Blog Post #3 Start-up Tech Fair

Among the many opportunities during club hours, there are often fairs around school that allow students to network and meet various business professionals ranging in categories from start-ups to investment banking and beyond. I attended the Start-up tech fair at the Newman Vertical Campus presented by Hillel at Baruch. This event had a panel of entrepreneurs and the panel was led by the President of the club I’m in which is called Tamid. The people on the panel were asked questions that had to do with advice on classes, advice on life, and how to get out there and start setting yourself up for success. Some advice that was given from the Panel members regarding what classes to take were: take philosophy, take organizational classes, as well as learn how to communicate effectively and with confidence. These are invaluable tactics to put yourself on the path to starting your own company or functioning as a productive employee in this type of work environment. After the Panel discussion, students had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the members and ask questions regarding their respective companies and possible internships. Networking is a staple in business so this was a great opportunity to see it in full effect. There were also 5 hidden envelopes with prizes placed under randoms chairs with prizes including gift cards and even an Amazon Alexa. This was a great opportunity and I look forward to attending more fairs and career fairs at Baruch throughout my time here.





Pre-Law Workshop

For those who may not know, I am an aspiring lawyer. I’m currently doing undergraduate here at Baruch, majoring in Political Science, before attending law school. After scheduling an appointment with the Pre-Law advisor here at Baruch, Tina Coco, I’ve been able to join the amazing Pre-Law Society we have here at Baruch.

Almost every week during club hours, the Pre-Law society holds various workshops for Pre-Law students to help assist them in their future. The first one I attended was of a law school panel of some of the most highly regarded law schools in the country. Law schools such as UPenn, Northwestern, UC Berkley, and Cornell.

It’s a bit intimidating being in front of these admission officers for these law schools with no doubt. After all, it’s like they are determining your fate. However, they were probably some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet. They were all lawyers themselves, so they were totally aware of how vigorous the school process can be. However, they were more than glad to speak about their schools and how to overcome these challenges. On top of that, us Pre-Law students were able to ask questions.

Although my top law schools are currently Harvard and Columbia, I was surprised to find the great characteristics of each of these law schools, which is now making me consider to apply in the future! UC Berkley has a policy in which they don’t rank their students at all, from this they have found to have found better work ethics since students aren’t so stressed about their rank. All these law schools offer many dual degree programs. For example, you can obtain a PhD while getting your Juris Doctorate. UPenn Law’s admission officer is a part time yoga instructor at the law school! I’m highly considering UPenn as well since I need some more yoga in my life. However, I’m excited to see where my future will take me. I’m a firm believer in things happening for a reason, so I can’t wait to see how my law career will play out!

My Trip to Baruch Voices

On Thursday November 2nd  I attended Baruch Voices. It was essentially all the fro class monologue winners presenting their monologues. I heard a few  monologues but the one that stood out the most to me was someone who spoke about how he faces Islamaphobia just about every day. He said that since 9/11 he was never looked at the same way and he feared that he would never be looked at normally ever again. This message resinated with me because I realized how serious the topic is from someone who is actually effected by it. Also, I was able to take a life lesson that no matter where you come from or what you look like you deserve to be treated equally. Although I will no longer be a freshman next year, I still might consider going back to the Baruch Voices next year. It was really a great experience and I advise you all to attend next year.

Fro blog #3

For my third FRO blog I attended Baruch voices and I really enjoyed my time there. Baruch voices one of the best events I’ve attended at Baruch this far. Baruch voices was a showcase where members of different FRO classes presented the monologue they were required to write.  I listened to the many kids that spoke and I surprisingly enjoyed most of them. I had come to the event expecting to be bored the whole time and thinking that it was a waste of my time. Surprisingly though I was only bored for most of the time. The monologues that were presented were really creative and were way better than mine. Most of the monologues that I liked were really humorous compared to some of the others that were presented. One of the monologues presented that I liked talked about how much someone liked Popeye’s chicken. Another monologue I enjoyed was form Tiana, from our Fro class. It was really good the first time I heard it, and even better the second time. One of the coolest parts of Baruch voices was the fact that it was a First year-only event. This allowed me to get to know the names and faces of some of my peers. It also allowed me to see some people who I went and graduated high school with. That part of Baruch voices made me more familiar with my fellow classmates of the class of 2017. Baruch voices was a really dope event to attend and anyone who didn’t really missed out.

Majors and minors fair

On November 9th I went to the majors and minors fair. there I learned about the different majors and minors available at the college. The staff there were very friendly and kind. In addition to information about the majors and minors there was also a table for academic advisment. The same advisor that our section was assigned to happened to be there as well, and there they helped formulate my three year plan, and have me tips on what classes to take. I talked to several people sitting at different table including the finance people, the economics people, the CIS people, and the mathematics people. In the fair there was even an option to sign your email up for tips and updates from the department you signed up for. Overall it was a great learning experience for me and perhaps many other people there as well. Although I did not choose a minor yet. This fair gave me an idea in what I should choose in the near future. You may be happening to read this blog and have no idea what I am writing .well it’s because I’m writing this blog on the train while on the way to class desperately trying to fill the word limit. Also there was a guy with a beard costume taking pictures with people but I forgot to take one with him so this is what I have

Baruch club

this weekend I talked to one of my friends, Christian about the Baruch Starr club which he is currently apart of. Since I wasnt really interested in joining any clubs he tried talking me in and talk about his experience there. He told me that everyone there is very nice and there is just no way that you won’t meet someone new, he said that he met a lot of new friends there so on the very first day there. He also explained that in this club everyone will try to help you with whatever you have, such as an important paper you have to proofread or even helping to figure out the schedule for next semester. Baruch Starr program also helps you develop communication and leadership skills by involving you in working with other people and helping the community. Christian also emphasized that with the help of this club he felt like a part of the community and for the first time actually liked Baruch College. Overall I was very exited with the description of the club, and I myself might consider joining. Probably not.

Baruch Voices

Baruch Voices is an event in which the most voted for freshman from each FRO class get a chance to present their monologues in front of the school. Watching their performances you can see all the different types of ways people express themselves when given an open opportunity. Some of the monologues were very serious while others were comedic. It was interesting to see how different students decided to go about the open ended task of writing a monologue about anything. Two of my favorite monologues included one in which a student made a rap about his pro-life stance on abortion. I have never seen a serious political argument made in that way, and it was very well done and entertaining. The second monologue that I really enjoyed was the monologue about Squidward going to the bubble bowl. He presented it in a way that made people think this is something that he has actually done when in reality he was just descibing what Squidward felt during the bubble bowl episode of Spongebob. It was surprising, and well executed. I am glad that I went to Baruch voices, and plan on going next year.

My Internship at NFTE- Jaya Hamilton

About three weeks ago I received an email from a organization that I was involved in during my junior year of high school. The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)  provides schools and partners across the Tri-State area the opportunity to change young lives through entrepreneurship. In 2016, NFTE launched 3,000+ New York Metro students on their entrepreneurial journey, through in-school and summer programming. I was very privileged to have participated in NFTE and started my own small business. I was surprised when I received an email from the Program Manager about a NFTE Fall internship available for NFTE alumni. I updated my resume with current information about attending Baruch and my intended major and minor. Also, I created a cover letter which included the reasons why I am applying and why I am qualified for the internship. I expressed in my cover letter that I have won first place at the NFTE’s school competition and went on to their regional competition. In addition, I wrote how the interest I have in business and marketing today is because of the spark of creativity and curiousity that NFTE lit in me. A few days after I submitted my resume and cover letter online, I received an email to come in for an interview. I was super excited and a bit nervous because I have not seen the program managers and associates since high school. My interview as a whole was great! I spoke about my unique journey of being exposed to entrepreneurship, something I have never considered or thought was attainable. Also, how I continue to use the skills, such as innovation and professionalism learned from the program in my studies at Baruch and in everyday life. Following the interview I received an email saying that I got the internship position. I was thrilled to begin my first day on November 6th. I received my work email and began completing the tasks on the sheet created by my supervisor. Some of the tasks includes market research, analyzing and updating database, ad completing research projects for the NY Metro team. I am looking forward to continuing my work with NFTE, as I hope to play a role in the education of children across New York. By implementing entrepreneurship and business development in not only their academics, but in their personal journey too.

Here is the internship offer letter from the HR Generalists.

Baruch Voices

I really enjoyed my time at Baruch Voices and hearing all of the monologues. The monologues presented were excellent and full of creativity and I was kinda disappointed when it was over. This event gave me the opportunity to see how others presented in a big crowd, and gave me hope that maybe one day I will be able to do the same thing. Most of the monologues had a sense of humor around that, which is why they were chosen from their class. Some monologues were also moving and more serious than the rest. My favorite monologue of that day would have to be the guy who was describing the experience of eating Popeye’s. Overall, I had fun learning about others and hearing their creative monologues that day.

baruch voices

so i attended Baruch voices, there were many kids that spoke i enjoyed all of them. before i came to this event i thought to my self that i am not going to like this and this will be a waste of my time. they had events like this in my high school were tons of kids will participate in a program to see who has the best writing, in high school i didn’t like it at all. but here at Baruch voices i like that there was a sense of diversity and hoe many different people had so many different things they wanted to talk about. so i sat down and listened to everyone and i really liked everyones writings. but the real thing i learnt from this that i should be open to more things because i never know if i will like it. just like Baruch voices i thought i wouldn’t like it but once i sat down and gave my attention to the speaker i was able to enjoy it and realize this.

and i forgot a picture sorry.