Blog#3 Starr Career

Today, I went to the Starr Career workshop named On Campus Recruiting Program with my several friends in 5pm to 6:30pm. This workshop led by Kaitlyn Riky. Basically, I think this workshop is a great way for us students to learn more about an organization and its opportunities, as well as network with Baruch alumni and business professionals.

At the beginning of the presentation, she taught us how to attend a corporate presentation and why should we go. Attending a corporate presentation will allow us to assess the various companies and culture; also, we can learn about available positions and qualities they look for in candidates. Then, she also mentioned what should we prepared. Sometimes, we can just bring copies of your resume in case that they are being collected at the event, and you can do some research before attend a corporate presentation. After that, she talked about what should we do over there and what should we wear. Basically, we need to wear suits. And during the presentation, we can just take notes and ask the questions about the company.

Then, we talked about how to use the Starr Search Mock Interview Module. Riky taught us how to log in to the website and do the mock interview step by step. Next, she mentioned some problems when we are doing the interview. She said that we should wear appropriately, and we need to avoid some word during interviewing such as: “like”, “um” something like that. Also, she gave us some basic knowledge about how to make a resume, like what should you put on the resume.

Actually, this workshop is really helpful. Because I never think about those kind of things before. After joining this workshop, I find that I should star to think about what is my future job and these things seriously.

Blog#2; student Life

Last month (I forgot the specific date) I went to the meeting about E-sports club with my friends in our school. I remembered it took place in 4-180 in Newman Vertical Campus. Actually, I was really interest in playing video games such as, FIFA, NBA 2k something like that. I usually like to play those games with my fiends on PS4. I though maybe I could find someone who had the same interest as me in E-sports club. 

I remembered that they prepared the foods and drinks for us, although I already ate the lunch. During the meeting, the president and vice -president were came to stage and introduced themselves and the E-sports club for us. They mainly talked about CSGO(I was not playing this game, my roommate was playing), League of legends and some other games. To to honest, I had not play any of those games. Most impressive thing I remembered is that the CSGo team of Baruch had won a champion in a tournament. After that, we introduced ourself in a group. I found that one of my friend also play FIFA and PES. Also, I found most of friends all played CSGO, except me.

By talking about E-sports club, I thought it was not just a place for students to play video games. Students also can make some new friends over here. Sometimes, we often talk about study and exam. But in E-sports clubs, we probably can discuss some other new topics, we can meet  numerous people who has the same interest with you. Moreover, I think join E-sports club also is a good way for students to release stress out. As for me, I start class on 9am and finish at 5:30pm on every Tuesday and Thursday. It is a good way for me and my friend to have a relax.

FRO blog; MoMA

The first activity that I attended in my first year in Baruch was that I went to Museum Of Modern Art(MoMA) with my several friends on last Friday. Museum Of Modern Art is an art museum located in 53rd street between 5th and 6th Avenue. MoMA has been very important in developing and collecting modernist’s art. There were many famous paintings from many well known artists. For example, the painting ‘water lilies’ from Claude Monet. And also the most impressive painting for me is the painting ‘Starry night’ from Van Gogh. Because I usually see the painting ‘Starry Night’ from the internet, magazines or TVs, so I was really excited when I saw the real ‘Starry night.’ Furthermore, the scale of the museum really surprised me because there are no such big and formal museum in my hometown. There were 6 floors in this building and it took me 3-4 hours to hang around this museum.

To be honest, It is my first time to visit a art exhibition. By watching those products of arts, it opens my eyesight. It helps me to learn a lot of different cultures through watching those art products which were produced in different years or decades. And I also believe that these could help me on my history class and anthropology class, which means it could give me some background informations about historical events. In addition, these really gave me a better understanding in some area.

I think going to museum is a good way for me to release my stress. Actually, there are pretty quiet in the museum. Therefore, I can just walk alone on the museum and enjoy the artistic product. It probably will give me some inspiration which is good for my academic essay. Furthermore, I would like to join more these kind of activities. It can help me to learn more new things.