LinkedIn Workshop

LinkedIn is essentially an online business profile. This career workshop that I attended showed us how to create a strong profile for potential jobs in the future. The instructor created a PowerPoint that addressed each category in a LinkedIn profile. He also showed us examples of moderate and excellent LinkedIn profile examples. He said that LinkedIn is highly underestimated and is a very useful tool in getting jobs. He also said that it doesn’t matter in what year of college a student is, they can start their profile at any time. He said even first year students can take advantage of LinkedIn because internships are also available. He then discussed the PowerPoint and showed us his own LinkedIn profile and was honest in where he could improve and what a strong profile looks like.

This workshop helped me explore my career goals by showing me an alternate option than just my resume. The instructor also said that LinkedIn has provided many jobs for people he has known and many people don’t realize how resourceful it can be. I have definitely taken this method of finding jobs into account. I haven’t yet created a LinkedIn profile, but it is something I plan on doing. This is especially true as I get to build my resume even more, so I could list my experience on my LinkedIn profile as well. Not only will I take advantage of using LinkedIn, which a Baruch career workshop taught me about, but other Baruch resources as well. The career fair is a great way to find out more about jobs. Baruch has centers that can help me build my resume or practice for an interview or even borrow a suit for a job interview.

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