Fro Blog Post #1- Joining Ascend and Model UN

Two clubs I anticipated on joining during my time in Baruch was UNICEF and Model UN. Both of these clubs work on the progress of humanity and informing society about the problems around us. On Thursday, September 7th, I accomplished one of my goals.  On Thursday, my friend and I attended the GIM for Model UN in the USG conference room.

The meeting started off with an introduction from the president of Model UN, the treasurer, and other board members. It segued into a game of ice breaker where everyone split up into four groups. I was part of the “The Ones” group with the treasures, Laura. Although my group attained one point, we were not able to win. Afterwards, the board of members began their presentation on what Model UN was about.

Model UN

From the GIM, I learned that United Nations was created after the WWII, in hopes of keeping peace around the world so another world war occurs. Also, everyone in United Nations voluntarily joins. Some aspects that attracted me to part of Model UN was how all members actively work together to represent a problem or a country. Also, there are meetings where all Model UN members, even from foreign countries come together to debate. This is a great opportunity for me to come out of my comfort zone, to meet new people, and improve my public speaking skills. In New York City, the annual Model UN meeting would be held, and in this meeting, we may get to be acquainted with United Nation members. I plan to get involved by attending upcoming Model UN meetings and reserving my Friday nights to prepare for the NY and Canada meetings.

Another club my friends and I joined together was Ascend. Ascend aims to connect business major students to corporations. It prepares students to ace their job interviews, help with resumes, and help students find internships. Although I was late to the GIM meeting for Ascend, the board members walked me through the club, and it seemed like a welcoming club.


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