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About me in a single post cus I’m cool like that

Ehab Habbyy Degachi on Sep 20th 2012

SKRILLEX – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

This is one of my most favorite songs, one of those songs you can listen to over and over again. It introduced me to dubstep. It doesn’t really say anything about me except I feel like it makes me who I am because most of my friends know I’m in love with it..

IF you really want to know about me, i have a playlist thats a bunch of videos I have made througout my life, I’ve had my youtube account since january 2007 and love to edit videos with top of the notch programs, so check some of these funny videos 🙂
EDIT: It wont work to post a direct link to click on, so just copy and paste this,

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Timmy’s Freshmen Seminsexyar Videooooooo

tl141479 on Sep 19th 2012

Hey this is Timmy here making my first blog post. I’ve included a video of myself and how i enjoy to interact with others. I’m very funny (i would think so) and very good looking (i would know so) and i wanna make friends with everyone of you. This video not only shows the serious side of me but also what my interest for video production and photography as a hobby as well as gaming but I’m not sure if that’s really considered a hobby. I’ve already met so many new friends and gotten to know so many people in our freshmen block, its just really awesome. I like to play yugioh and i do enjoy working out sometimes.


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Musical Inspirations

Tiana Domenech on Sep 19th 2012

Tiana’s Playlist by Tiana

These 10 songs can accurately depict what I stand for, and how I feel. I don’t listen to music often, but when I do it’s usually while walking or commuting somewhere alone. For that reason, I enjoy to listen to upbeat music, as I feel it inspires me and acts as my theme music, often brightening my mood. The music on my playlist is mostly inspirational, as I believe music should be. Anything I listen to has lyrics that I agree with, both verbally and through my own actions. My music helps me stay strong when any rough situation is at hand. It also reminds me to never settle for less than I deserve, to give everything I do my all and live without regrets, because if I tried my absolute hardest to accomplish something, there truly is nothing else that I could have possibly done.

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About Myself in 8 Pictures

Namit S. on Sep 19th 2012

  1. “The Alchemist” is actually a book written by Paulo Coelho. It was given to me on my eighteenth birthday and carries a very important message about life and success. It is the most inspirational book I have ever read because through it, I have developed a positive attitude towards life, goals, struggles, etc.
  2. Archery is one of the sports that I plan on practicing at Baruch. On my high school senior trip, I went to a ranch located somewhere in upstate New York. I have poor eyesight and on the trip, I actually won an archery contest! I was actually tied with another kid but he won $2 while I won $3 so I consider myself the winner because I got more money. Imagine how good I’d be if wore my glasses!
  3. I am a strong believer in education being the pathway to a successful future. Going to school does more than just provide students with knowledge. It is a way for them to develop social time management skills; both of which I think are important becoming a successful individual. I am also certain that educators are great mentors for students. I had a terrific mentor in high school who taught me has had a great influence on the way I live and think about my life.
  4. I love living in New York City because of its diverse food. Trying out new foods is a great way for me to expose myself to other cultures.
  5. That picture is of my niece from my recent visit to California. I love kids in general but she is special. She made me feel happiness to an extent that I believed I was incapable of feeling.
  6. One of the things that my mentor taught me was that success is never impossible. I can always generate income without a job by taking a risk and trading stocks or starting a business. This is the reason for in decision to study Finance at Baruch.
  7. This is a recent photo of me wearing a Superman shirt and cape at Six Flags. Superman’s character is why he my favorite superhero. He believes that all people are capable of doing good and bettering the world around us.
  8. The last picture represents volunteering. I enjoy volunteering and believe that all youngsters should try the activity if they have not already. My best experience is preparing food in a food kitchen at the beginning of this year. Working with my friends to help the less fortunate gave me a sense of fulfillment that no other type of activity can.

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Soundtrack of my Life

dc143021 on Sep 19th 2012

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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Music is such an obsession to me, it is the only thing that keeps me sane most of the time. My favorite place to listen would probably be in my car. It is such a relaxing thing to do, these are probably 10 of my most favorite songs at this moment, if I were to do this in a couple of weeks it would probably have ten completely different songs. Music to me is probably my own way to escape to my own little world where I am ablel to do whatever I please.

1) Hall of Fame- This is probably the song that I am most obsessed with at this moment because I think that it is such an inspiring song. It makes me believe in myself and gives me hope for my future; it just brings out a positive side to me.

2)Promise- This song is on here because it was dedicated to me by someone who meant something to me but is no longer a part of my life. I listen to it and it reminds me that people come and go in your life but it’s the memories that they leave behind that matter not whether or not they are still a part of you.

3)Secrets- This song just describes my points of view so well. I am an open book, I don’t like to keep secrets from people and find no need for them. There is nothing too terrible that has to be kept a secret, that and I hate when people lie to me and like the song says “Sick of all the insincere So I’m gonna give all my secrets away”.

4)Never Forget You- Two of my best friends performed this song on our graduation, and it made graduation mean so much more. Every time I hear this song I am reminded of so many good memories and how there are people in my life that will always remain with me even though they are not physically around me.

5)Stand by Me- I just love this song, probably the lyrics and his voice are what get to me. It’s just such a great song.

6)Stronger- This just reminds me that I can surpass all the obstacles I am going to face throughout the rest of my life.

7)Marchin’ On- This is another one of those songs that just gets a lump in my throat for no reason, it’s just the way the song sounds that raptures me.

8)Fix You- This song is one of my favorites, I love everything about it; the words, the music, the voice, the nostalgia that it brings me.

9) Por Amarte a Ciegas- This is just a love song in Spanish that talks about how blind people can be when they are in love and not see what is going on around them. Probably one of my all time favorite songs, no matter how many times I listen to it I never get too much of it.

10) Por un Segundo- This is another song in Spanish about a broken heart, where it describes how not all love stories have a happy ending and we have to be open to the idea that we might not always get our fairy tale ending.

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About Me

sz141647 on Sep 19th 2012


The first picture in this blog is an Arabic word that reads Allah. It means God. Religion is extremely important to me and is probably the number one attribute that defines me the most. I’m sure that’s obvious considering the fact i wear a hijab and its the first thing people notice about me.

The second picture of homer represents my love for food. Im really good at eating very unhealthy foods even though its no good for me, but i cant help myslef! it just tastes so good! And being in new york city everyday doesnt help me with my eating habits either.

the third picture is of a kitty listening to music. its two in one. im in love with kittens and music so i love how this picture sums me up. music is very helpful when i want to clear my head, and is great for the commute to school. i probably listen to it 24/7 when im at home considering im always on my laptop and it just plays in the background. some of my favorite artists are Kanye West and J. Cole. i listen to a lot more hip hop and r&b rather than pop and whatever comes on the radio.

Basketball! pretty much explains me too. I live basketball. sucks that I cant play it that great but I lve watching it. and Derrick Rose is my favorite player so choosing him to represent seemed like the right choice. im hoping to go to a knicks game this season so im really excited about it!

the fifth picture is that of a family and it signifies the important role family plays in my life and how it made me the person i am today. without my parents and my family i would not be where i am. i am truly blessed to have an amazing family that cares for me so much and i am really thankful for them.

the sixth picture is fall. its my favorite season and im really excited that its creeping in on us. i love wearing boots and layering up. being a hijabi, its a little harder to deal with warm weather cause i have to be covered all the time but during the cold its great cause  i have extra layers than everyone else that keeps me cozy and warm. i really love winter too. its a close second after fall.

the seventh picture is of school. although i hate it at the time, i know its going to help in the future as it has helped me get where i am now. i love learning but coming to school everyday, early in the morning isnt the most fun.

last but not least, the eighth picture represents goals. i want to achieve true success. including being truly happy and making my parents proud. they have sacrificed so much for me and my siblings that there us no way i will ever be able to repay them but my goal is to do whatever i can to the best of my ability so that they did not have to give up everything for nothing.

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Slide Show About Me!

Jenny Wu on Sep 19th 2012

The first picture is a picture with one of my students! I always end up looking frumpy when I take pictures with them but at least my student looks cute!  I love  all my students and I wished i could have posted a picture of my whole class but I don’t have one.

The second picture a drink I usually get from this bubble tea place called Hi Tea. I go there all the time because it’s so comfortable inside, the people are nice, and free WiFi so why not?  Can you guess what this drink is?

The third picture is a picture of me and my coworkers! I love them all!

The fourth picture is Caesar’s Bay.  I go there all the time.  In the morning, afternoon, night, whatever time.  I go nearly everyday in the summer. It’s so beautiful there!

The fifth picture is me derping around at 1am at the movies, as you can tell I’m like the only one there.  I always go to the movies with my friends.  We go at least once or twice a week but watching movies at night is my favorite because i get ALL those seats to myself.

The sixth picture is a captain america action figure I found by the windows when i was shopping.  I really wanted to take it but if the kid comes back to get it he’ll be sad it’s not there :[. But I’m a HUGE fan of superheroes.   Iron Man is my favorite Marvels superhero and Batman is my favorite DC superhero.  Yes, Batman IS a SUPER hero.

The seventh picture is a bento box that I got.  My meals are not always so fancy but i eat out sushi at least three times a week, I’m so addicted!

The last picture was a picture I took of a team during dragon boat. For those who don’t know, Dragon Boat Festival is a two day long competition/festival that happens every year. I usually volunteer there and this summer a lot of my friends were on this team and I was rooting for them!

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My Life

bp150136 on Sep 19th 2012

Many things in life hold great importance to all of us. These eight pictures hold great meaning to my life and my daily routines.

The first picture is a picture of my favorite basketball team. I have been following them ever since Kobe was drafted way back in 1996. I started watching basketball from seeing my older cousin watch it. I started playing basketball soon after and just loved the sport. This is the one sport that i have never stopped following since my childhood and the one team I will never give up on.
The second picture is an image of the New York Mets. I did not start following baseball until sixth grade. My friend encouraged me to play little league baseball and my team name and uniform was the Mets. At that time I got all excited and took pride in the Mets. I have kept up with them ever since although they’ve had their ups and downs. Baseball also grew me as a kid through little and later high school baseball.
The third picture represents a picture of my outgoing family. We have been through a lot together and have been resilient through tough times and always stuck together no matter what adversities we faced. All my family members are unique in their own ways and hold great importance to me and I am who I am today because of them.
The fourth picture is a picture of my favorite football team otherwise known as the New England Patriots. I started following football when I used to go to my cousin’s place over the summers when I was in gradeschool. Everyone in Boston love the hometown teams and are diehard Patriots fans when it comes to football. Due to this, I soon became a patriots fan and started following Tom Brady, the quarterback.
The fifth picture signifies is probably a picture that is essential to my life as a whole. The Canadian flag. I was born and raised in Montral, Canada. My childhood still remains where my grandparents live right now and when I go to visit them good old memories rush back and I realize how everything has changed.
The sixth picture is an icon of a music note. I need my music everywhere I go either when I’m walking down the streets of New York or at home just doing my work. I prefer hip hop, R & B, and rap music genres.
The seventh picture is a picture of roller coasters. I love riding thrills to every amusement park I go to. I usually get the Six Flags Great Adventure season pass every year and go several times with my friends. The enjoyment of conquering these coasters just feels really good.
The eight and final picture is an image of the Hockey Team that I watched growing up: The Montreal Canadians. I don’t follow them as much anymore but Hockey was the one sport that everyone loved to watch in Canada.

These eight pictures hold true significance to me. I am who I am today due to all of these things.



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em141829 on Sep 19th 2012

Liz11224’s Playlist 1 by Liz11224 on Grooveshark

This playlist describes who I am because the songs in this playlist are much more expressive than many popular songs today and I would like to be able to be as expressive as these artists in my writing and whenever I express an opinion about anything that I’m passionate about.

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My playlist – Jacob Lee

hl143655 on Sep 19th 2012

This playlist represents who I am. Each song holds a significant value and substantial impact in my life. They have truly been my inspiration and motivation for many years, and they will continue to be so in the years to come.

Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers – This classic song meant nothing to me until I was able to relate to the story. With the situation that was exactly the same as what the artist sings about, I got the feeling that this song directly spoke to me and expressed my emotions for me. Through this, I understood the art of self-expression and simplicity.

Amazing Grace by Johnny Cash – This song shows my belief and religious value. It is about the grace that was given to us by God through Jesus Christ. Every time I listen to this song, I feel renewed and come to realize how blessed I am, regardless of my obstacles and struggles. Moreover, this is a cover by one of my favorite artists.

Don’t Carry It All by The Decemberists – This song is truly soothing. I listen to this song whenever I feel the burden of everyday life. It really clears my mind when it’s blinded by an excessive amount of work.

Dreamin’ by Amos Lee – This song is very relatable to me. I’ve always been seen as an idealist by the people around me. However, I strongly believe that anything is achievable with great effort and passion. I was able to find this value in this song.

Further The Sky by The Gabe Dixon Band – I listen to this song whenever I feel confused or lost. From time to time, my motivation burns out, and it becomes difficult to find a substantial reason to continue on in different areas of my life. However, I came to realize that it’s important to focus on the present and not to worry about having failures.

I Don’t Need No Doctor by John Mayer – This is how I feel sometimes. Sometimes, people tell me what I need and how to fix my situations when the solution is clear to me. Also, this song shaped my taste in music. It really got me into blues.

Mi Amigo by Kings of Leon – I love this song because it shows the kind of friendship that I have with my friends. The simple lyrics about friends and the alternative/indie rock sound are just amazing.

Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay – This song is really calming as well. When I first listened to this song, I thought that the message of it was surprisingly similar to my feelings, and I became really attached to the song.

Gravity by John Mayer – This is one of my favorite songs. Emotions that are expressed in the song are simply extraordinary. I can really feel this song and the significance of the message that is conveyed through the song.

Time Is Running Out by Muse – This song is one of the few songs that I played with my band. It represents my youth and good times that I shared with the people that I care for. Every time I listen to this song, I recollect all the amazing experiences that I had with the band.


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Who Am I

oi143588 on Sep 19th 2012

The eight pictures that i have posted on the blog represents that I am. I chose pictures of when I was young and was always loved by my family and relatives. I was the first day in my family and the second daughter out of all the cousins up to that point. My older brother is three years older than I and I looked up to him. One thing that people learn as they get to know me is that I nag and act like a mother to those younger than me. One of reason why I grew up like that was because I loved to take care of my cousin whom now is like a little sister to me. I also have another family, which is my church. I grew up going to church but it was only until middle school that I started to really partake in my fellowship. I learned what a leader is in fellowship and how loving my God is.

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Adam Hajibai first blog post

ah143665 on Sep 19th 2012

Adam’s FRO powerpoint

These eight images that I selected are all important characteristics of myself, and all the important qualities I offer to all my classmates. First image I put shows two friends putting their arms around each other. I am a very friendly person. I’ve always been ever since elementary school and up until this day. Im very easy to talk to. Nobody should ever be shy to talk to me. I will talk to you and be your friend very easily. The 2nd image shows the help button on the computer. This image doesn’t mean I’m good with computers (even though I sort of am).  I am a very helpful guy to all. In high school, I always helped out my friends both in and out of school. If anybody ever has a problem with something they could always rely on me to help him or her find any sort of solution. The 3rd image shows a man with a hand on his ear listening to something. I always listen to what others have to say. I’m always open to what others have to say on certain issues and I will always give them opinion as well. The next image shows a man with a lighbulb over his head. I am a very creative and wise man. I always love to have creative ideas and interesting ways to make class and our lives a much better, and fun way to live and learn in. The next image is definitely one of the most accurate representations of myself. I have always been a hard worker both in and out of school, and from a young little child to the mature adult I am today. I worked so hard in school throughout my years and it feels good to know you care so much about doing well in life and in order to succeed, you must work hard to achieve that goal. The next image shows a group of people sharing hands together. I love the idea of working together and as a team. I’ve always been a huge advocate of everyone contributing to a team as a whole and as a family in order for that team to succeed. If I work with my classmates together to make this semester a successful one, we can make it happen only if everyone puts an effort to it. The next image shows a really excited man. I am usually always smiling and love to make a class and others around me also happy and excited. I think that without joy in life, you wont experience a good one. The last image is also a very big representation of myself; respect. Respect is a very important characteristic and vital to a successful person’s life. If you want people to respect you, you must earn that respect. You have to respect others the way you want to be respected. I always believe that if someone has respect for others, then that person is living a mature correct way of life. I always respect others around me and fortunately that’s how others have treated me in return.

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W-8-ed Points

Kevin Damri on Sep 17th 2012


The first picture represents winter, my favorite season. I find winter to be a very peaceful season, especially when it snows. The combination of fresh snow (if we are lucky enough to get) and cold makes an inviting atmosphere. The best thing about the cold is that it is easier to adjust to than heat.

The second picture represents a major part of my life, FOOD. Many might say that I “live to eat”. I find food as an expression of cultures and of people, there is a lot to be learned from food and it can broaden understanding. My favorite places are All-You-Can-Eat Buffets (food MUST be good though), god for my pocket and good for my soul.

The third picture represents music, which again is an expression of culture. Music is another big part of my life. From music I learn a lot about groups of people and individuals.  The picture shows a figure made of a tape, I chose this because I value older music, back when music had meaning, soul, and creative beats.

The forth picture is that of a 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 (AKA Eleanor)…beautiful car. Anyway, I chose to include this picture because i really like cars, I enjoy them. I enjoy driving them, fixing them, and getting mad when they act crazy. I chose this particular car because i hope in the future to rebuild one. Driving actually relaxes me.

The fifth picture represents being a handyman, since is was young I have been building things, fixing things, and breaking things (not so much that). I have learned to fix/repair electronics, the home, and cars.

The sixth picture represents decision making, the gavel is going to crush an egg. One egg is crying,  another is angry, and the last is surprised. Whatever decision you make in life there will always be someone who is upset, angry, or surprised this is difficult to prevent. So, you make a decision and THAT’S IT deal with whatever comes afterwards don’t get caught up with second guessing.

The seventh picture represents athletics. I am a highly athletic individual. I enjoy a wide variety of sports and competition. I see competition as a funny thing because it can manifest into the most unsuspecting forms.

The eight and last picture represents hard work. Hard involves getting what you need (top left character), utilizing what you have gotten (bottom left character), and rising above what you were trying to achieve (right character).


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My playlist and me – Naomi kudaka

nk139708 on Sep 17th 2012

My music represents my soul – the hunger that calls for the music within. These songs are snippets of who I am. I can’t always describe why I like these songs, you just have to listen. Some just have a lasting impressions and a catchy beat. 😀

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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1)Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
When I’m upset I like to listen to this song and it helps release my angst. It’s my life and no one can stop me from doing what makes me happy. It’s empowering!
2)Mulan – i’ll make a man out of you
Mulan is one of my favorite animated movies from Disney. Make a Man Out of You is so catchy and I love singing along to it.
3)Pat Benatar- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Pat Benatar’s classic rock song Hit Me With Your Best Shot represents empowerment of women and the playful (sometimes on the borderline of anger) melodies are catchy. It’s one of those songs you can rock out to in your room.
4)Pat Monahan – Maybe Baby
When I heard this cover, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I think Pat Monaham has an amazing voice. This song is such a happy song that it brightens my day.
5)Sympathy with Lyrics – Goo Goo Dolls
When times are hard this song will be on replay. I just like this song.
6)The Kooks -Young Folks
It’s a good song from a good band. The lyrics are catchy and so is the beat.
7)The Lumineers – “Flowers In Your Hair” Tour Video
This song is so romantic. Their style is different which I like. I would describe it as folk maybe.
8)The Weepies – Be My Honeypie [Official Music Video]
Be My Honeypie is such a cute song. It is short and sweet.
9)Twenty One Pilots – “Holding On To You”
My favorite line is “Lean with it, rock with it/
When we gonna stop with it?/ Lyrics that mean nothing/ We were gifted with thought.” There aren’t many songs anymore that have any meaning. I like my songs to have substance.
10)Drift away- Uncle Kracker
I like it because it’s mellow. “Give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away” When I just want to relax I listen to this song.

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All About Me

Carmen Wong on Sep 15th 2012

My name is Carmen and here’s a little about me.
The first picture represents my ethnicity. I’m Chinese and can speak three Chinese dialects: Mandarin, Cantonese, and Fuzhounese.
I love music. It keeps me going and helps me alleviate stress. I listen to music when I’m happy, sad, angry, or even just bored.
Playing the violin and dancing are two of my hobbies. They are both universal languages that everyone understands. I can express my feelings though playing the violin and dancing. I’ve been playing the violin for 10 years already and only recently started hip hop dancing.
The fifth picture represents my current jobs: working at Kumon Learning Center and private tutoring. Although I sometimes find these jobs a little tedious, working with kids has helped me build up my patience and improve my time management. I learned to work quicker and keep myself under control.
I love fashion because it’s a way I express myself. I, like most people, dress according to my mood and what’s on my mind. I remember watching Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model as a kid. I didn’t understand what they were saying, but for some reason, the shows brought a smile to my face. I love seeing different styles of clothing and accessories, and keeping up with fashion in general.
I love shopping. I love being able to spend my money on the things I want. But I’m not a heavy spender, I promise!
The last picture, which recently changed me, is Baruch. Getting accepted into my top college, trying different foods everyday, and spending time with people from my block, they’re all really great feelings!

*Sites I’ve Used

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The ‘8’ Me

John 'G' kim on Sep 13th 2012

When looking back and examining my life, hobbies and interests I was able to come up with 8 things that have changed, motivated, inspired and made me who I am today.

The first picture represents my joy and passion for the guitar and music in general. At the young age I’ve always wanted to play the guitar after listening to my dad play. I was so inspired that I asked my parents to buy me a guitar for my birthday. However, it was until recent years that I actually started to touch the guitar and loved to play it ever since.

The second picture represents my nationality and where my parents have come from. This is where some of my core thoughts, morals and principles came from.

The third picture is a representation of my religion and I guess who I am today. The picture depicts Christianity and this is the moment in my life where I have changed the most.

The fourth picture is a picture of a microphone and that is primarily because, recently I aspired to become a singer. I don’t know why but, I guess leading the church service and getting up there really inspired me and taught me the joy in singing. Although I don’t want to be a professional singer I hope to open up a YouTube account soon and start producing some music.

The fifth picture is actually my favorite because, I LOVE eating. It is my joy and hobby to eat! At a young age I was exposed to eating anything I want because of my parents constantly feeding me bowls and bowls of food with desert and ice-cream. Man those were the days when I was overweight from the high-caloric food I ate everyday but, those were the good old’ days.

The sixth picture is actually my hidden addiction. I was a red bull addict. I don’t know why exactly but, when I was a huge gamer back in the days I would chug a red bull every game. It was unhealthy and I had to quit but, whenever I see a red bull can I just die.

The seventh picture is a computer game called “star craft”. I was a huge fan of this game when I was in high school and was actually pretty decent in it. I was in a lot of different clans and would go to tournaments with friends and compete with a lot of different people. The game is harder than it looks because of its completive nature and RTS required mentality. Sadly, I quit the game during my senior year because of my academic life and future in college.

The eighth and final picture is what I secretly believe I am; a detective! I was also impressed by detective movies and would try to solve the crime before the movie did and I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and riddles. I think it was because I was very curious when I was young and I really enjoy trying to read others mind and figure out what they are up to.

This concludes my 8 image slideshow of WHO I AM. It is just a small glimpse of some of my addictions, hobbies and lifestyle that has shaped me to who I am today!

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My Playlist Explained

ab145010 on Sep 11th 2012

I am a very complex person and i picked these 10 songs because I think they describe me as a person.

Sleaze by Knife Party- In this song the chorus keeps on saying “until they kick us out” and this reflects me very well because sometimes I get a little crazy and don’t know when to stop, and i literally don’t until i get kicked out. Also this song is very upbeat and fast which I am.

Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright by Bob Dylan- This song unfortunately describes my relationships with girls. I have been treated badly by girls before but i never have held it against them too much. I also have left girls who have really cared about me.

Save The World by Swedish House Mafia- This song is about what the title says, saving the world. I always try to help whoever I see in need and always try to do the right things no matter what it is.

House of the Rising Sun by The Animals- This song talks about someone who was in a dark place. One line sticks out “Oh Mother tell your children, not to do what I have done”. I have been in dark places in my life and have done some terrible things.

Garden Grove by Sublime- This song really describes my upbeat personality. Also during the song he describes his day and it reminds me of when i hang out with my best friends. I feel this song describes my life with my friends when I am with them.

For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder- This is one of the happiest songs ever created. This song talks about having absolutely no sorrow and being the happiest the have ever been. I try to view everyday like that. I try to love everyday with no sorrow and I am always the happiest person.

Paul Revere by Beastie Boys- this song is about 3 friends and the story of how they met. When the describe how they met each other and the events that happened is almost how me and my friends are. The events they run into turn crazy and me and my friends always run into the unexpected and or nights become crazy.

Three little Birds by Bob Marley- The song’s main line is “Don’t worry about a thing because every little thing is going to be alright”. This is perfect song to describe my personality because I always have a positive outlook on things and never get too stress about anything.

Let it Be by The Beatles- This song talks about just letting things be and leaving it all in Mother Mary. I am a religious person and when ever I am in a bad place or have a problem i pray and I always end up alright.

Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers- this song describes me because whatever I truly want, I can’t stop until i achieve that goal. I am a relentless person and one of the hardest things for me to do is to stop on something i have not yet achieved.

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Ehab Habbyy Degachi on Sep 6th 2012

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