoy doing. I love to go by the saying “everything happens for a reason”. I’m gonna leave it up to God and live my life one day at a time. 🙂




Nov 20

There are only two things I am afraid of. I am afraid of not succeeding, with my education and career, and I am afraid of my child getting into an accident. I don’t know what it is about motherhood, but when I am away from my child, I am constantly praying for his safety. Also, I must succeed for my child. He deserves to be proud of his mother and to receive the best life I can offer.

Something I enjoy is seeing my son smile and laugh. I feel an indescribable joy from this. I enjoy food a lot as well. I love to eat all types of food. I enjoy cooking too, because it feels good to be exceptional in the kitchen and for others to be amazed at how tasty and delightful my food is.

Since I was 8, I have participated in karate, chess, and dance. I have developed many skills in each over the years. These activities always release stress for me and makes me happy. The most important things for me are raising my son to be an intelligent, well behaved, well rounded young man and to complete my education and find a career for myself. I do not want to disappoint myself or my family.

Nov 19

Career planning – gabe

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i think the information was very helpful and the starr search is convenient.  im not really sure if i would use it or not but it is nice to know it is there.  Its important to start gaining experience right away because its always good to get things done right away especially since there is time now. im not sure what careers im interested in just yet. These tools are helpful because if i ever need a start starr will aid me. i would like to get experience either next year or junior year.

Nov 19

Monologue: love poem – gabe

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You are the sun in my day, the winds in my sky, the beat of my heart From the moment we met ’til our last kiss i have always loved you, and have never stopped loving you. My feelings for you grow more and more everyday , my love for you grows deeper and more everlasting with every passing minute. There are no words to explain what i feel, no song as beautiful as the music that fills me when i hear your voice… Your gaze sends shivers through my spine and when you tell me that you love me sparks flash before my eyes. you make my troubles go away. Im simply hanging by a moment, waiting to see you again, so that i can hold you tight as all else fades. you make me so happy. The only thing that will forever make me sad is the fact that i cannot possibly tell you how much i love you…

Nov 19

Rubin Museum – gabe

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Visiting the Ruben Museum was a fun experience.  I enjoyed learning about the culture and history of Himalayan art.  I found the booklet very useful because it was very descriptive.  My favorite part of the museum was the exhibit that had the liberated statue that was used as cannon fodder.  I remember it very well because Irene said it was her favorite which made me tune in a bit more. Regardless, it’s still pretty cool knowing that the statue is a rescued artifact.

Nov 19

Career Planning

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I think the information you sent us on career planning is going to seriously come in handy later on and even now in our careers. I do not know what  I want to major in or what career I want but the information has all I need to figure that out. I like the tips on how to write a good resume, interviews and thank you letters. I wanted to log into my SCDC account but wasn’t able to but I am sure I will visit that later. I am happy that Baruch gives us all these resources to succeed. I think as freshman, we could volunteer but any work experience would help us look good to employers.

Nov 19

Meet the Author

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I thought it was cool how Baruch got the author of the freshman text to talk about the book. I personally did not read the book but I thought Colm Toibin had some interesting things to say. I was not a hundred percent attentive but some things did stick with me. He said that in Ireland, he had never heard of Brooklyn, it was not something people knew much about growing up. He talked about how the idea for the novel came about, which was interesting because he heard the story from a friend of his mothers. He was really honest which I liked. I thought it was interesting how he said he used his friends house to imagine the happenings of the book. Whenever I read a book, I create the scene and use it throughout my reading, and I think its cool he used an actual house.

Nov 19

I thought we received pretty useful info, though the informed student would know most of this (like STARR) already. I will definitely use the info, I was planning on doing so next semester. It’s important to gain experience so that people will know that you know your job and know it well in the real world. I’m interested in either Marketing or music. These tools will help me gain experience and connections that open doors. I could gain experience in general of how business works, though nothing specific comes to mind

Nov 19

Career Planning – Jane Peck

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I thought that the information that was given to me was pretty helpful, although some additional research on the internet can do wonders as well. I will at one point maybe use the information given to me, but I am not sure as of now. I am interested in really any career in the business field, whether it be corporate or just a small business. I just want to make money out of my career so that I can save up and open up my own business. These tools given to me can help me because everyone has to start somewhere, and the STARR center can do that for me. I would love to gain experience by getting an internship by junior or senior year at baruch.

Nov 19

Meeting the author – Jane Peck

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I thought the author was adorable in an odd way (may sound kind of weird). It was cool that the book was actually based on his own mother and that a lot of the story came from the heart. The author was a tad but boring to listen to in my opinion. He was nice an all but I probably did not want to listen because I was hungry and tired, and did not relate to him much.Although I did not LOVE the book it was a pretty good read. Can’t say i would read it twice…

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