The Museum of Modern Art is a unique attraction found in the heart of New York City. Despite living in this great city for nearly a decade, I never really experienced cultural and artistic aspects of it. However, the summer before going to Baruch college my friends and I agreed to visit more places around the city and become more aware of different cultures, including our own. I visited the MoMA as a requirement for my Art History class; however, it was on my to visit list in general. In the museum I was able to experience modern art by reading the descriptions behind all sorts of art forms and works. Although, some modern art in my person opinion does not deserve the praise it receives (for instance, there’s a section dedicated to blank canvases) I still enjoyed the exhibits and diverse galleries. The art work in the picture is by Henri Matisse by the name Interior with a Young Girl (Girl Reading). This art piece belongs to an artistic time period fauvism. In this art period artists explored abstract expressions through bright colors and less realistic looking portraits and scenery paintings. The other art works were also very interesting, especially sculptures like the well known giant spider that is in the middle of the museum. In addition, CUNY students go in for free. So you can enjoy a nice museum date with your friend or partner any time! This experience led to me want to see other museums the city has to offer. I am really glad I go to baruch, not a small college somewhere in the woods, because of all the opportunity cunys offer. The city is a unique place and I am looking forward to more days like these, well spent in a museum learning. (I recommend going to the MET instead, if you like art that’s not mostly blank canvases). This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.


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