Investment Management Group – General Meeting

I had heard about the Investment Management Group on Convocation day and ever since then I had wanted to go. The group seemed to be fairly ambitious which is always a good thing. The meeting basically started with them going through the different members of the group and explaining what the group does. The Investment Management Group manages in a portfolio of theirs, $300000. They started with $250000 and of course grew it to $300000. They only invest in large cap US stocks. They seemed to of had a decent amount of people in the group, it is exclusive, so you had to apply to join. They had junior analysts, regular analysts, directors, a group of portfolio managers, and more. According to them the group takes up a good amount of their time – they said about twenty hours a week. This makes sense because the group is doing something much more professional and serious than other groups. I would definitely like to get involved with this group, the resume had to be sent in by Sunday. They recruit people every semester. The whole group dressed very professional which was another good thing about the group. The group meets on the trading floor in the library every Thursday and I believe the dress code is business formal. I got the impression that this is probably one of the most helpful groups to be in at Baruch, everyone there was getting internships (at top banks). Many people going to Baruch would like to go into investment banking after school, this group helps prepare students for a job in the field. It is always a good thing to be in a place where people have the same interests and goals as you, it helps you learn more about whatever it is you would like to do, and it helps give you an incentive to do it better.

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