A Trip to the MoMa

Having lived in New Jersey my whole life, I did not have immediate access to the beautiful art museums that New York City has to offer.  Because I now live here and the city is my home, I have made sure to visit the stunning galleries that are now so close to me.  I have hit the Met, the Whitney, and now the MoMa since moving here.  If you’re a big fan of Picasso, the MoMa is the museum to visit.  To see Les Demoiselles D’avignon in person is mesmerizing.  I had no idea just how large it was until it was before me (picture included).  You get lost in the deep expressions of the 5 towering woman.  There are plenty of other masterpieces by him to view, but that is the one most striking to me.  This museum has an ample selection of pieces from his ‘blue period’ and ‘rose period’, and of course pieces of his revolutionary use of cubism.  It is interesting to learn about his life in Italy, and how the fluctuating state of his mental health affected his art.

The MoMa has pieces from many more iconic artists, its most popular piece being Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  When I saw it myself, I was looking over the heads of a crowd of people that were also there to see.  Having done a research paper on the life of Frida Kahlo and the influence of her work, it was so enlightening to see some of her work in person.  Fulani Chang, was crowded with viewers as well.  I also enjoyed getting lost in the paintings by Rene Margarite, particularly Lovers II.  

It feels great as a CUNY student that I can enter some of these museums for free.  I am eager to visit more, and revisit The Met with my Art History class as well.

Academic Blog Post, Sakib Hossain

I went to the Writing Center workshop after scheduling an appointment because I wanted help improving my essay for my English class since it’s due September 25th. My professor had already reviewed it herself but I figured why not get my soul crushed a second time and I’m too lazy to go to a museum. At first the door was closed and knocking didn’t garner any response so I thought this was a waste of time. Thankfully, I waited as I was hopeful someone would eventually have to come out. This test of patience ultimately paid off as a women opened the door.There I was greeted by the lovely south east Asian girl who never told me her name. She was extremely kind and rather than belittle me, educated me. It honestly felt like I was talking to a friend rather than a tutor. The environment felt a little intimidating at first but this fear shrunk quickly. This was super important to me because it made me feel comfortable and accepted in the Baruch community while humbling myself as a man who can improve on himself and hopefully improve the Baruch community itself. The most important thing in all of this though is my essay is now vastly superior it my original draft thanks to the Writing Center workshop and my grade can potentially go up by two grades. I can rest assure I will be attending more workshops and explore other branches of academic assistance because I am now aware of the extremely helpful community within Baruch college. 


Study Abroad Fair

Student Abroad Fairt

Recently, I went to the study abroad fair within the school. I didn’t realize the amount of places I could’ve went to study and learn about foreign countries. Some of the countries included Spain, England and China. The people in each section provided an immense amount of information on each of their countries and why I should choose to go their country. They had pictures and talked about landscapes, activities and sports that were popular in each country. It was a great experience, though I probably wouldn’t study in another country since the fees for the trip are pretty expensive. However, it would immensely help to learn another language. I don’t like to travel a lot, so this is definitely not for me. I like my home. They provided salad and candy for everyone that came. This activity helped me meet new people and showed that I have options to study. I do not have to do the traditional school system where I just come to college and leave. I can get engaged with the school and do other activities. My friends with me had similar ideas in the fact that they didn’t want to go abroad for school. It seemed a little far-fetched for them. There was a lot of students that were really interested in going. It was a positive activity for me. I got to meet a lot of new people and they were kind in explaining how it would work. It is great that Baruch has the resources for this to happen. I know in some places, people don’t have the opportunity to do so.

FES at Baruch

I visited the Finance and Economics Society club at Baruch on 14th of September, 2017 and I got to know about a lot of stuff. There was an internship panel to highlight their experiences about their internships at different companies. They told us about their jobs in the company, their interviews, their routines, their colleagues, their salary structures and a lot more. I am too , being an international student and a freshman , interested in internships and this was the place for me to be, to initiate shaping my career. I’m highly obliged to have attended this club because i was completely unaware about most of the facts and i learned a lot. As in my opinion, anybody who is planning to graduate from Zicklin and is interested in part time jobs or internships should attend this club as it is truly helpful. Honestly, it was, atleast for me. I learned that, it is difficult to make a decision about something when you just know a bit out of a lot about it , but without having one’s own or somebody else’s experience, it is even more difficult to make a decision. Similarly, I was not sure about doing an internship because all i knew about it was that many people do it here and you can make money through it, but after attending this club meeting, I am sure that i’m going to do one if i get a chance to.

Study Abroad Fair

Last week I went with a couple of friends to the International study abroad fair hosted by cuny in our gymnasium. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the programs that were available to me since as an international business student I would have to take a semester in a different campus. The options were vast, many countries were represented such as china, Canada, England etc. We approached these really friendly representatives of each individual school we were interested in which helped us to narrow down which options were more appropriate for the future we had in mind. The atmosphere was excellent, with students going from counter to counter, and the representatives were very knowledgeable and dealt with my stupid questions. I went to a Chinese counter to talk to some people in my native tongue which was comfortable, but I also realized that I definitely did not want to go back home as I felt too comfortable with those environments. Some places that caught my interest were spain, some European countries and Korea, as their programs seemed interesting and the environments also seemed to be very unique. Overall, my experience in this fair taught me a lot of useful information and I am glad that I was able to go.

Academic Blog Assignment, Sakir Ahmed

While my friend Edras and I were eating, we noticed many foreign students handing out flyers to attend the study abroad fair at the auxiliary gym. We were very intrigued because we would be able to fill in a blogpost for our freshmen seminar class which would be due in a couple of doors. When we did arrive there, we saw a great amount of cultural diversity, someone fascinating from every part of the country. Everyone was so interested in showing us a part of their learning experience which made us eager to attend as many tables as we could. And then suddenly I saw the College of Business at the City University of Hong Kong. This college is one of the top business education providers in Hong Kong. I was even surprised to find out that Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international financial centers. This brought my interest in possibly attending an exchange program, especially because it is a requirement for international business. China’s fascinating culture, advanced public transportation (because I live in NYC), and financial opportunities has drawn my attention has drawn my attention. Overall I was very interested in attending this fair and hope to attend more academic fairs throughout my college career.

Let’s talk about …

The MET, baby!

So, I went to a museum. Again. I would definitely say I’m a regular museum visitor. When I travel, museums are often incorporated in my sightseeing-routine. But I did visit the popular ones in my neighborhood in Germany or in Moscow, whenever I went to visit my grandma. The experience in different places with different languages are obviously always different. Slightly. The whole “visiting-a-museum-procedure” is always the same though:

First, we start out by planning it, right? A couple of days before, you decide you want to be and actually are part of the educated, well-mannered, fine people. Saturday comes, you pack your purse, put snacks, water in and leave.

Your bag got checked, you bought the ticket, secretly feeling superior cause you knew better than to pay $25 like all the tourists do.

You’re here. You are here and damn proud of yourself. Showered, dressed, sober, in a museum on a Saturday and it’s not even 1pm. Wow. You pet yourself on the shoulder. Imaginatively. You’re pumped. You’re excited. You enter the first exhibition hall.

Mesopotamia – fascinating! Old things, uuuh. Mummies, bowls, stones and stuff. You read every description carefully. “Pharaoh is the common title of the monarchs of ancient Egypt from the First Dynasty (c. 3150 BCE) until the Roman Annexation of Egypt in 30 BCE,[3] although the actual term “Pharaoh” was not used contemporaneously for a ruler until circa 1200 BCE. In the early dynasty, Ancient Egyptian kings used to have up to three titles, the Horus, the Nesu Bety, and the Nebty name. The Golden Horus and Nomen and prenomen titles were later added (cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharaoh).”

Everything is so cool! until..

It’s not.

You start skimming descriptions, then skipping, then not even looking at the objects anymore. Your thoughts wander. You observe the other visitors, make fun of them if they’re as overly ambitious as you were just 30 minutes ago. You start snacking secretly, suddenly – god bless! – you need to pee, thus have a legitimate excuse to stop looking at boring old things. Soon after you leave. Exhausted and empty but feeling accomplished. At least, you can post on Facebook that you went to the MET. Hopefully, you get rewarded with some likes.

Academic Blog Assignment 9/17/17, Edras Flores

Attending the study abroad fair this past week on Thursday was very interesting and eye opening. Earlier during the day, I actually noticed and observed that many people who appeared to be foreign exchange students were making their way into the gymnasium and handing out flyers. I wasn’t sure what I was walking into when I entered the gym, but I instantly felt a culture shock that was obvious in the room. There were so much diversity present, and everyone was eager to share their experience at their college. The friendly and welcoming environment made me want to ask questions at every table, and when I made my way to the College of Business of the City University of Hong Kong I was enthused by all the information being presented. I learned that I could study abroad as a Baruch student to that particular college and engage in a new cultural experience that will expand my knowledge of the business world. Moreover, the event was very informative in assisting me through my first semester at Baruch because I got a glimpse as to the many things that I can take part in during my next four years of college. With that being said, the fair assisted me with the beginning of my college career because I am actually interested in possibly pursuing a major in international business. This means I’d have to travel and study abroad at some point in order to meet the requirements for my degree, and the college fair made me more aware of what I could possibly expect. Overall, I was surprised by all the connections, networking, and information on becoming an exchange student. This is something that definitely fascinated me, and made more excited to attend future events on the same subject.

NABA Blog# 1

This is my first blog post, and i attended the NABA Baruch Chapter’s first meeting. Being at NABA’s first general interest meeting was very resourceful and supportive. Clearly, I am a freshman so attending this student life organization was a great opporunity to seek what Baruch has to offer. My experience being in this general interest meeting was pretty cool. It allowed me to open up to the African Americans who were there and ask them certain questions that could relate towards my intended major, actuarial science. Being that i spoke to the president of NABA Baruch Chapter, she personally told me that having that major is tough but with their resources they can always help. In the club they spoke alot about what they can offer to us, and what they can do to help us be successful in our careers. They have many resources and connections with different organizations and job facilities that could get someone to achieve greatness. They had a lady from STARR that came and spoke about the importance of a resume and the way that people get interships and jobs coming out of Baruch. She spoke about the interactions and that in 11 seconds someone can judge you based off certain things you say and do in that first 11 seconds. People prejudge all the time, and if they have a negative aspect towards you its highly unlikely you would get called for an interview. In my picture above, is Sophaine Ocean, she was really cool in informing me with information related too NABA, and how they can benefit us African Americans that attend Baruch College. It was a great opporunity attending NABA Baruch Chapter first general interest meeting.

Student Life Blog Post- Alex Gross

When i started Baruch, I really wanted to join a club. There were so many options and I didn’t know which one to choose. So one day I went to a club fair in the gym. There were so many that stood out there but one really stood out to me. The Hillel at Baruch was the one that caught my eye. It stood out to me because first of all i’m Jewish and who wouldn’t want to be in a club that represents your religion. So at the club fair I met with the high ups of the cub and signed up. When i went to visit the club, I was so happy to see the diversity of the jewish people in the club. Some were more religious than others and some were not and I think some people weren’t Jewish they just wanted to be apart of the club. I think that’s great because what the club wants is for you to define how you are jewish in your own way. Your not being forced by anyone how religious you should be. We can make our own choices now and thats exactly how the Hillel wants to be represented and I stand by that. At the Hillel, I hope to make many new friends, experiences, relationships, (get kosher food), and to be in a warm and supportive Jewish community.