Nicole Arugay – AMA Club Meeting

On October 5th, I attended the second general interest meeting for the American Marketing Association club. It is the only marketing club at Baruch that has a collegiate chapter to an outside business (AMA) with many other collegiate chapters, such as NYU. What initially attracted me to the club was its official sounding name which I found when scrolling through the list of Baruch clubs online. This led me to follow them on Facebook and find out about the GIM. I was really interested in joining a marketing club to network, increase potential job opportunities and to hopefully, make friends. I arrived to the club really early on Thursday to find myself being the only one there. A guy shows up a couple minutes after and I’m relieved as I was starting to worry that the meeting was non-existent. Later, a girl arrives and we’re all talking about how weird it is that no one else was there. When a member from the club shows up and around fifteen more people about twenty minutes after, we meet all the e-board members of the club and start playing an ice breaker game. I found the atmosphere to be really chill and I noticed how outgoing everyone was, as everyone there was a marketing major. The meeting then proceeds to discussing about the benefits of joining the club. They presented the club really well, as one of the members joked about being a marketing major and making sure we’re being persuaded. They encouraged us to join the collegiate chapter, which had a fee but had more benefits and networking opportunities than simply joining the club at Baruch. Since this meeting, I’ve started working on a case study competition with them and plan on joining their marketing committee. I look forward to becoming an e-board member and really expanding the size of the club, as there is a lot of potential in it.

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